Belafonte Wants To Meet With Carters


Harry Belafonte appeared on MSNBC yesterday to discuss the Dream Defenders initiative and Stand Your Ground law in Florida. Afterward, the conversation shifted to Jay-Z’s criticism of him in his interview with YN. Last year, Belafonte told The Hollywood Reporter that Hov and Beyoncé “turned their back on social responsibility”. He later said he was willing to meet with the couple to iron out their differences.

In regards to Belafonte’s statements, too much emphasis is placed on Black entertainers to change the world. Jay-Z isn’t a politician nor an activist. As a rapper, his only obligation is to provide the public with hot music. In terms of social responsibility, he created the Shawn Carter Foundation., pumped water into Angola, and donated proceeds from his concerts. What more can you ask for? The purest form of giving is anonymous, so who knows the extent of Hov’s philanthropy when the cameras aren’t rolling. People need to stop looking to rappers for more than just music—especially in the wake of tragedy. They shouldn’t be persecuted for how they choose to use their celebrity. Leave the marches and activism to your elected officials.

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  • CheWithBlingOn

    did you say leave the marches and activism to elected officials? NewsFlash, Elected officials don’t do activism. Activists do. And yes it’s fair to critique Jay-Z on his social responsibility especially since he seems to believe that his “presence is charity”

    • B.Dot

      @CheWithBlingOn He’s obligated to march for trayvon or give jobs to people in Marcy?

  • skrillz

    well done RR…love the post!!!

  • skrillz

    but B.Dot you’re wrong about the whole entire 2nd paragraph tho
    Artists TAKE our money…they don’t just have a responsibility to make hot music
    They NEED to drive our culture, otherwise it’ll go in a bad direction

  • skrillz

    the overall debate about what the artists should be doing…
    glad we’re starting to have it
    Rap Radar – YOUR WEBSITE is the perfect forum for such a discussion

  • Nope

    Yo B.Dot good write up, one man can only do so much

  • Nope

    Artists take your money? C’mon man lets not act like piracy isn’t prevalent in hip hop

  • The Man

    artist take your money right? like you arent paying for a product/service. If your going to jock Jay Z then you should Jock every business that you ever paid for a product/service.

  • No

    Bullshit, every successful black person should be required to do more

  • Midsize Jerm

    B.Dot deleted my post because I called him out on his OBLIGATION to practice unbiased journalism.

    Rap Radar doesn’t support free speech!

  • WheresJa

    ‘Can somebody get Ja Rule on the phone?!’

  • Allen

    Jay Z is wrong to criticize Harry balafon te if it were not for the activism of people like Harry balafon then the room would not be there for a person like jazz to flourish……I see your point but rappers RNA a profound impact on the community,…jay z is 43 there should be more coming from him in terms of what he stands for …….you can project yourself as a transformative cultural figure and then not participate……..finally I would like this post mor if RR had just posted the article… a big fan and reader
    of the site I know you guys love Jay Z but he is not above critique especially from a culturally significant figure like Harry Belafonte

  • Izzy_Ballin

    This is some B.S. You can never got an unbiased opinion about Jay-Z in the rap media. Its sickening. Jay-Z is where he is because of the ghettos that supported him. He should be obligated to help. And let’s face it, we talk shit about Mitt Romney but yet still Jay-Z only donated $15,000 towards his Foundation as a tax write off since 2006. The black community is supporting people who dont support us. In the past entertainers from Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, and Sammy Davis Jr stood for something. They passed the baton to our generation of celebrities and they dropped it. I’m a young black male volunteering in my community consistently. I feel we should be obligated because of the sacrifice of our parents and grandparents. Is it fair? NO! But America views our issues as a black problem not an American one so lets role our sleeves and help someone in our community who needs it.

  • Carlito R

    I agree 100% with B Dot. First of all why did Belafonte target just Jay Z and his wife? I mean according to Forbes he isn’t the richest black entertainer in America anyway even Diddy is above him. Why didn’t he target ALL Successful Black Entertainers in general. Black Actors, Black Actresses, Black Athletes, Black Comedians or even other Black Musicians. Why Jay? I mean to honest Oprah may be the only one Belafonte can’t target. I also agree with Jay that Belafonte went about it the wrong way in the beginning. Its bad enough that there are so many White people who hate Rap Music and the whole Hip Hop Culture. Jay already has to deal with Bill O Reily, CNN and other White Media Outlets bashing him as well as other Rappers and Black people in general. Now Jay has to deal with one of our very own.

