• Slim Baller

    No thanks

  • everything travis touches turns to gold atm but tbh flocka coulda dropped this in 2010 and nobody woulda noticed

  • Genesis

    Can’t wait for James to drop that brick of a debut album….. The hater in me has the hugest boner thinking about it….

  • Sgt.Pepper

    biting Wocka Flocka style much?

  • Facts

    Smh. James biting Waka style when Waka was biting Lil Jon/Pastor Troy, who were biting Triple 6 Mafia, …………………

  • JOHNYblaze

    Too generic, these travis drums are getting RUDUNDANT QUICK , plus that slurrred downsyndrome flows getting corny.

  • Fuck yo comments

    Didn’t Ace Hood use the beat on his mixtape? Yes, he did! They ruined this beat!!! Young Chop doubling up and sending out the same beats to artists! Smh!

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  • Damn yall bitter

    Ace Hood did this beat better justice



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  • obi one

    Who made this dummy coon shit cool? I hate this shit

  • obi one

    Downsyndromy flow is the perfect analogy for this fucking shit. They should get clapped for putting this garbage out.