Behind The Scenes: Rick Ross “50 Plates”


Just days ago, Rick Ross began shooting the video for his contribution on Rich Gang’s album. Before it arrives, MTV gives us our first look and an explanation of the concept by video director Dre Films.

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  • there he goes again… exposing his repulsive moobs again

  • 456 headCrAcK

    Bird man is a dweeb

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Where is the MMG Vol. 3 at? Where is the “Mastermind” album at? How come Wale album isnt moving units anymore? MMG label is a JOKE insert(YN laugh).

  • StarFox64

    the summer wouldn’t be complete without a shitty birdman song on the radio..

  • Officer Rozay

    Bird-man is a piece of human garbage, just an absolute joke.

    Officer Ross is so disgustingly obese, it’s just a matter of time until he loses a leg to diabetes. In 15 years he won’t be remembered for anything other than being really fat, an ex police officer, a fake gangster, and the BMF song where he pretends to be a drug dealer dropping names of people who actually lived that life.

    Thank you for the “Behind The Scenes” video for his newest generic ass song. This is a must watch for hip hop fans, and in no way to be interpreted as public relations for MMG and Officer Rozay.

  • Ipodman

    Next post please. This man is a disgrace to hip hop.

  • Dre Films is a fraud, my homie is the brains behind most of the videos that stem from the MMG camp.

  • LP1031

    This is a fake Ruff Ryder vol. 1, saluting Jay by giving him his own record on they shiieeeeettt,……it’s flattering Bryan, but weak

  • ss

    50 plates is jus the appetizer for this nigga

  • Magna Cartoon Holy Fail

    i guess noone wants to see your tities officer rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao and birdman is that dude 48 years old lmao cant take dem cartoon niccas seriously lmao

  • MasterRapper2000

    Birman, seems to focused his resources corrently. Lil Wayne is also learning but we haven’t seen, Lil Wayne o brands for example his clothing designing etc. don’t mistake me, Lil Wayne had invested on two top artist, so from that perspective, Lil Wayne is playing the right cards. Clearly showing is abillity. to learn fast and by also applying what he has learn from his dad.

    Those someone from RR knows how Birdman, like to hypothesize his business ideas, or might have a clue, from analyzing what you already know from public avilable information?

    Trying to create a case study for my business class.

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Straight money!!!


  • MasterRapper2000

    Sorry for all the typo’s. My little one click on “summit comment”.

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  • Officer Rozay

    Yo B Dot can you just go ahead and ban MasterRapper2000 so none of us have to read a paragraph of completely incoherent garbage again? Dude literally could not get through a single sentence without shitting his pants up there, I have no earthly idea what he was possibly trying to communicate and his continued presence in the comments section will not only bring down the level of discourse but devalue your site overall.

    Thanks bro, looking forward to the next MMG vlog

  • Charlie Schneider


    Wale’s The Gifted was NUMBER ONE. What are you talking about ???

    Where is The Donkey’s Sweet Queen Universal? The Summer 2013 G Unit you’ve talking about lately, is never going to happen. Ever. They had a nice 3-year run, dude let it go. G Unit is over. Over.