• Midsize Jerm

    YN on CNN? That can’t be good…


  • Rozay

    Elliot Wilson I see you….CNN and Fox News everyone gonna see that, those shows get good ratings ….. that was a great interview by the way, even more visitors to your site now….props brother.

  • jay

    they try to slander your man on CNN and Fox, my mirandas dont stand a chance with cops, even my old fans like old man just stop, i could if i would but i cant im hot.

  • Rozay

    Oh yeah Mall cops are about to start protesting just watch, even Kevin James.

  • Rozay

    Picasso baby.

  • Rozay

    last comment of the night.

    They should play the audio of these two videos in the Picasso video on the part that says “they try to slander your man on CNN and Fox, my mirandas don’t stand a chance with cops, even my old fans like old man just stop, i could if i would but i cant i’m hot”.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how far detached the American new media really is from the Hiphop culture. There talking about JayZ’s opinion as if he’s the only one who felt that way, and as if his opinion didn’t have any solid foundation. But what’s even more disrespectful is the fact that they don’t even play the full clip, so people watching this news coverage, who aren’t a part of the hiphop culture, only get a contorted version of what was really stated, leaving a false perception of the hiphop culture. The perception of being misinformed, under educated, malicious, aggressive, and unfit for civil society. JayZ only stated facts, Zimmerman did kill an unarmed teenager, Zimmerman did provoke the situation by not staying in his car, and yes Zimmerman is not a profession at profiling a situation. So the fact that both CNN and Fox news, to very large and RESPECTED news outlets overlooked that, is proof that they were only looking to bash JayZ and not touch the more important topics of “How is that man still free” & “Will the people ever get pass this”. ~alx.O

  • HonestOpinion

    She watched Mall Cop one too many damn times! Thats the only excerpt they decided to take out of that, SMFH.. How about instead of Rapper you call him a Mogul! But no!!! Once again they are trying to paint people of the Hip Hop community as disrespectful, they are reaching on this one. #likealways

  • Toronto

    Who is causing racism? White people or…or…race baiters? He was THIS close to saying black people and THAT is not race baiting?

    I was considering moving to the States for school not too long ago. Really glad I cancelled all of my plans. Seems like a terrible country. Sorry, America.

  • HonestOpinion


    Its just Sanford, FL which has a history of civil injustice.

  • Willy Lump Lump

    Fuck Outta Here CNN.. Can O.J. redeem himself???

  • JOHNYblaze

    UMM This is a journalist dream!!!!! i know major hits have came up since this post….. pretty major interms of for YN and rr.com

    But I see why so many rappers really didnt want to share opinions or protest publicly.

  • DopeeeeeNesssss


  • brza

    she TOTALLY misconstrued his words!

  • Nancy

    Jay-Z seemed very passionate, sincere, and articulate about his opinions about the Zimmerman trial. Yet where was his sincerity for the black community when he visited and lent his support for Cuba, a country where blacks are highly discriminated and treated horribly. What a fraud!

  • brza

    @ aix.O – agreed 100% and they do it for the ratings!

  • Nancy

    And where is Jay-Z’s concern about black on black crime, which is at an all time high? Where is his concern about the record number of blacks on welfare and food stamps under a black president who he adamantly supports. Where is his support for Detroit, a primarily black community who is being devastated by greedy black politicians. Make no mistake, it’s all a race issue here. If George Zimmerman was black or Trayvon was white, he and most of our community would have NO comment. So yes, it is all about race. Otherwise, there are much bigger fish to fry as mentioned in the beginning of this post. We need to wake up and focus on what’s important in our community!!!!

  • darc_knight

    I find it funny how Erin came to the defense of mall cops, and completely miss the point. Secondly can someone please explain to me why we’re still discussing this, the trial is over and no amount of news coverage will bring Trayvon back.

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  • mr.lino79

    That bitch reporter tried to make it seem as if jay was dissin mall cops..lol…thats a harsh thing to say..lol..

