Ace Hood Returns To The Breakfast Club

Ace Hood was back on Power 105.1’s morning show. He discussed his single, departing from Def Jam, and rolling through these mean streets.

UPDATE: Back with Power 105 today, Ace discusses his album Trials & Tribulations, the watch debacle, his loyalty to DJ Khaled, the Zimmerman verdict and more.

Sidebar: Hot 97 Interview

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  • mac DIESEL



  • 3rdwardsoldier

    but he is with universal / ymcmb now

  • Your Father

    This dude’s Switzerland concert was on a Sunday. LOL

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Ace Hood is heavily slept on. Starvation 2 was an album quality mixtape.

    He got evicted last year but he says he owns a Ferrari and a Porsche. did i hear that right?

  • trent

    They asked about how his daughter is doin.. but didnt his daughter pass away? Or did he have 2

  • Real Talk

    nigga i was there in montreal when they trwon the drink at him nigga was acting all pussy until his boyz was like yo yo yooo and then he he was in aggressiv mode i don’t believe him his the Group type of nigga all alone i bet he ain’t about that life nigga plzzz but still like ross the know how to play gimmick n the music is good can’t hate on hem niggazz

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its official Ace Hood is banned from the 954. “We The Best” is a joke for a music label.

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  • Mic Tyson

    Ace Wooooood….!!!

  • Mic Tyson

    and YET ANOTHER artist that has never got a check from YMCMB……SMH

    nigga you working for free? you working to put money in THEY pockets but not yours?? I hope so cuz thats exactly what you and all them over there are doing! Next time Birdman buys a million dollar car just know that was bought with YOUR money……with YOUR royalties! If it was a white man running that label doing that to yall, every single last one of yall would def be calling it a foul n speaking up for your dues…but since its “STUNNA” you just on some “yeah they aint paying me but Im just working” SMH

  • fastflipper


    ace hood was ij mtl

    its a shame he came in my town…we dont want you over here wack ass no skillz mc

  • Judge Dredd

    NO NO NO @fastlipper Ace Hood actually got skills and flow… he just comes across as fugazi…But then most rap nigguz are though.

  • The Real Truth

    I respect his grind and hustle

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  • 456 headCrAcK

    bad timing

  • Ma Clarte

    The hate is in full effect.. Dude is heavily slept on and makes solid hits and is consistent with his music.. His album is good.. his best work yet.

    @ Mic Tyson – you with that label or do you know how that works over there? doubtful.. stop acting like you know what goes down over and keep it moving.. you like the music or you dont.. thats about it. Seems like all of the quality artist are makign theirs over there.