• Woketek

    Dope ass vid

  • 456 headCrAcK

    Definitely some other shit, Tech 9 is a beast

  • Real Talk

    So Dope i had te Repeat it again

  • .

    Snow was the best on this but they all killed it

  • jon b


  • DopeeeeeNesssss
  • yo “BIG HOMIE”, his name is WREKONIZE, not WRECKONIZE…… please change that

  • tech is amazing !! really so unique i didnt know anybody who could match tech on a song till kendrick hit fragile this song i amazing though!

    if you like unique mcs and are sick of all this swagg shit and rappers all bein the same cehck this out i guarantee its well worth your 2 minutes !!


  • Chronic

    way too many features on this album….and most are weak ass features too. people wanna hear you tech, no one really gives a fuck bout the scrubs on your label

  • wickwickwack

    the yet unknown chick gave´em the business
    This is dope

  • Soonami

    Dope vid.. Def a fan of Snow. Her verse on the new record with Lupe Fiasco is dope too

  • casper21

    watch out for Snow, I hope Tech decides to take her on tour with Strange, and maybe sign her, help her develop her sound and style a little bit. She has all the technical ability to stand her own with anyone on the label, she’s hot too. There’s some potential there. Plus both Tech and Krizz have her featured on their albums. I’m disappointed in Em for not making a collab happen, everyone knows Tech has been dying to chop it up with him, and he’s in the studio working on an album, no reason they shouldn’t make a few tracks they can use on their respective records.

  • CAlejo



    It’s Wrekonize, man! WREKONIZE!!!

  • music fanatic

    Dam!!! I LUV IT

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  • Definitely a dope video. Tech N9ne rips it, as always.

  • Smh

    Insane isn’t on Strange, b