Harry Fraud Launches Label On Priority

GetLive! With Jasmine Solano And Melo X

Look who’s a shot caller now. With the relaunch of Priority Records, producer Harry Fraud has formed a new label, Surf School. Fraud turned to his Twitter account and said this of his new venture.

For the label I am looking to create partnerships with other independent minded artists and release wavy music. Its not about signing people.” He then went on to clarify, “As far as me as an artist/producer I do not have a record deal…yet (evil laugh).”

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  • nobadraps

    Such a talented producer, who works with such untalented rappers.

  • 456 headCrAcK
  • (o_o)

    dope!! the rise of awesome independent music continues!!

  • DopeeeeeNesssss



  • NovaKaine


    They taking the bay blue print we been Idie bwaa

  • white people smell like wet dog

  • Toy-T

    La musica de Harry fraud

  • StarFox64

    @nobadraps i thought noone would ever mention that, forreal its so true, this dude works with a star and its over, french montana dont count..

  • Slim Baller

    He’s overrated as a producer tbh

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Priority was a classic label. Master P caused it to go bankrupt after he got that 80/20 publishing and profit.

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    Sign some west coast talent

  • JOHNYblaze

    Dude is def nice with the production, he did alot for French before he BLEW UP, Max B days, Action Bronson alot of semi underground cats…….

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  • big mike

    and this means what? cool producer who works with wack ass artist? Capitol has no idea what to do with hip hop esp indy shit…fuck outta here…wheres master p? he ran that bldg and the promo dep it was p making the moves not the label…Harry u in trouble man!

  • Crewz Control

    @nobadraps >>> “You couldn’t have said it best …

  • Syracuse doom check me out…

  • nigga creep

    This assclown sucks. He samples waaaay too much. I mean goddamn, can you compose anything from scratch lol? He just samples some shit n throws a beat over it. Anyone can do that. Make sumthin outta nuthin.

  • Dave

    Whats wrong with sampling? Right, Im sure its seriously difficult to just turn on a keyboard with all the SAMPLES right there waiting for you so you don’t have to look anywhere for anything. “Compose” lol, you retards play keyboards with 2 fingers and call it compositions when every beat is basically 4-5 sounds stacked on top of each other and you do it over and over and over and over like you’re mentally challenged and never get bored, do both or stfu, newbie producers with 1 trick up the sleeve always bitchin’ about sampling and hating. Don’t know shit about hip hop, thats why shit sounds so corny these days with your hi hats the same pattern every single beat smh.