Rihanna Joins Jay-Z & JT In London

Last night, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake returned to Olympic Park for their second night to close out the Wireless Festival and kick off their Legends Of The Summer tour.

During Hov’s set, he brought out Rihanna for “Run This Town”. Legends Of The Summer hits North America this Wednesday in Toronto.


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  • skrillz

    3 rich people that NO ONE can relate to…unless you’ve been brainwashed by the corporate labels
    Rihanna, JT, JZ – all products of white people, to control kids & minorities

  • B.Dot

    More than likey, you’re favorite rapper is rich.


    Haha yo this is the video y’all post? With this footage y’all better off just showing a picture of the show..


    ^^^^ @skrillz ..your favorite rapper prolly ain’t rich cause he’s whack.. Sike nah your favorite rapper prolly in a group called “rich gang” or “rich team” or “rich niggaz”

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  • @B.Dot


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Get ready for the return of real Hip Hop with Curtis The real boss Jackson.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn I hate Rick Ross and the whole MMG.

  • bumpy johnson

    the guy up top said jayz is a product of white ppl …… but this the same guy who dropped open letter and fucked up the whole white .house ………. why the constant hate …….man

  • rahrahrah

    “His scrawny white-boy soul is even worse with Jay-Z, where he sounds like a sexually frustrated duck.”


  • i heard jay wanted to detach himself from rihanna more hiphop rumour bullshit i guess…


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  • Hova

    Update: Found a much better video here – http://youtu.be/ZKMzdVXR-8M – front row HD ish

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  • Dopechef

    Thanks “Hova”!!

  • skrillz

    Hey B.dot – My favorite rapper is Sean P
    Go suck a white dick!!!!!!

  • skrillz

    seriously – This culture is INFATUATED with wealth and material things
    Kanye is a perfect case study! College dropout days he was rapping songs like ‘all falls down’ and ‘jesus walks’ – serious songs about how materialism has taken over black culture…then he goes on to become the most materialistic POS on the planet w/ no real message since his mom passed
    Jay is another example of how the premier hip-hop artists have destroyed their own culture…he came up in an all-black self-built business in the hood, and even when under Def Jam as roc-a-fella, my man had Dame and Biggs, – all 3 black entrepreneur who made something themselves…but naw, Jay had to fuck it all up, and slave his ass out to white guys like Lyor Cohen, Micahel Prokorov, and Steve Ratner
    ..than you got clown acts like Drake, Nicki, and Ross – who have absolutely NO message in any of their music

  • skrillz

    ooooo…and one more thing B.Dot
    Like it or not…you too are a product of the corporate system that controls the music industry
    You might not mind that…but it’s 100% the truth

  • skrillz

    and actually…
    I AM my favorite rapper buddy…..


    don’t get it twisted

  • skrillz

    i appreciate you not deleting my 1st comment tho B.Dot
    Feel free to delete all this other bullcrap I just wrote up!!! haha

  • rossrick


  • The black robin thicke

    *thats powerful* Rihanna came on that muthafucka whoo, I wanna see her at the Super Bowl halftime show in the near future!!! That was powerful!!

  • Tef

    Rihanna is one sexy bitch!