Jay-Z & JT “Holy Grail” At Wireless Festival

After joining Justin the previous night, JT returned the favor during Hov’s set last night for a live performance of Magna Carta Holy Grail‘s opening track. What an encore.

After the jump check out Hov performing more cuts from Magna Carta Holy Grail including “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”, “SomewhereInAmerica”, “Picasso Baby” & “Beach Is Better”.

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  • north london

    was there last night.. not a single soul knew the lyrics to this or say anything by Jay-z besides 99problems. the problem here was jay keeps performing at festivals where the majority of people in attendance either dont care about jayz’s music or only care about jayz the celebrity…. sad times

  • mark smith

    North thank you for saying that…!!!!! People are only concerned with being able to say they went to concert cause its the popular/only thing to do at the moment..ive seen Jay Z a million times he just doesnt do it for me anymore on stage….we all wait for PSA to drop…yawn!!!

  • michelle michelle

    i have tickets to the tour. Can’t wait.

  • edi

    ditched Kanye……. for this guy….

    come on jay


  • JOHNYblaze

    Never seen the camel performing live but from stans of his who im friends with gas em up!

    North comment sounds.accurate amd how I feel about hova he thinks he has infiltrated white amerikkka because of his success and what not but to them (whites) he’s just and over glorified 50 cent.

    Really think about that!

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  • yall know

    u r all right but it doesnt matter to hov…he is a marketing guru and white ppl mean $$$ so who gives a fuck if they cant sing along lol

  • bumpy johnson

    I know yuall just want him to stop and go away ………………. but i’m so proud of this guy , I never want him to stop …………….

  • Jav

    ill be at the rose bowl rapping along to everything. throw blow the whistle remix if you..i know it niggas.

  • Jav

    but yeah people go to concerts is the equivalent of hypebeast getting jordans..just to feed the hype and make themselves look “cool”

  • Midsize Jerm

    I’ll never understand musicians yelling “MAKE SOME NOIZZZZE!!!” at their own concerts. If it was up to me I’d be yelling “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAY ATTENTION!”


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  • FreshJ’S

    Hey Rap Radar. you can use my link if you want to . Better angle and better quality.

  • FreshJ’S

    you know its hard for white people to sing along when a song is full of Nigga word. especially when there’s black people behind you 😀 Btw, everybody in the front was dead tired cause this is a festival. We’ve been there since 11 AM and Jay Z showed up at 9:20 PM. and it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. yesterday . Imagine being there for 12 hours with sun above your head. for 10 hours. anyway, Long live to HOVA.

  • Cody
  • Nathaniel

    get that festival money, hov.

    “i’m over chargin’ niggas for what they did to the cold crush
    pay us like you owe for all the years that you hold us
    we can talk, but money talks, so talk mo’ bucks.’

    that’s how i see it. when it’s tour time, the niggas will be in attendance. so what does it matter that a festival crowd isn’t in the know. “fuck it, i want a billion.”

  • shady

    North is right. I went to the WTT tour last year and it was embarassing to see that most people only knew the lyrics to NIP, 99 Problems… they both performed some of their best songs (U dont know, Where I’m From, Touch The Sky etc) and nobody knew the lyrics..

  • KING

    it dont matter if people know the lyrics they paid to come so they must have some sort of interest in the guy. you think jay aint know know that. and if its a festival with all diffrent acts well yeah we can expect that. but if its Jay-z’s show then you expect the people in attendance to be more hardcore jay-z fans caues we have all seen jay shut down crowds. this shit happens to every artist even more so these days where you would get rap rock rnb in one concert.

  • Rim

    What are you guys talking about? 3 things…I hear people singing the lyrics in these clips 1…2 the cd just came out July 4th for only some, others who play by the honesty rule just got it last week…3 they in London where American english is not the first language…get over yah selves smh

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I love me some 50 Cent. No homo!

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rick Ross is a faker. Let’s get rid of him. Matter of fact he’s done already. That “Mastermind” album will flop really hard.

  • tmb

    yo idk about london but i know when they go to yankee stadium, that shits gonna be crrraazzzyyyyyy

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  • Prince Akil 77

    JT is a better hype man than Bleek ( no shots fired)