Zane Lowe Interviews Jay-Z


While Jigga was across the pond over the weekend, he sat down with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. In the first part of their interview, Hov talks about Roc-A-Fella’s glory days and the process behind Magna Carta Holy Grail.  Below, check out the dates for Jay’s European tour.

Thu 3 Oct-13 UK, Manchester Arena
Sun 6 Oct-13 Ireland, Dublin 02 Arena
Tue 8 Oct-13 UK, Birmingham NIA Arena
Thu 10 Oct-13 UK, London O2 Arena
Fri 11 Oct-13 UK, London O2 Arena
Sat 12 Oct-13 UK, London O2 Arena
Thu 17 Oct-13 France, Paris,Bercy
Fri 18 Oct-13 France, Paris,Bercy
Sun 20 Oct-13 Switzerland, Zurich Hallenstadion
Mon 21 Oct 13 Belgium, Antwerp, Sportpaleis
Wed 23 Oct13 Norway, Oslo Spektrum
Fri 25 Oct-13 Sweden,Stockholm, Globe
Sun 27 Oct-13 Germany, Hamburg 02 World
Mon 28 Oct 13 Germany, Cologne Lanxess Arena
Tue 29 Oct-13 Netherlands, Amsterdam Ziggo Dome

Part 2: Hov talks about fame and New Rules.

Part 3: Discusses Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports, J.Cole and Obama.

Part 4: Talks family life, touring with his wife, “F.U.T.W.”, “Tom Ford” and more.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    Yo MCHG was boring and probably Jay’s worst solo album to date. I’m getting sick of all this post-album promotion. It was gravy when he was flooding the internet with hype leading up to his release, but now we know the work is shallow and nowhere near as deep and meaningful as he made it out to be. The content is either compromised, un-relatable, or stale, though there is some great production. Of course, there’s also a Beyonce joint ft. Jay-Z, a Justin Timberlake joint ft. Jay-Z, and one of the worst verses Nas has ever spit, so overall MCHG was a big disappointment. It’s time to move on.

  • MCHG is a nasty album, people are fronting

  • MackJilla

    Good interview. Waiting for part 2

  • Thatguy 5

    Ur album review is… compromised, un-relatable, and stale

  • The Real Truth

    sorry @midsize jerm I disagree…. album is hot…

  • Genesis

    Midsize Jerm…. The people have spoken….. Hov has shit out sunshine once again……

  • Ipodman

    My mate works at a hotel in London and said Jay left a floater in the toilet and I thought Elliott and Bryan would like to see a pic of it. She also took a pair of his socks if your both interested.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you really thing MCHG stands up, lyrically, to anything else in Jay’s solo catalogue you either aren’t that familiar with his previous work or weren’t listening to MCHG very closely.

  • Midsize Jerm is retarded…
    that is all

  • Im sorry, that may have been a little blunt with no explanation.

    MCHG is a dope album.. Im not sure how u can say it doesnt stand up to lyrically to his other projects.
    From top to bottom he drops a lot of jewels… u might just need to listen more carefully @Midsize Jerm

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  • daff

    MCHG a top 5 Hov album.

  • jose

    Trash album,only 2 songs good,he only talk about money,car,all this shit. Jay is not so good like the people think, but he has the midia, the truee is that album is not good and this site didint say nothing about that.
    The nacirema dream the best album of the years .


  • Nickels and Dimes is lyrical, philosophical, vintage OG status a la Regrets level Jay, you crazy if you don’t hear it.

    Picasso Baby is gritty, wise-cracking, gutter-chic, NY braggadocio “You Don’t Know” Hov – lean on that

    Heaven is introspective, deep/dark, inquisitive, rebellious 911 Hammerstein Ballroom Jay …

    Oceans is just a beautiful track, I’m sorry if you don’t feel that then your ears’ choked …

    Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit – that ish knocks like grandma knuckles …,str8 summertime, windows down, upset white folks music — Skrippers gon’ looove it too ..

