• Mike

    Mixtape is dope! Spenzo got next!

  • mike

    Spenzo you made 12 songs that sound all the same? the chi town movement is looking like a false fire drill…keef aint had a hit since “dont like”…Reese has 0 hits…Durk wanna be on the block doing dum shit now Spenzo makes the same song 12 times….wtf chitown…oh well..yall let niggaz come in and steal yall sound niggaz like French Wackass Montana…and the rest of the industry now yall looking lost and crazy with no hits..wackass niggaz like soulja boy stealing the sound…now the industry went and got some wanna be chiraq niggaz called…migos…this shit is funny!

  • Check out King Shark – The Anthem on You Tube, he’s a Chi-Town rapper his video was directed by Chief Keef director D-Gaines, everybody’s been talkin about him he about to be the truth over Durk Keef Reese Louie Spenzo, all them niggas

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  • figo

    shit is decent the hottest nigga out the chi is a cat name skooda chose though wait till niggas hear him

  • ATM

    Fuck the hating comments my nigga. ATM rocking with you. Chicago Rocking with you. and soon the world gon be rocking with you. This mixtape aint the Holy grail … Nor is it wack !!!!! NIGGAS dont understand that you a young nigga. So its gonna take time and a few attempts for you to master yo craft but you got all the potential in the world. Keep making that hot shit and stay on yo grind and ill see you at the top!

  • Free Agentz

    It’s better songs on the mix tape