New Video: Wyclef Jean “Justice (Trayvon Martin Tribute)”

As the nation continues to protest yesterday’s verdict across the nation, Wyclef Jean seeks justice and sends his tribute to Trayvon Martin.

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  • Therealist

    This is FIre, adnd true!
    its funny, all white people seem to ask hhmm why is this about race he isnt white! IT ISNT ABOUT RACE! A MAN STALKED A CHILD AND KILLED HIM WALKING HOME! BUT BECAUSE HE IS WHITE/Hispanic and victim was a black child* the most murdered baby out of all races*, NOT 1 White MAN Believes their could have been any ill will! why BECAUSE HE IS WHITE! SO IM GOING TO STALK A WHITE 17 year old, THEN start a FIGHT! WHEN I GET SCARED that I MIGHT LOOSE that fight I STARTED, ILL SHOOT AND KILL! THEN BE FOUND NOT GUILTY because of SELF DEFENSE! THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS ! WELCOME TO OBAMA LAND THIS IS GONNA GET FUN:) Let the white hate on my comment begin, you can start by finding a spelling mistake 🙂

  • ironic

    As “positive” as this song is, I can’t help but feel ‘Clef exploits disasters. He’s the hip hop version of what Naomi Klein calls disaster capitalism.

  • Therealist

    ^true same goes for jeezys song- fuck singing i want to see them on sum capitol steps and in court rooms, but these niggas aint about that life!

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  • Joeschmoe

    Seriously… Change the topic

    People and children get killed daily … Regardless of color or race or age.

    What happened was terrible. Can’t change the system. Ex. Oj is a free man

  • Obama

    Tired ass washed up celebrities always be the first to come up with a “tribute”… Fuck this bullshit..

  • DenCO

    Except OJ is not a free man. O.o?

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  • Officer Ricky

    @ Ironic

    Exactly right, Wyclef can’t generate interest in his music because he’s fucking washed up. Easy way to get attention is to exploit a tragedy.

    Fuck Wyclef

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    This song/video was out months back for the record; don’t like this cat but at least he is doing something positive. He is not out wearing a skirt -it’s a kilt on a white Scottish male, on a black American male it is a skirt and most likely used as an emasculating symbol- and belting song about his riches but claiming he is against the ‘system’.

  • Trillionare

    @Joeschmoe Man shut your white ass up!!!! Dumbass O.J is locked up u fucking clown. I am so tired of white people talking bout changing the subject, this type of injustice happens all the time and it seems like black people are always on the short end of the stick. If you not going to support us then keep your cocksucking mouth shut!!! Dont talk to me dont talk to anyone i know dont even talk *In My Kanye Voice*

  • TImeChange

    cosign what @trillionare. said. shut your white ass up

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, 50 Cent is the King of Hip Hop. Get used to that.

  • creo

    Fuck a tribute song slide sum cash 2the family n stfu. Niggaz trying 2 cash in off the young bro. Fuck george zimmerman 187 on that coward.

  • Cebo

    I cant believe how much hatred im reading in this thread, this is whats wrong with the black community, these artist are putting their heart into their music…But here comes black people putting it down. When have it been wrong for hiphop to address social topics…or is it that this young generation of musicians dont have the ability to express from the heart…bet your playlist is full of molly popping crack music…but this is wack..F.O.H.

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