New Video: Hopsin “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6″


Right by the hospital bed, Hopsin reflects on cherish moments with his dear friend in the sixth installment of his “Ill Mind of Hopsin” series. His new album, Knock Madness, coming November 26.

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  • Jon B

    Hopsin comes through again! Amazing video

  • can this guy try any harder to get on Aftermath?

  • jimmythirdeyi

    never gon shine tryna be the black eminem…love the lyrics but you can’t do whats already been done/

  • One of the best Hip-Hop songs/videos I’ve seen in YEARS. The emotion and feeling put into this was authentic. This is REAL.

  • sayid

    corny, dudes reminds me of tech n9ne, good flow but horrible lyrics

  • ggggglqgqgq

    not feeling that shit tbh..

  • Haiiikpo

    Hop’s lyrics are about nothing. He impresses dumb people with his technical ability, but his lyrics are garbage. Dumb people are the only ones who take him seriously because they believe they are listening to some deep shit. But its shallow as fuck. He doesn’t even use real words sometimes. The dude is the definition of wack.

  • LostNas

    hop is probably one of the worst rappers i’v listened to.

    how can you be around for so long and still be this wack?

    and he has the worst lames as fans. they would suck him off for 5 hours if he told them to, smh.

  • woff

    he’s a stain on Hip Hop. he doesn’t respect the genre at all. all his albums are garbage and give Hip Hop a bad name. probably why his fans don’t even listen to Hip Hop most of the time. they’re all juggalos, rock fans etc.

    and his lyrics are straight garbage in 90% of his songs. dumb people are impressed by his technical ability, but fail to see that he is just rhyming syllables with very little meaning and little sense.

  • Bluster

    tell Hopson to pick up a dictionary, because half of his verses are unintelligible and nonsensical. he ain’t saying shit.

    he’s not even Hip Hop. his genre is called “gimmick”

  • Slim Baller

    Co sign @sayid

    This guy tries too hard to be tech n9ne but tech n9ne actually has good lyrics. Fuck this clown, wack and corny as fuck

  • Slim Baller

    Also cosign @haiiikpo and @lost nas

  • YMCMBggg


  • Slim Baller

    It’s good to see alot of people are realizing he sucks. Hopefully his album does less than 20k first week and he falls off. I really don’t want him around

  • Coroner

    Haters gonna hate.
    Hopsin is not the best rapper in the world, but he’s one of those rappers that deliver a positive message. You can hate him but he’s at least not another dude rapping about money cars and bitches.

  • damn i was so badly wanting to see if hed got a bigger and nice looking bedroom since he kinda blew up lol

    he only got here to where he is thanks to his dedication and fans checking him out and giving the guy a chance ? would you grant 2 mins of your time to help a guy achieve his dreams ??

  • Jack Hoff

    The most fake and corny guy in hiphop.
    He used to go around dick riding Lil Wayne. Tries to hard to be different

  • 456 headCrAcK

    Wow this dudes a character

  • Wow, it seems like most of the people commenting on this haven’t heard the song. He’s talking about his REAL LIFE, his old friend and real shit. How can you say his rhymes make no sense? Everything he says makes perfect sense, at least in this fucking song! Dude, I hate calling people haters, because everybody has different opinions, but a lot of the people commenting really do seem like blind haters. Hating Hopsin for no reason, you’re just pulling at straws and stretching to find an excuse to call him wack. GTFOH and appreciate real Hip-Hop for once. Everybody is praising drugs, Hopsin is the only one taking a stand against drugs. How can you hate on that?

  • ProoofD12

    this is average.. he needs to hire ghostwriters

  • CruelThing

    Cosign @CINo

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  • sataniiiMan

    average as fuck

    and the award for the woat lyricist goes to hopsin

  • Brandon Fenwick

    What future does hip hop or rap without hop. I would like to see half of these bloggers rhyme three verses and make it bout some shit that happen to rea mother fuckers friends!!!! HOPSIN


  • foreal

    not bad.. a little… cringeworthy.

    shouldnt this be an album jam, why is this an ”Ill Mind”.. thats the question

  • pptheactualtruth

    This dude has the same style for all his raps yes.. but his lyrics aren’t mediocre.. mediocre lyrics are mac miller and dudes like tyga.. this dude has emotion in his shit.. mac miller has drugs in every song and the same three flows like hopsin does.. hopsin has actual emotion though so i dont mind his shit.. plus he doesnt dress like a faggot either so im cool with that more so than his rap style. i hate teh way rappers dress now adays.

  • AyYyyy

    In this song hes actually making sense but i know what people mean. He can rhyme and can have some whitty ass lyrics sometimes but thats it, hes never gunna be more known than he is now.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This song is dope, but I don’t get why he titled it Ill Mind six.. it doesn’t really go along with theme of the other Ill Mind tracks.

  • The black robin thicke

    *wackness* I didn’t even haft to listen!! 1yaself pussy boy

  • slicksick

    ^^MrSkeezyMak I agree, dope but it doesn’t fit in the series. this song is clearly a part II to a song he made a couple of years ago called “Chris Dolmeth”. and I can’t understand people saying he doesn’t say shit in his music! are we listening to the same song! Hopsin is a dope rapper.

  • ECU

    It should just be called OLD FRIEND still a good along though

  • Anthony

    If you dont like it dont comment no one gives a shit about you, let me see ANY of you haters even compare to him

  • Dr J

    Tech has lyrics with substance, he’s just not a punchline rapper. (But from time to time, Tech can deliver a good punch or a sick quotable one-liner/scheme.) He does stretch a word or sound to make the multi/rhyme scheme work sometimes, but I’ve seen MANY rappers do it.

    Hopsin is NOT anything like Tech. Hop’s style of rap is similar to Eminem’s, but his flow is different and his message is nowhere near the same. Hop isn’t a battle rapper. Hop can’t make crazy diss tracks. He tries, but that’s just him venting, he wasn’t bred for it. He’s a decent rapper, not at all “wack” so relax where you throw those accusations. Kid’s still young and learning.

  • Dylan

    How can you say been around for so long but still whack and he is a disgrace to hip hop. Fuckin listen to lil Wayne or soulja boy once or twice.that called being around for so long and still whack. Hopefully, starting with hopsin and em, hip hop can get back the way it was with tupac and them. Hopsin acts like himself and not same fake ass pothead. Hip hop nowadays is just sex, violence, drinking, and smoking. Hopsin is taking a stand against all of that. Honestly. Fucking haters, just jealous.

  • cheyenne DeLaCruz

    This is a very sad song and it shows exactly what can and will happen if you mess with the wrong things.