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  • StarFox64

    lol in reality zimmerman doesn’t have to redeem himself…

  • KingJuggaNott

    That’s what’s up……

    They talking about “he said some pretty harsh things”….what the fuck about what that “GUY” did to an unarmed teenager? That was what? Harsh?

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    Did jay z just say fuck CNN and Fox News!!! Well u don’t say

  • King Kong

    See my name come across on CNN, about 6 minutes you gon see it again

  • Carlito R

    Its interesting how most (not all) White folks have a different way of thinking when it comes to this whole Trayvon ordeal compare to how most Black folks feel about it. I mean how can any one (no matter what race they are) ignore the fact that if Trayvon had been a White kid, George would of handle the matter differently. Or if George himself was a Black man the police dept, the investigation and the court system would of treated him differently. Those 5 White Jurors would of voted George Guilty if he was Black. In fact it probably would of never went to trail just straight to jail!

  • Nancy

    Carlota, can you stop with the victim mentality? Did you run to Nicole Brown Simpson’s defense when she was brutally killed by O.J.? And the evidence was overwhelming. And the answer is NO. The black community was happy and thought justice was served. The reality is that the black community only wants what serves them, NOT justice. And I for one am ashamed to be a part of it.

  • Winston Churchill

    Based Zimmerman.

  • hey dipshit yeah you

    what you don’t know is, (because you are retarded and a low information voter) is this whole trayvon case is just a bulletin in a production meeting . and has been for a year and a half.

    it stokes the fires of division from within. you cant point Russia out on a map let alone see that their top strategists FOR YEARS have been commenting on the huge social and economic divides in OUR American community.

    if you claim racism over this then you deserve the same fate as Zimmerman. NO ONE ON THE JURY THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT RACE. NO WITNESS MADE IT ABOUT RACE.

    only al poverty pimp Sharpton. and guess what? he and other msnbc journalists have closed door meetings with Obama every other week.

    and besides its not like in 2009 a white kid was burglarizing cars and was shot by a black community watchmen…oh wait YES THAT DID happen and the kid didn’t even touch him. they guy felt SCARED and shot and killed the kid. why no rush to justice there?

    because this is to divide us.

    4,000 black people have been shot in Chicago since new years eve.

    quit making this about one kid who had stolen jewelry and a screwdriver tool for break ins AT SCHOOL and got suspeneded. weed smoking thug life motherfuckers are everywhere and we die everyday.

    move along people NOTHING TO SEE HERE

  • @ Nancy

    No, the black community (at least some of us) were “happy” because we knew full well OJ did it but for once, a black man beat the system. It’s not like OJ was some activist, he tried most of his adult life to distance himself from his own race. But in that instance we saw somebody

  • * somebody black with a little money do what white people been doing for decades.


    Yes J. Yes YN. Winning.


  • The Brain Trust

    Cosign everything @Nancy said.

    You race baiters who will eagerly put skin colour above evidence make me sick.

    Whatever. I’m over this case.

  • Zane Loe Lost

  • Also, for the record, let’s not act like it’s only blacks trying to make this a racial issue. A few yrs after OJ beat his case, Robert Blake beat his case too, and I don’t remember many white people weighing in on that with as much passion, white people charge up this type of high profile criminal case just as much as we niggas do

  • ridalen

    man, how short sighted you people are. Sure there are more important things going on in the black community than the zimmerman trial but it often takes an event such as that to spark a movement. Imagine in 1955 if people said “why yall care about Emmitt Till, black people getting lynched everyday!” or “So what rosa parks didnt get out her seat, we got more important things to worry about” We wouldnt have had a civil rights movement at all

  • First and foremost fuck this asshole saying “Overwhelmingly Americans don’t see him as a horrible person” in one sentence, then referencing a poll of WHITE REPUBLICANS to try to bolster his argument. White republicans are a niche demo and only HALF of THEM think GZ is a “good guy”.

