New Music: Master P x Romeo “I Need An Armored Truck”


The Millers (even our own Brian) got more than enough money they can handle and the father and son need it hauled on their new recording. P’s Famous Again mixtape coming soon.

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  • games2besold

    I think if it wasnt “lame” to listen to new master p shit….this would ride…i think niggas would worry about the flack they would get from they homeboys if they was in the whip with you in yall riding out somewhere lmao

  • wow


  • master p and son rapping about big booty bitches.

  • catomate

    LOL @games2besold, Only because thats EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. Niggas would be like ” I know you ain’t bumping new Master P and Romeo shit” …but naw, this is actually decent

  • skrillz

    that real son / pops shit…lol…
    it’s just funny how Rome’s career has gone…1 thing you know for sure tho is that Percy’s a good pops, and at least he aint raise a Fuck-up son – hilarious
    the hoook is FIRE thooo

  • bumpy johnson

    it actually sounds good though .

  • JOHNYblaze

    DAMN lol only thing I can see is Im still stuck in the days of PRE NEW NO limit days, this shit quality wise def is up with anything new but cosign the comments, something akward about riding out to percy and son in 2013 after on top trying to be some conscious black dude few years back.

  • Stone

    Fuck it…. Imma Bump this…

  • lol @ the comments..I agree tho..but fukk it..this joint go hard..just like his last mixtape

  • nigga slim

    P gotta nice comeback comin with theose 2 tapes he just dropped n shit. Ill still take that old no limit anyday though but this str8. Id rather listen to P then weak ass niggas like future, Montana, 2 chain,chief queef…

  • df

    p out down the mic homie

  • jemappellefidel

    Word! ICDC college is gettin an armored truck! Turnup!

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  • Yoddle

    Yurp, Make Um Say Uggggh! Zimmerman For President.

  • Flaco The Good Guy

    No lie, this slap……coon music lol

    BET Hot 16

  • Flaco The Good Guy

    2 Chainz & Big Sean anyone???

  • Young Lucky

    Nah @flaco more like MEEK & BIG SEAN

  • mrholloway


  • Flatbush Bully

    P did it before JZ…

  • The black robin thicke

    *very listenable* better than puffy’s shit!! That nigga Diddy is trash now!! Haha

  • Judge Dredd

    You fools worried about what other nigguz think about your personal choices and likes?? Y’all cannot be men, but if y’all are of age then y’all are what real men call BITCHES!!!