  • Sample

    Change starts with the individual. Y’all paying to much focus on hov, what about you and what your doing? People judging because they feel they have the right to smh

  • J is from Brooklyn! Grew up as I have in a city that you MUST be of a sorta breed, and have a sorta understanding of your surroundings. I’m a civilized bro, so no disrespect to Mr. Belafonte, but knock it off! There’s no back turning here, BUT you can’t expect son to be the savior against all that ails society. Basically GZ was acquitted because of the law, and the state in which he committed the presumable offense. (crime) DONE.


    eh, I would agree that most artists are NOT role models or leaders, but Jay is different. mainly because he has already positioned himself as more than an artist. He is a leader and not by accident or coincidence.

    now that doesn’t mean he is obligated to meet everyone’s expectations of him. but he is a leader of culture and he does use his fame and influence to lead by example.

    lets be real, this is not about professional obligations at all, this is about moral and ethical obligations. people, all people, need leadership, and if jay is in a position to provide that, then he should feel a sense of obligation to lead.

  • John John


    …TAKE our Money??? Are u serious with that comment? Come on my brother. We all have the freedom to either buy or not buy Jay’s music or any artist’s music for that matter. You must of meant to say the IRS TAKES OUR MONEY. Remember there are way more people illegally downloading music than there are people who are actually paying for it.

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Jay-Z said Harry Belafonte dissed him in the white media, so he disses him on a corporate bankrolled album in which majority of white people bought? Jay cant talk about stop and frisk or people kicking life long BK residents out of their houses for rich white kids, but has time to diss a civil rights pioneer? Harry Belafonte has displayed more compassion towards the youth than Jay-Z and lets face it, Jay is 43 years old. He’s not in the young black male category. And this dude compared himself to Obama! Obama went into the hoods of Chi-town to help poor blacks for peanuts when he couldve made six figures while Jay was pushing weight and contributing to the crumbling or black families in the 80s. He devoted his life to public service and talks to the youth to do the same.

  • Fever

    Wake Up Mr. Belafonte. America as a whole has turned their backs on social responsibility within the urban communities across the nation. It way bigger than just one rapper!

  • Larry Cashflow

    Brian —

    According to the website you linked to in your post, the Shawn Carter Foundation has donated 1.1 million since 2003. That’s about 100k per year. Not too generous considering his net worth.

    Jay-Z isn’t obligated to do more for the community — you’re right about that — it’s just a shame he doesn’t use his celebrity and influence to do more for the community.


  • Calvin K.

    Its sad to see two grown Black men going at each other in the media like that. My question is what exactly does Belafonte want Jay to do? I mean helping to bring the Nets to Brooklyn (even if he only played a small part) definitely supplied a lot of job opportunities for minorities. Helping to start Roc A Fella, Roc A Wear, 40/40 club, Roc Nation, etc has all employed a lot of Black people from the “streets”. I mean what exactly does Belafonte want Jay to do???

  • wickwickwack

    HB said their names…How is that not to take personally

    i keep reading its a shame he doesnt use his celebrity …well if each and everyone of us stand up ,theres no need for that but instead we type ;troll and judge what we think other people should do

  • Tango

    @Larry Cashflow

    Damn I guess Jay can’t win. He donates a 100k a year and he still gets bashed. This is why Anonymous Donations are the best! People are always going to judge you no matter what you give. I remember reading how some dude was trying to bash Oprah on twitter on how she doesn’t do enough for Black people. Unbelievable!

  • Happy Man

    Listen young people the more money you make the more you get taxed. So don’t be fool thinking Jay is just sitting on millions and millions and millions of dollars….”liquid”. Remember there’s a difference between NET and GROSS when Forbes do those lists.

  • Miza

    You see how IRS has been throwing people in jail left and right. The only person Jay has turned his back on is Dame Dash who may end up in jail soon for taxes as well. Come on Hov its your social responsibility to get Dame back on his feet!

  • Donn

    Jay could cure cancer and ppl would be like you did that last year what else have u done. When u help ppl, u never get love but let u not help at all. Nobody is responsible for another man’s life. Ppl who are rich and successful got there through hardwork in Jay’s case and what he chooses to do with his money is his business. He is responsible for the life of his family not the hood’s ills.