    F.U.T.W is treadmill, get on your grind, hustle your way out the bottom BP2 Diamond Is 4eva Hov …

    Tom Ford is D.O.A status, tell’em youngins get off that Molly bullish … That song will erupt any club…

    Somewhere In America is dope …

    Beach is better, short and sweet, could’a used a longer verse though …

    Versus was okay .. .

    La Familia was unnecessary, coulda been merged with Part ll or Open Letter or somn ..

    BBC is such a summer record.. LIVE ..

    **8.5/10** and if a new artist dropped this album, he’ll be considered a heavy contender for the hottest rapper out so yeah.. Jay needs to be challenged by the ppl who have access to him to rhyme harder cos you can tell he still got it, he just needs to be pushed and even without trying his possible best, there’s no doubt that his skill set is immaculate ..

  • Music is Universal. MCHG is definitely an artistic album. Interested in new sounds of music? Make sure you’re at the flyest festival of the whole summer, AFROPUNK FEST 2013! Catch us jamming with Questlove + friends, Chuck D Saul Williams Danny Brown Jean Grae The Heavy The London Souls The Coup and MORE Aug. 24th and 25th at Commodore Barry Park, BROOKLYN. Visit for the rest of the lineup!

  • Jay shoulda used his No Church In The Wild Verse and Flow on Holy Grail instead …

  • mrny

    How he only talk about money and cars when he clearly has a song talking about religion and the thought of being a bad father?

  • Capricorn Religion


    Nice little treats in this interview….

    Tim not really wanting to fuck with Jay and Kanye during “Blueprint 3″….
    Jay being upset that the songs leaked from tim during BP3…
    Jay was not going to release a album, or better yet had no plans to….
    “Oceans” and “Holy Grail” were suppose to be on “Watch the Throne”, but got replaced with “No church in the Wild” and “Made in America”….
    Justin, Beyonce, Tim, Nas, Pharrell, and Jay all in one studio. Crazy….

    Dope….. I really like this interview. It didn’t come off as “Promo Interview” if you get what I mean. You can tell that the interviewer actually gave a damn about the album. It caused Jay to even be more relax an let the interview just flow. Can’t wait for Part 2

  • Medusav

    Jay looked hella relaxed actually the best interview Ive seen HoV in cause it was all about the music
    Big ups to the interviewer >>hes from New Zealand AZ well SHOUT OUT cause NZ is the dopest place on earth !!!

  • Black Shady

    LOL one of Jay’s best albums??? fuck outta here. Not even fuckin close…

  • bumpy johnson

    i’ll say it again ……. if u at home or in your car and turn up the volume playin this album ……’s game over ……….bangers on that album for days ………………dope album ………..

  • D Twice

    Watch The Throne would have been a better project with Oceans and Holy Grail on it. When I listened to Magna Carta the first time I could hear the quality and direction that Jay was headed for. The Throne first album kinda seemed a little disjointed in some places. Pretty smart of Jay to save the better records for his solo album.

  • bumpy johnson

    I’ll b honest the only thing I did not like is how jay flowed on holy grail his flow seemed kinda cluttered if u will ……… then when Justin started to sing it wowed me back in ….. but from Picasso onwards its game over ……bangers for days …….just my take on it … dope album ..

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  • Space Ghost

    This album is excellent. Some of you lame azz haters never cease to amaze me. Anything to say something negative about HOV. Heaven, Oceans, Somewhere In America, The latter half of Picasso Baby, Jay-Z Blue……dude rapped his ass off on those tracks. he killed your favorite rapper on “HEAVEN” alone.

  • Cheese

    only feelin 4 songs out of 16. not really feelin this album at all. are people really listening to the album or just skimming through it?

  • Midsize Jerm

    / THIS /

    Yeah, there were a few good songs on the album, great even, namely Somewhereinamerica, Beach is Better, and F.U.T.W. But for every one of those there are two weak joints. I hate Tom Ford because it’s corny as fuck and I don’t pop molly (anymore) OR rock Tom Ford and it just feels out of line with everything Jay has built and I don’t fuck with Picasso Baby for the same reasons…but really Picasso Baby is just annoying as fuck, same goes for the Rick Ross song that Jay briefly shows up for. Nickels and Dimes and Crown are both decent additions to his catalogue, but the rest is boring. Not bad necessarily, it just doesn’t warrant much replay like his classics.

