Magna Carta Lyric Sheet Scavenger Hunt

Days before Jay-Z’s Magna Carta dropped, New York City based street artists URNY remixed one of his lyric books. They turned pages of the book into a scavenger hunt in through out the city.

Their project even caught Hov’s attention and in turn, invited the duo to his release party last week. Above is a recap of their adventure.

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  • JOHNYblaze

    This is GOD body like the quote there buddy! WISDOM

    but why no Basquiat mentions???

  • Space Ghost

    God Emcee, ME, Jay Hova….

  • Hottest Tracks
    Picasso Baby
    Jayz Blue

  • Truu

    Man this is dope.

    Btw that Arm Leg Leg Arm Head line has been used in the past by Wayne && I just got schooled that Elzhi has used it too with a Quran reference.

  • Los

    Sean P been referencing NOG/5%er shit for years. Nothing new, and it didn’t start with Wayne or Elzhi

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  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    •”I keep one eye open like CBS”
    •”when the Remy’s in da system ain’t no tellin”
    •”I was on a Peter Pan bus, you was putting Peter Pan in your room”
    •”don’t talk to me about mc’s got skills, he’s alright but he’s not real”
    •”he’s 6’2″ how the fuck he sits in the new Bugatti?, ah fuck it you got me”

  • creo

    Arm leg,leg arm head is old line.rza used it wu tang 4ever