New Music: Childish Gambino “Centipede”


Childish Gambino has been quiet for awhile but he slowly crawls his way back to the scene with a new recording. Hopefully, this is a sign of more things to come.

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  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    He’s underated

    New talented artist dope video


  • Northwest

    Jay needs to sign whoever that is is making the type of music kanye should be making

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  • The Association of Chronos

    “Childish Gambino ho!”…..

    Can’t wait for the new album, mixtape, whatever.

    And yes…

    Along with Wale, he is VERY, VERY underrated

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  • Renton

    That Kanye flow

  • Gambizzy

    Gambino the GOAT. Single is great.

  • Dashing

    I fuxx with Gambino but this track was just aight. Respectable but nothing great. I do appreciate the audio at the end though . Pretty sure it’s from a Charles Hamilton YouTube video from awhile back. Good find.

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  • 456 headCrAcK

    Weak sauce, can’t take em seriously

  • I’ve been down with Gambino since his youtube days. It sucks that he won’t be in Season 5 of Community that much (only 5 episodes). I’ve got camp on vinyl and his first mixtapes were dope. I didn’t really feel the sound on Royal tho. And this song is just alright. I hope he comes with more unique sounds on upcoming projects. GAMBINO FOREVA *JAMES FRANCO VOICE*

  • oneVenture

    Yo Fucking Stupid! This record is crazy. Where’s the Rest… Need More of It!

  • fuck

    Its unfortunate how real that last message was. Because the truth of the matter is no bitch or no money can fill that void that lies within you. Only the knowledge of self can. Money come and goes. Hoes come and go. But there is no beginning or end to SELF.
    . wake up people we exist to do more then struggle and survive like animals.

  • fuck

    Because when the inevitable happens and you DIE that philosophy will hold no value. Money does not exist in the ” non-physical” realms of reality. The only thing that will matter is where you are with your CONSCIOUSNESS. If you still think of life like an animal and look “outside” your self for fulfillment with “money and bitches” you will create for yourself a shitty reality and you will have to reincarnate once again to learn the lessons nessicary to evolve into higher consciousness. Transcend your lower nature and LOVE. Its the LOVE that will create for you abundance when that “physical” form DIES. yall dont give a shit and I know that but imma speak it anyways.

  • Dashing

    Found it.Audio was from a Worldstar video clip of Charles Hamilton.

    I think Gambino is definitely slept on as an emcee but he still hasn’t dropped a great project. Camp was cool, but had a lot of filler tracks and was lacking in a lotta ways. Only Em has been able to really pull off being 100% goofy and 100% serious on the same project without it feeling strange. Dude needs better production and content, but he has skills…

  • Jaymalls

    Shit sounds like kanye down 2 the damn T, even the production…. SMH

  • dll32

    doesn’t sound like Kanye at all. Pretty dope record! +1

  • phuckyoopinion

    fucking dope period niggas are too demanding lol