  • jason

    @ midsize jerm …… its your opinion …. nothing wrong with that ………….

  • jason

    my opinion is that the album was real dope ……………

  • Lu

    Dear Midsize Jerm,

    Your mother is compromised, un-relatable, or stale …


  • Vins

    I know for a fact that almost everyone here that has something bad to say about this album, did not listen to it more than once. You haters just skimmed through it and immediately had an opinion. If you’re a real hiphop head you would’ve listened to it very carefully and tried to understand the meaning of every single song. This album is an amazing piece of music. Have you listenend to Oceans? Fuck.

  • Dope Interview! I always enjoy Jay-Z interviews.

  • good ass point

    i loved magna carta holy grail… great work
    jay talking about art is hilarious to me not in a diss way but in a way that i hope to get to that level where i can appreciate art pieces…. like he shittin on niggaz!! he talkin art while niggaz is still stuck on cars and jewels…

    cant wait for more new music
    i love hiphop

  • JOHNYblaze

    Album is w/e HONESTLY now that I have also thrown into rotation the tony touch 50 mcs album, styles P float, prodigy Albert einstein in the mix, it truly makes this Jay Z sound like some major Pop Rap shit but it does have its highlights.

    Im just over the arrogance yet artistry in it, their is nothing humble in it which i cant seem to grasp how thats the main point people love in Jay Z!

    AND LMAO ^^^^ ask any clothing designer or even blogger Intern and they know more about “Art” than jay z get of his basquait cock!

  • Jimbob

    Good to hear an interview with an annoying laugh #NoShots #FactsOnly

  • Jimbob


  • zi


  • Space Ghost

    @80Griots…..Good post brother. People are sheep and listening to white media pretending to hate HOV because it appears to be the popular thing to do, but its not. You silly little rabbits haven’t figured it out. The song “HEAVEN” is what white media and imfortunately ,some indoctrinated black folk fear. HOV said it out loud…..what white Freemason Shriners have known and kept secret for centuries. THE BLACK MAN IS GOD IN THE FLESH. The 6000 years of white rule as punishment to us for creating this other thing…..”mankind.” There is “MAN” and there is “MANKIND.” JAY-Z said it out loud. Normally white media would be on his nutsuck and now they hate him and they relish the fact that BLACKS in the western hemisphere have no idea or concept of who they are or the power that they hold. You better stop self hating…pick up books and reacquaint yourselves WITH YOURSELF. A-rm, L-eg, L-eg, A-rm, H-ead. ALLAH! Black people can see GOD the flesh everyday of their lives when they look in the mirror or at your brothers and sisters. White people who know your history have sought to use their “GIVEN” gift of control for such a period to put you down on all fours from whence they came. You better stand up right. Jay-Z is speaking to you….So is Minister Farrakhan….So is Jay Electronica…So is Kanye West….So am I.

  • Enzo

    @ jimbob
    You knew his laugh was annoying and still took your time to listen to it ? Wow, you’re really smart man….


    midsize jerm is right! doesn’t live up to the hype. i only like Picaso Baybee.

    album felt like Hov’s scratch pad. a peak into his thoughts. “twerk Miley…” interesting. but no clear cut single that’s why he ain’t drop one.

    nas,jt,timbo,swizz,pharrel,hov all in the studio at one time and THAT is what they come up with???

  • The album isn’t great guys, beats are pretty much dope and all and there are few joints where he actually says something…or tries to ie “Somewhereinamerica” (2nd fav), “Oceans”, “FUTW”, “Nickles n Dimes” (fav), “Heaven”…maybe even “jay Z blue”…other than that…..a couple really stupid lines on the album as well, for instance “It aint hard to tell, i’m the new Jean-Michel”…..the irony is super obvious if you’ve actually read up on who Jean-Michel is….naa, doesnt quite cut it for me, i’ll bump it cause it’s a production master class though.

