Jay-Z & JT Kick Off Tour In Toronto


Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake rolled out their Legends of the Summer tour last night at T-Dot’s Rogers Center. Above, they run through “Holy Grail”. JT assists “U Don’t Know” with his guitar below.

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  • Jav

    I thin Jay and JT are gonna half ass most of this tour.

    Who gets pumped to play in Toronto? Besides Drake lmao

    Expect the Yankee shows and Rose Bowl date to be the most epic ones.

  • Jav


  • brza

    that first verse from jay on hg when it drops it too dope but this record has too much singing on it imo.

  • sean

    JAv if ever been to Toronto you would it one best place for artiste to preform

    people love jay in toronto and chant his name for whole show

  • JOHNYblaze

    HAHA @ the drake comment I agree wholeheartedly.

    BUT gottttt damn I think the only thing WE HAVENT seen Jay Z do in the past few weeks is a vlog of him sleeping!!!!!

    Its to the point where they should just stream a second by second live feed of his life………

    Fuck this tour, and fuck the stans who wait all year to buy tix to see jay z for the 12th time, and complain that the “fans” only knew from Black Album on……….

  • Benzo

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  • KING

    could the hateras shut the fuck up please

  • bumpy johnson

    there’s no other rapper on the planet , old or new …who is doper than sean carter ….. NOBODY

  • Izzy-ballin

    Lol people sitting through N’Sync hits to hear Jay-Z close out the show.

  • jav

    @izzy ballin don’t hate bruh. I hope they bring out Joey or someone for a partial rendition of bye bye bye.


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  • Dom

    I was at the show in Toronto.. Yes, the Toronto crowd is very chilled out and relaxed so its hard to hype them up unless they know its a big deal.. very hard crowd to impress.. best thing for artists to do in Toronto is just perform and don’t expect or rely on the crowd to participate.. they’re doing their own thing having fun with the people they came with.. they don’t worship celebrities as hardcore as other cities.. doesn’t mean we don’t like the concert though.. my 2 cents.. and ya we love Drake cause he actually loves this city and isn’t just here to eat our money!

  • Jav

    That’s why I said that NY and LA going to be the best shows. JAY loves NY and JT loves LA.

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