Ciara & Future “Body Party” On Fallon

CiCi brought her main squeeze to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show for a live performance of “Body Party”. Don’t be tardy to this party. Her album Ciara is available now.

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  • CBH

    Future = Lip Synch
    Ciara = Live

  • Regular Guy

    Future a boss for that lol

  • O block

    Future my Nigga

  • troof

    positive comments for once?

    cant be

  • dll32

    Dope performance! They make a great team +1

  • Jav

    This song is just as good as Adorn. 2 songs you can play today and 12 years from now. Nice shit Ciara.

  • Bcl

    Hahahah omg this a fail! And to the ppl who dig future …u need some serious help! Go get ur ears check cause u guys don’t know real artists and music and future aint one of them!

  • troof


    one hater arrived

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    two hater arrived

  • matrix

    This bitch is the epitome of sexy…Chuuch…and this song makes me wanna make sweet love to a bitch lmao…

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  • tko the album its really good. but lets stop pretending to sing..its okay to lip synch but lets not pretend its live.

  • dll32

    @tko that sure was live…

  • trapped out the BANDO

    Why the fuck did Jimmy Fallon keep callin’ this nigga Future 2Chair. I mean have some respect for your guest

  • she really hot

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