    Secondly, fuck mall cops. “Take yo J’s and tell you to kick it where a Footlocker is.”

    Smh…creepy ass crackas

  • http://www.hiphop-blogs.com/hiphop/2005/08/the_internet_go.html – enough said.

    “This one’s dedicated to you inferior fucks and jealous bitches who envy me. To the anonymous assholes hunched over your keyboards writing erroneous shit to get a rise out of YN: You’re beneath me. You wanna know why I ain’t gotta answer niggas? ’Cause I truly understand these niggas—sneak dissin’ haters who want to get put on. You just want my autograph on your copy of ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists or, better yet, on a XXL contract. You’d be doing naked cartwheels if I ever gave you a byline. You don’t stand for shit, so sit. Just wait for your moms to go to sleep so you can get back on that computer. I’m ready for a blogger geek burial.”

    So you go from hating the internet, to loving it? I guess unemployment will do that to a person….

  • HK


  • vurbz

    lmao..there are no african americans in Cuba…they are afro-cubans…dumb journalism…FOX is an asshole

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  • Real

    “He’s not a bad guy like Bin Laden or Donald Trump”.. Someone’s gonna be pissed about that comparison LOL

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  • A few random points…

    PLOY #1 How do you compare Zimmerman to Donald Trump & Bin Laden!? That was almost comical for a split second. Why not compare him to people that were in similar situations? IE. Emmitt Till’s killers, the Police officers that killed Sean Bell, The LAPD in the Rodney King situation and countless others. The Media making a joke out of Social injustices AGAIN

    PLOY #2 Dude in the first video said that most Americans don’t disagree with the verdict. But, only stated the Percentage of what White people think. While almost ALL Black people disagree. Doesn’t the Black populations Word count for anything? The Media conditioning minds AGAIN

    PLOY #3 Calling someone a Mall Cop is HARSH!? A pretty awful thing to say!? How about the killing of a CHILD!? Now, that’s HARSH and AWFUL! But, she couldn’t acknowledge that fact, right? Cut the Zimmerman Sob story PLEASE!

    PLOY #4 Skin thickness!? There still are people alive today that went through extreme racism ALL around the world. How the hell is a White man talking about Minority issues!?!? Whine about race!? FOX News is full of shit for this, and many other things they back! NOT 1 BLACK PERSON ON THE PANEL!? I bet dude wouldn’t have said that whining shit if a Black person was there. That was purposely done…

    PLOY #5 “It was a matter of Self Defense and not Race.” I bet NONE of these people on this show ever been in any REAL issues before. I say that to say this, if Zimmerman wasn’t looking for some kind of issue. He wouldn’t have had a gun. PERIOD! He would have called the Police, and left it at that. He followed the kid for what reason!?

    PLOY #6 Liberal Blacks and Conservative Blacks!? BLACK IS BLACK! Blacks no matter where you are have to deal with very similar situations. Even President Obama relates to Trayvon and others like him. Politicians need to realize these injustices NEED TO STOP! Make the changes!

    PLOY #7 ONCE AGAIN… Making shit out to be a joke. But, subtly stating how Black people can be racist also by using the word “Honky”. Gotta love Mainstream aka White Media

    PLOY #8 WTF does a Vacation to Cuba have to do with whats been happening in America for a couple Hundred years!? PLOY PLOY PLOY!!!!

    I’ma stop after this one…

    PLOY #9 This shit is BEYOND me! Who cares about the fact that there was a trial, jurors and all that. The latest Juror to come forward already stated some MAJOR POINTS. She was the ONLY juror from a MINORITY. And, that they could have found Zimmerman guilty of MANSLAUGHTER with the evidence provided.

    With that being said…

    Fuck America and its Major Corporations…

  • Kush

    Thank you jay. He spoke some truth.
    For the people saying leave the politics to politicians—you’re exactly whats wrong with this country today.
    You really want some coons in suits making your decisions for you? We are a government by the people. GTFO