• yupyup

    vince staples murdered this


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  • FTW



  • LR

    i can never follow an earl verse…i’m always like wtf is he talking about?!

  • truth


  • Suing

    @LR get yourself on rap genius and see the genius in his wordplay.

    Dude was heavily influenced by Eminem, Mf Doom and Jay…

    So no wonder niggas never know what earl is saying. (Over your head type levels)

    Oh and Vince KILLED this

  • Austin


  • Officer Ross

    This is absolute fucking fire. Better rhyming than anything that’s been on Rap Radar in weeks.

    This is way better than the daily videos of Meek Mill performing Levels or Ace Hood DJ Khaled vlogs

    Thank you “Big Homie”

  • Chris

    This shit fucking sucks. Fuck is Earl talking about.

  • it’s the roc

    someone please convince me that earl is ill. i need lyrical evidence. because none of it connects for me, and i usually catch a lot on the first listen (not everything obviously, but a lot) even if the thoughts are played out over multiple bars. vince staples gave his best curren$y verse, not mad at it. the overall feel and vibe of this song is very cool though

  • Chronic

    @its the roc Earl is one of those cats that you’re only gonna like if your into lyricism. He purely goes for rhyme schemes rather than substance. He’s the epitomy of a back-pack rapper. and at that I gotta say he shits on most rappers.

    But you’re right, a lot of the time he isn’t really saying anything meaningful.

  • DeezNuts

    vince staples top 3 verse of the year…crazy

  • it’s the roc


    Ah okay, makes sense. So he’s more Raekwon than he is Gza, and it’s all really about the sonics. Okay, in that case, this song worked very well for him.

  • Set303

    I fucks with Casey.

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  • The Real Truth


  • seattle

    Woah…….this shit is GOIN

  • another reminder that Hip-hop is for the youth. Who’s the guy killin it at the end- Vince Staples?? that’s coldest rhymes i’ve heard in a minute!
    When’s his record coming out?

  • The black robin thicke

    *closet homo*

  • Cheat

    I’ve tried to rock with Earl but his verses are all over the place. like WTF is he talkin about during this song?

  • The Brain Trust

    Absolutely nothing.

    It’s therefore unsurprising when a relatively unknown entity like Vince Staples COMPLETELY obliterates him on his own song.

    I’ve said this before & i’ll say it again.

    Earl is suffering from a classic case of the ‘Just cuz you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice’ syndrome

  • This is pretty dope.

  • Rookie

    Vince Staples tho. !!!!

  • West philly

    Vince yo. This verse.

  • Ravi

    @B. Dot & YN you know Doris’s tracklist is out!