New Music: Game “Versace” x “This D” (Remix)

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Give Chuck a beat and he’ll have no problem making it his own. And this evening, he test drives his flow over Migos’ and TeeFlii’s instrumentals.

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  • Renee

    Eat it

  • King

    Both trash…..coming from a Game fan


    Koo shit i fuxs wit Game

  • Chronic

    As far as the Versace verses out, his is better than anyone else’s, except for maybe drakes, but that’s on too here so it’s all good. The other song just sounded retarded

  • HK 416

    When O.K.E dropin??..he killt that versace

  • King Game

    Killed Versace

  • just another fan

    from a game fan… why you wasting your talent on these kinda tracks game? this is like if slash started playing guitar on jonas brothers tracks. you have the potential and skill to make classics, as we’ve seen many times before. i understand just wanting to fuck around and flow on different styles of beats but come on man get back to consistency. back in 2005/06/07 it was like every track you dropped was a banger for your fanbase, even the less than serious stuff. it’s almost like you’re trying to push away your old fans and want to appeal to the “swag fag” losers of today. haha i know game will probably never see this but as an old fan i just get frustrated with some of this shit.

  • Ryan

    Aont nobody fuckin with drake verse on this track. Straight up. This beat should be retired…..

  • bored at work

    This isn’t even a good song

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  • TruthBeTold

    Tracks are whack , aint Game’s fault though . He went in , the beats are just BULLSHIT

    Im guessing OKE is dropping reallll soon

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    Migos up next, got my approval!!! Them little bros next to blow!!! Zaytoven congrats on the *certified banger* glad to see a bay nigga get that recognition.

  • 456 headCrAcK

    lol the name dropper is BaCK

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    “rocking these snakes on a plane” lol good one


  • gmusic1

    King Los best remix for ‘Versace’.

  • Game’s conscience

    I did it, these kids will love me now. That’s what everybody wants right? Yeah doing corny remixes over wack beats. I wonder if I fell off because of my played out ass hair cut? Na, can’t think like that, it had to be how I suck on 15 celebs dick and diss two on every song. People got confused, they saw the dick rider in me.

    I guess I’ll keep switching up my styles until I find something the kids like. When’s the next Soulja Boy gonna drop, I need a beat to remix.

    Shit, I’m so played out.

  • lickit


  • Hannibal Lecture

    OKE Bitch

  • LikeJordan45

    Lmao @ Game’s conscience

  • OKE

    @Games Concience and @LikeJordan45 are both some bitches. Mad cause GUnit aint relevant. pull ya skirt down i can see your ovaries. Game bodies this shit.

  • Game’s conscience

    Shit, why I am calling my own conscience a bitch? That’s not right, OKE wasn’t a good nickname, they’ll know it’s me.

    Maybe I’ll switch my blog nickname up…. Nigga why you on blogs, you a rapper?

    Yeah that’s right, I’m done on this shit, already found out what the kids want.

    I wonder what 50’s doing right now.

  • OKE

    ^ Wondering what Game is doing while watching Tony Yayo iron his draws!

  • K

    What a waste of dope lyrics on these beats…. C’mon Chuck!