The Round Up: DJ Khaled


Another one. In the back of the Bach, Khaled speaks to Shaheem Reid on his come up, his transition from DJ to mogul and Suffering From Success. This shit special.

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  • King

    what a shitty choice Shaheem wtf

  • Obi One

    Nomore of him

  • great interview… I use to think this guy had issues. (socially) Actually humble and passionate about this craft of ours. #WEthebest indeed

  • 69er

    big black from rob and big looking ass nigga

  • kayandgee

    i admire khaleds hustle

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  • Officer Rozay

    Stop trying to push Khaled on us he’s such a weirdo fraud. He doesn’t even do anything useful or interesting. Just fucking screams his name

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  • MrHeat

    Oh lol,
    i do respect his hustle but he need to get the fuck outta tha hiphop game coss these Maybach freaks are pollutin it for real!

  • Ridalen

    @officer rozay if that’s that case then why can’t someone else do what he’s been doing for the last 6 years? Screaming that complex?

  • Khaled needs to show this side of his personalty more. Its doesn’t take e genius to understand that he knows what he’s doing and that people in the industry respect him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get all the features. But for his own brand he needs to switch up the perception of him.

    And also lose some fucking weight for fuck sake!


  • DJ Khoonled

    that chain sound awfully hollow…..shit Im no record producer or “DJ’ but my chain do NOT be sounding all clinkity clankity n shit
    Khaled “Ayo Wayne can you put a verse on this…..thanks, Aye Ross I just got a verse from Wayne…wanna add a verse too? cool! Aye Drake, I need you to come up with a hook……I appreciate it fam………….This shit is fire, WE all killed it, WE are gonna smash’em with this…damn man WE must be the best” SMH
    Wayne, Drake, Ross, EVERYONE ELSE EVER: “who this nigga talking bout with this WE shit? this nigga ask for favors n all of sudden He taking credit for shit we do……smh”

  • really 23

    Khaled lost me this week with all that simpin for Nicki

    MVP from Jersey City is the next Kanye

  • Northwest

    Dope Drake needs to sign ASAP. Whoever that is is making the type of music KANYE should be making

  • Southeast

    ^^^^ @Northwest…..
    “whoever that is….” SMH, Nigga THATS YOU!!
    you been on a “comment section” Self-Promo campaign for a while now, like a long time…..every post you come in (with different names) Always about someone needs to sign THIS KID, HE’S DOPE, ahahahaha nigga just say its you….EVERYONE can obviously tell it’s not some random person, its the artist….and thats you! Right?!?!
    Maybe you should actually just leave music alone….if the only way you can get people to listen to ya music is by spamming comment sections hoping to trick people into listening to ya shit….thats corny AF.
    Just be real my dude, say “yo check me out, I think its dope tell me what yall think…..thanks”