• LR

    Great interview
    Hot 97>>>>>>

  • Converse

    This Interview is weak but 2 Chainz, I knew he would be a star once he stop going by Tity boi

  • StarFox64

    i think the great problem with hot 97 is they dick ride to the point that the interviews aren’t interesting..

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Yo Ye said “don’t talk… ever!!!!

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  • yeemjay

    Great interview, always had respect for tit, a real grinder

  • The Wise

    dope shit..2 chainz is a hustler gotta respect!!

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  • NovaKaine

    KR Mack ((official video)) TRUNK FULLA BANGAZ

    If you have a minute hit the like button and drop a comment

    I thought Elliot Wilson and rosenberg where beefin

  • 456 headCrAcK
  • flllexxq

    man… DRAKE needs to sign this kid. hes making th emusic KANYE SHOULD BE MAKING smh. http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth

  • mrholloway

    great interview. A-town!

  • Chainz is cool.ATL.He been grinding for a while.Respect to him.He ain’t no ill lyricist, but that’s not his lane, but he does his thing.Ppl always liked Chainz.He really hustled.
    Loch Jay-Z Picasso Baby Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman Freestyle: http://youtu.be/DlwwlUsrO54

  • I enjoyed the interview.


    Crazy because he’s about to take luda’s spot…and you can see that kinda fucked up their relationship.

    Last year and earlier this year Luda kept reminding us that Ludaversal drops in September 2013….now he’s sayin it’s droppin later this year….BTW…2 Chainz: Me Time, drops this September 2013.

    He was also saying back then in many interviews that 2 chainz is to executively produce Ludaversal….that also changed. Luda downplayed it recently at breakfast club that chainz just picked one track for a mixtape. So for sure, they had a fall out… that’s too bad.

    Business & Friends don’t mix.

    Happy for 2 Chainz, he’s a great artist, and more than just a swag rapper. He got punches for days.

    I hope Luda makes a big comeback, I know he feels the pressure, but he’s still a dope ass artist with a long list of hits for over a decade long. He will deliver, as long as it dont sound like “battle of the sexes”

    Let’s see if 2 Chainz was worth Luda paying for, for a feature on Ludarversal , lol.