New Video: 3D Na’Tee “Dear. Mr. Zimmerman”

As George Zimmerman enjoys his freedom, 3D Na’Tee prowls the streets and sends him an open letter. Don’t shoot. Says her:

Like many of you, I was shocked this past Saturday when the all female acquitted murderer George Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin’s murder. To be honest with you, of course I smelled the strong stench of racism looming around this case but for me the verdict became less about justice failing and more about the fact that in America, even in 2013, its hard to view a young black man as harmless even if he’s underage, unarmed, and non confrontational.

As people blacked out their Instagram defaults and took to Twitter in rage, I quietly looked at my brothers. Josh is 22, 5’6″, with long flowing dreadlocks. John is 21, a few inches taller than Josh, with a low cut, a beard, and piercing black eyes. To me they are just my baby brother’s and my best friends but after hearing the verdict on yesterday I realized that Josh (who’s studying to become a school teacher) and John (who has plans on opening his own business soon) may very well look like murderers to some. Not because of their actions but because of a few things that they can not change, their age, gender, and ethnicity.

One day I want to get married to a great man and have wonderful children. I always dreamed of the house with the large backyard, two cars, and two kids. A girl and a boy… A boy… A boy who may one day not be looked at as the wonderful boy that his mother raises him to be but as a threat to society because of his skin tone… Damn…

Rest In Peace Trayvon from 3D Na’Tee and everyone like me…

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  • This is an actual tribute. URL that young jeezy dancing bullshit. Nice story telling. I never paid attention to this chick before. But she does it.

  • WTH did spell check turn my fuck into URL wtf

  • veesky

    I don’t listen to much of her stuff but this was pretty good. Short, poignant and straightforward.

  • shell

    this was good!

  • Funniest things about this case…

    1. George Zimmerman is “White”.
    2. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the race pimps are at the front lines again profiting off of this debacle.
    3. People are in shock over the verdict when the case was weak from the get go.
    4. This is a “race case”

    roflololol fucking retards wah wah wah

  • DJ Game

    this shit is tough, and i dont even fuck with femcees like that.

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  • this girl is pretty good way better than most girls in hiphop nowadays !!

  • this is cool but we dont make tribute songs for the black on black victims who die everyday. we have deep problems.

  • HK

    Nice tribute. #Salute!

  • Madness

    She dont fit the beat…at all

  • name_is_here_now

    You were not in the court house for every second of the trial. Do not pretend to know all the facts. If your brother were to jump on a stranger in the middle of the night, kneel on his chest, and begin pounding his head into the ground, there is a good chance he is on top of some idiot coward with a gun.

    And guess what? Florida’s laws are so bad, than that coward he is kneeling on and beating for no good reason, has every right to shoot him dead on the spot.

    Insert any color of skin combination you want, it doesn’t matter. It was about size, agression (on both ends), and a moron fake cop with a gun, and a troubled kid who liked to beat on adults three times his age.

    Please put away the race card, it makes you look ignorant, and it’s a horse that should have died a long time ago.

  • Chico

    Just in case y’all forgot about Chicago, I ran across the only artist I’ve heard to speak on it on some hard body shit #DeathOfDrillin

  • GEE STYLES Another Tribute To Trevon Martin!

  • Brutally honest

    She did this tribute #justice pun intended

  • crysis

    yet 72 people died in chicago the past weak black on black shootings and nothing from sharpton or jessie where ya at.

  • RRCoolJ

    She bodied this. And she stacked with a good mind on her. Hope she gets as much love one day as those with plastic bodies and bleached skin. Keep rocking shawty

  • NovaKaine

    The only time black people put a value on a black persons life is when its taken from a differnt color show the same conviction when that happens maybe then the justice system then will take you seriously
    Seriously blacking out the profiles was they gayest form of protesting cowards our ancestors would be disgusted
    Zimmerman is Peruvian not white thatbis latino for you who dont know geography
    How long will you be using race as a cop out all female jury women are softer especially with children so instead of making Trayvon equel to all 5 out 6 womens children and what if it was their child they chose to push the issue of race so be mad at their attornies not the justice system
    Politics killes this case not white people or the justice system

  • Ashley

    I’m a white girl from the south. I probably have no business commenting on here. But I wanted you (and anyone else who cares) to know that I don’t see murderers or thugs when I see black men. That’s not what they look like to me. My (white) parents didn’t raise me to look on people of other ethnicity and skin color with hate. My dad told me once to ‘just respect other people, and they will respect you’. So far, I’ve found this to be true. Friendship doesn’t have a color… I believe anyone can be friends. I guess maybe marrying someone of a different culture might take more work.. but I digress. I’m not here to comment on my opinions of the trial. I’m just here to say that I’m white, and I’m not ‘racist’. I think we are all the same, no matter what color our skin is.

  • LikeJordan45

    Random observation….shorty doesn’t have a single video with more than 15,000 views. Meanwhile a random up and coming NY rapper like Bodega Bamz has 500,000+ on several videos and yet you constantly show this chick love and Bamz (and others) get overlooked. Cut that favortism shit out, if people don’t care about an artist stop trying to force it down our throat and spotlight others.

    • disqus_8BgtXynsEW

      Prolly cuz Bodega Bamz is fuckin wack… he raps like he was mostly influenced by Missy Elliot… You NY niggaz are fuckan corny

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