Busta Rhymes New Album A Sequel

Another Extiction.


From the Intro of the new Busta Album your going to know your in trouble and you just turned on 2012 the movie on warp speed. Stupidito!!!!!

Last night while celebrating the release of “S.T.P.,” Busta’s manager Chris Lighty seemed to let the cat out the bag on the musical direction of Rhymes’ next album. DJ Wonder and I were in the Shade 45 studio the other day discussing the power of ELE‘s opening salvo. Tough shoes to fill. Do you remember?

UPDATE: It only took three years, but Extinction Level Event 2 coming soon. Trailer below.

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  • hmm

    I don’t think this is wise cause for me ELE was Busta’s best album just the intro alone on that joint made it classic

  • “Everybody Rise” was the truth. I’m not feeling that STP fuckery, though.


    IF HE GONNA DO THAT IT BETTER BE WAY BETTER CAUSE E.L.E was a great album..i bump that joint heavy back in my high school days…joints like partying going on over here say what lol..against all odds my joint baby cham killed the begining and the buss a buss lol

  • Ty

    I agree with what just about everyone has said. That was arguably his best album. Not sure it’s wise to draw unnecessary comparisons to it.

    Maybe he’s tryna motivate himself, not hype us up. When you’ve been in the game as long as he has I’m sure you have to use whatever gets you in a creative space mentally. Maybe this will work, cause his stuff lately has been …eh.


    Roc Marciano produced 2 beats and MITE be on his new album, Roc gave him some bangers!!! MARCBERG new album from Roc Marciano in stores NOW!!!!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ khal



  • Mokh
  • hmm

    @ Ty

    I feel you man but sometimes it’s better to leave things untouched cause that album was a movie unlike that track with Swizz sorry but I just don’t like it I really expected something way better. I mean I musta bumped ELE alone for like 3 months strait the whole vibe of that LP was insane and i’m tellin you again when I first popped it in and heard that intro I lost my goddamn mind I pulled it up like 15 times before listening to the rest of the album lol *sigh* miss those days with albums…

  • bbe4eva

    tha busta junt was hard but i love bosses life…

  • young hov

    ELE was so dope… ELE2.. won’t be

  • Post no billz

    Here comes the sequel gimmick again.. Dam someone comes with a great idea(ob4cl2) and everybody in the industry has to dick ride n copy..

  • ItsMe

    Nobody buys Busta albums anyway….*Kanye Shrugg*

  • Eyerone

    e.l.e is probably my favorite busta album.

    nottz blessed it…

  • JohnBlack

    Co-sign @everybody.

    ELE was a super classic album. All joints were more or less fire. To drop ELE 2 about 10 years after the first and also him being on a FAIL streak ever since he dropped that album, really isn’t a good look. This will only ruin the legacy of ELE.

    ps: WOW RapRadar has got its first SPAM message. I wished that day would never come.

  • Moose

    Had this on cassette, need I say more?

  • BE

    ELE was a great album. Seems like everyone is releasing sequels these days.

  • Drucifer1983

    Another rapper on the sequal bandwagon

    Anybody who watches Movies knows the Sequals are NEVER as good as the original

    Rappers are running out of Ideas, like those producers who keep pumping out movies like Friday the 13th part 38

  • hmm

    @Drucifer1983 I disagree my friend lol :

    Godfather II
    Rocky II

    But overall I feel what you mean 100%

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  • random

    all imma say is im working on the new e.l.e album.. and from what i heard this is gonna be just as dope if not doper!!!!.. i tell bus shit as a fan first.. this album will definitely be him back on his shit!!! I PROMISE YOU!!!!!!!

  • ..the end is near..

    ..E.L.E. my fav busta album ( bsides tha 1st).. y all of a sudden tha 90s rapper makin sequels 2 there classics?..

  • Jimmy

    Anyone on the Sohh site forums… Heres another one off Distant Relatives…. In His Own Words… If you know how to rip it up post it…. http://thehouseofcoxhead.tumblr.com/post/579577423/nas-damian-marley-distant-relatives

  • This shit was a classic. One of my favorite hip hop albums of all time. I don’t know if Busta xan recreate the raw magic from this one. Its a different era now. Niggaz ain’t how they used to be back in the day…

  • ELE2? so that means Swizzy gonna have the stand out tracks again? hopefully theres a J Dilla joint in the stash.

  • That intro took me back 2 6th grade. I’m ’bout to dig thru tha cd collection, find this shit, dust it off, then rip it to the iPod!

  • Ty

    @ hmm

    I miss those times too man. I don’t know if I’ve learned too much about how the music is made, if music has just fallen off, or a combination of both, but I think those days are gone forever. I used to be IN LOVE with our music and our culture. Now I love it but I’m not IN love with it. As a sick MC once said, ” I Used to Love H.E.R.”

    She used to be Wifey material, but after seeing what niggas have gotten away with doin’ to her……….. I can’t Wife her anymore. Always lover her though…. can’t help it.

  • YM

    AHW not a smart idea IMO, is it so difficult to come up with a unique title?

    @JAZZ U.N GANG, great to hear that!!, Hopefully they will make the album, Sad part of it, if they will make it, they will be in between swizz beats and other party poopers.

  • Brown Jesus

    This is whats wrong with Hip Hop, Mudafu*@$ dismissing an album that hasn’t even dropped yet just because of the name. Because they think its a gimmick. SMH! let the music speak for it self. If it bumps it bumps if its caca then its caca, but lets hear it firsts before we pass judgment. And I can think of a few sequels that lived up to the hype.

  • Action Jackson

    Another tired ass rapper NY who’s never cared enough to change his style.

    Outkast is the only rap group that has pushed the envelope with their sound.

    Give us some more groups like Outkast and we Hip Hop would be in a better place.

  • BlackHoneyLove


  • MachZRo

    Shit better be dope. His last few have been whack.

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  • Gambino

    Tough cover

  • StarFox64

    if twerk it is what he working with, scrap this shit right now b…

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  • LOL

    these dusty rappers taking too long to release mediocre music, your time has passed nigga. ride along in the sunset and call it a career. nobody cares.

  • Dashing

    Busta needs to do what Ye and Jay did and just make a dope crazy album that’s not worried about singles. No need for a million features…I’d love to hear some Dilla, some DJ Scratch, some Just Blaze, some Swizz, just a real album, not a compilation of joints. Busta’s a legend but doesn’t have that “classic” record so he should go for that rather than trying to hop on the trends that are popping off right now.

  • Limb0

    Busta use to make great albums but he’s been falling off hard and now people only know him for the dude who raps fast on remixes.

    Hopefully things will change but I’m not going to get hyped to just be let down again. Twerk It sucked.

  • donniebrasko

    I thought chris lighty was dead???

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  • LP1031

    If he wasn’t associated with YMCMB I could be more excited, other than that, taking a wait and hear approach to say my pieces

  • Awlright

    Love this f’n album dude. Every track just flowed into the next.

  • just another fan

    something doesn’t add up here… chris lighty is dead, and i can’t find that tweet anywhere.. and that’s not his verified twitter account… however he does mention ELE 2 on his real twitter. now i’m confused

  • just another fan

    oh i see this is an old news post that’s been updated. ok sorry

  • sean

    busta hasn’t the same since cut the dread locks

    him wyclef need grow back the dreads

  • Fuckabloggle

    MANAGER CHRIS LIGHTY? ISNT HE DEAD? fuck the album, we want to see busta’s zombie manager