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  • Dvision1

    Papoose jacked Ace hood style on this thang herr! #ha

  • troofa

    papoose is saving Newyork with this reach out trust me. best collab of the year!!!
    smart move and and he executed proper!

  • pptheactualtruth

    The only nick name i know about is flockavelli.. poose and gunplay need to step their marketing up.. or keep it where it is so their raps dont become corny.. I dont know if gunplay has always been this good but he has stepped the fuck up majorly.. For me it started with that verse on asap rockys shit on his albumm i was like damn.. nice verse gunplay.. ever verse i have heard from him hasnt been nice since then but he has that early tony yayo buzz when he was killing the g-unit cds(both songs by tony yayo on that shit were soooo dope.. killing that song with game(rrunnin) and killing that ima hustler by yayo young buck and 50 ..) Man g-unit used to be that shit.. and it was all real mother fuckers(well at least back in the day they were all real.. now that the elader went pop and forgot how to rap trying to copy jay-z and shit i dont know if i would even be excited for a youngbuck lloyd banks 50 and yayo with one verse from game(on one random song) oh wait I would be hellar excited

  • fastflipper

    papoose got a new aka ??????????????

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  • Midieheme

    At first papoose was downplaying the south, now he’s selling his soul to the south hiding his face because he’s ashamed and deepthroating southern rappers flows. He’s becoming the new French Montana.

  • Flatbush Bully

    “Papoose on da south nuts”… Hahaha..

  • obi one


  • thirdeyijimmy

    hook is horrible….and this is a whack gun play verse.

  • vurbz

    yeh…obviously jacked ace hoods flow..its aii doe..i still fux with pap

  • The black robin thicke

    U gotta give it that monkey play, he gets the people’s attn