  • Arthur

    @Midsize Jerm, I agree with you 110%.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    It’s good to see opinions are spilt on this album, that means there is something worth discussing. Opinions were similarly split on Yeezus with good reason. I tend to like Yeezus better, but that’s probably because I like more experimental music like the Velvet Underground (Lou Reed wrote a great review of Yeezus BTW) but neither album do I consider to be great or bad, but are somewhere just above average, and these are coming from dudes who each have multiple undisputed classics, so I think that is where my disappointment comes from. And for the dude who said anyone who didn’t like MCHG only listened to it once, I’ve listened to it 4 times front to back so far, Yeezus 7 times, with twice as many plays of my favorite tracks on them. I stand by Cheese who questioned whether the people defending it had really listened or just skimmed. The truth is revealed through multiple listens.

  • PolarBearsToenails

    Why you guys keep bumping all these Jay posts back up top all the time? You on the Roc’s payroll now too Elliot?

  • hova da god i should b rappin with a turban

    @ midsize jerm if u liked yeezus album more …… then good for u ……….. u commented like ten times on this jay post …….. are u tryin to pusuade bloggers to agree with u ……or something …

  • Lol. Jay said he supports Obama and the Affordable Care Act and then advocated for less gov’t in the same interview.

  • LR

    Jay does a funny thing when he laughs…like takes in breath kinda weird lol

  • LR

    great interview tho lol…i hope there’s another part…i completely agree with how these politicians don’t vote for shit cause they’re worried about winning another vote smh

  • Xtro718

    This album is ok. Jay said he saw Beyonce and Kanye working on an album and that’s what made him want to do it. The passion for the music just isn’t there and it’s obvious. He did it just to do it and it comes off as such. Some people are easily satisfied, not I. @midsize Jerm I feel what your saying.

  • Nathaniel

    don’t look now, but these interview parts keep getting better and better. y’all talkin’ bout the album… he’s giving a lot of valuable information. you may even understand his subject matter, the moves he makes, and his business ventures if you take a sec to stop talking about “his flow was off on this verse” etc. just a sec. it’s bigger than a collection of sounds out here.

  • LA

    please check out this link to my music. i promise you’ll like it.

  • bigHUNT

    overrall the album is dope,. favorites: Holy grail ( dont really like justin part in the beginning though) Picasso baby, Oceans, Heaven, FUTW, Versus, Jay z blue, On the run, Nickels & dimes.

  • Space Ghost

    The album is dope. When I heard the second part on Picasso Baby and the angst in Jay’s voice as he spit that 90’s style Hov flow, I said to myself…”I HAVE REAL JAY-Z MUSIC TO LISTEN TO FOR 2013!

  • Donn



    Great interview. Jay looks really comfortable and is dishing out alot of jewels and inside information about the industry. And its sad because we all want to be millionaires or better our future and he’s dropping the gems in his music and his interviews and no one’s listening

  • Jon

    only 56 comments?

  • Jon

    so what exactly do you mean by new rules?

  • LS

    Check this German guy out, rocking the Summer with The Product G&B

  • LS

    Check this German guy out, rocking the Summer with The Product G&B

    Kay One ft. The Product G&B – V.I.P

  • troof

    nobody watching these vids?

    fuckin monkeys

  • Ray Love

    Jay always giving out wisdom to the deaf dumb and blind but all they hear money cars and hoes smh

  • The album falls apart a bit in the end, and I still don’t really fuck with his flow on Holy Grail, but tracks 2-9 are up there with anything he’s done Post-Black Album. Shit, it’s up there with almost anything he’s done period.

  • 456 headCrAcK

    Jay is the king of this shit

  • People talking about this album is trash. Y’all crazy, this album is dope, him and Timb had some crazy chemistry. I wasn’t to sure myself the 1st couple of days, but MCHG is heat. Oceans is deep on so many levels is mind boggling. Holy grail is great, fukwitmeyouknowigotit & tom ford are bangers in the club. The album is good. Some of us catch on early others catch on late or just don’t like it cause they don’t understand it.

  • Edgar

    The US Civil Liberties Union is suing Samsung for their invasion of Privacy with the new Jay album app that was released! Get em!

    Is Jay partners with the NSA?