Timbaland On Fallout With Jay-Z

In Jay’s recent interview¬†with Zane Lowe, he explained a brief fallout between him and Timbo after Blueprint 3. In Revolt’s new clip, Tim speaks on the subject and says he’s written an apology verse.

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  • trfff


  • wow

    “y cant a niga tell a another niga sorry” lol smh

  • trfff

    im sorry fo 2004….lol fuuny he thinks sry isnt socially acceptable between 2 nigas

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  • sean

    the biggest think i got from this is that keri hilson is written a song to say sorry if she offend bey and her fan
    smart move bow down and beg for mercy

  • Enzo

    @ Sean


  • ppthetruth

    so timbaland gets fat again and stops maing euro trash pop beats and gets back to the beats that got him famous? Alliyah would be proud.. man timbaland fell off in the good production deparment for quite a while with those shock value cds.. I thought we lost the twankle in his fingers forever.. Back to chuggin that kool aid Timbo!(like he was in the jay-z movie where he makes the song dirt off your shoulders for jay-z.. best part of the movie IMO)

  • The Observant

    Am I the only one that noticed they were saying 2 different things… other than chris that edited this video? Jay is saying that they fell out over songs being leaked i.e. industry stuff… tim is saying its not “industry stuff” its because he missed his b day n he also plugs a song that he did with one of his artist…who to believe?

  • rahrahrah

    Ain’t this a bitch. Hova must really be god. Niggas begging forgiveness and sucking dick in public now?

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  • Rahrahrah i felt the same way watching this