Marrying The Game Season 2 Trailer


Chuck and his main squeeze Tiffney Cambridge will return to VH1 for the second season of Marrying The Game. Watch how the drama unfolds Monday, August 5.

VH1′s unlikely duo Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon Taylor, better known as rapper “The Game,” are simultaneously brought together and torn apart by love in the newest season of “Marrying The Game.” In the months after Tiffney called off the wedding and moved out of their home, she has regained her independence but drama unfolds as she still longs for a normal relationship with Jayceon – but not until he is ready to leave rapper “The Game” behind and rededicate himself to his family and her. Now that they are in a state of transition within their relationship, they must navigate the twists and turns of co-parenting their two children, Cali Dream (2 yrs old) and King Justice (6 yrs old).


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  • HonestOpinon

    Just stop… But no get them checks!!

  • King

    Cringeworthy….but it pays

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    She wants to get married to a guy that doesnt want to grow up? Ok I get it.

  • fastflipper

    Cali dream….

    Typical black people name

  • Chris

    I know artists have to find new ways to reach people these days, but this show isn’t a good look for The Game at all.

  • Cemal

    yo, i know love is love, but game one of the handsomest dudes in rap (no homo) but she look like she could be his mother… and the names of the children?
    “why black people gotta be the only ones who cant evolve?” – HOPSIN…

    jay-z is the only one trying to get the culture somewhere.. this just looks fucking stupid for game

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  • NY kidd

    Cant wait

  • Diablo


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  • TruthBeTold

    LOL , his woman is annoying AF got damn

    Hopefully he will release Operation Kill Everything shortly before or after the premier for maximum exposure

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  • Rozay

    needs to collect money some how, his music isn’t selling, I get it he and his girl gonna keep milking this story to keep getting more seasons and more money cause musically he is irrelivent

  • HK

    Is she older than him?

  • fuck gayme

    Cosign @Rozay game is washed up nobody want 2hear the name dropper. Cemal is u a man or female? Cuz if are a man u sound homo wit dat handsome comment.

  • DK

    I’m pretty sure ‘Jesus Piece’ would have been differently received by the public and critics if anyone BUT Game had made it – the way his public persona is nowadays, with the bi-polar antics and outrageous claims/unnecessary beefs, it’s kinda hard to take anything Game does seriously.

    It’s sad because he’s a good lyricist and rapper, and ‘Documentary’ and ‘Doctor’s Advocate’ are testaments to that, but he lost his way artistically somewhere shortly after. The name-dropping never really bothered me much, but he did cross the line with me when he would shamelessly mimic other rappers’ flows for entire songs (e.g., his Rick Ross impression on “Now That I’m Paid”).

    If he had just picked a position on what was going on with the G-Unit fallout and STUCK to it for more than five minutes at a time, he’d probably be looked at differently. And he probably wouldn’t need to be on a VH1 reality show, which is (aside from arguably T.I.) the sure sign that an artist has fallen off.

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  • Hannibal Lecture


    @DK T.I. fell off.