    Niggas voted for Obama like that would change the hood. No, u have to elect your congressman, officials who put those McDonalds on every corner and chicken spots. Obama doesn’t control that. Take responsibility for your own communities. Where’s shots at Diddy? Where’s shots at Dr Dre? But Hov is an easy target and at this point this man has alone broken barriers for us to go hard for. Don’t give me money, give me an opportunity to make my own money. Jay has donated millions, and it’s never enough and no matter what. If Jay donated 20 mill tomorrow ppl would still complain. It’s a great convo to have but B and Jay don’t have to do shit. I watched this man build wells in Africa. And read about things that don’t make the news. His good deeds never make the news

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    I lost a lot of respect for Jay. Sorry but Harry is correct. and YN that is a terrible comment.. to leave the marching to elected officials. OBAMA will only make speeches. I think we forgot how to harness our power. Jay Z seems to only care about how white people view him. He tries his best not to offend. But then he turns around and sells liquor to kids… smh.. I see why the old head say rap is destroying our youth. The top rappers are pussies. and corporate trolls

  • B.Dot

    @Donn Word. I forgot about the Water For Life initiative

  • Johnny Ryall

    Silly rappers, because we got a couple Porches
    MTV stopped by to film our fortresses
    We forget the unfortunate
    Sure I ponied up a mill, but I didn’t give my time
    So in reality I didn’t give a dime, or a damn.

    But he got rich and gave back so to me that’s a win-win. He’s a role model (minus that Britney bitch) for young people everywhere that’s social responsibily enough. Never question a man’s effort or cause focus on your own, if you spend time talkin bout what someone else ain’t doing you waste time when you could be doin. Forget the elected officials they’re corporate puppets. It takes normal ordinary people and lots of them that means it takes You, Me, Him and Her.

  • CBH

    Sorry B. Dot but Jay-Z (like many others in his position) do have an obligation to give back. Now I’m not saying Jay-Z doesn’t do that, because he does — it’s just not as publicized as some other celebrity endeavors.

    I’m tired of hearing this argument that public figures shouldn’t be held to a certain standard, why shouldn’t they? And Leave the marches to elected officials? Really? You Played Yourself with that one…

  • tammy

    If Haryy belafonte Left the marches and activism to elected officials….you, Mr. Bdot would probably be drinking from a “coloreds only” water fountain….please google Mr. Belafonte and educate yourself on the fact that he financially supported Martin Luther King JR. so that he could fight for african americans equality.

  • Tee Smif

    There’s a lack of knowing history that’s extremely disturbing here with this post and some of the comments. I believe Hov had a right to respond but can anyone really justify or defend Jay calling Belafonte a “BOY”?! Knowing Belafonte’s history, how is this ok?

  • The Brain Trust

    Jay-Z is where he is because of the ghettos that supported him. He should be obligated to help. The black community is supporting people who dont support us

    What a load of horse shit.

    Was the ghetto obligated to support him? NO. Jay-Z delivered a service (great music) , and was compensated financially for it.

    In NO WAY should anyone in a supposedly individualistic, liberal society be coerced into giving their money away.

    Just because i’m black, and you’re black, doesn’t give you the right to tell me what to do after i’ve worked my ass off.

    Oh and btw, let me let you in on a little secret. Brace yourself, cuz this might hurt your feelings.

    Black Americans aren’t a ‘community’. Just because we’re closely related genetically doesn’t mean I know you. We don’t necessarily go to the same barbecues, have the same upbringing, live in the same neighbourhood, observe the same religion or have the same economic circumstances. So tell me… how are we a community??

    All this talk about ‘our’ community is sanctimonious garbage, used to guilt trip others into sharing their shit with you.

    Raise your families, instill the values of hard work in those you love & stop embracing this poisonous form of victimhood. Stop waiting for affluent strangers like Jay-Z to save you from poverty.

    I’ve said my piece.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Muhammad Ali wasn’t a politician, yet he felt it was his responsibility to engage in activism.

  • rahrahrah

    That paragraph was sad. Your mom should make you apologize for your lack of integrity. Elliot has you working as an Jigga man apologist now?

  • It’s the roc

    Tell Harry Belafonte to take a number, Robert DeNiro’s got next

  • Bhe

    Yes he does stop drinking the kool aid RR

  • skrillz

    I think one reason that jay-Z is the ‘way that he is’ and does not stand up for the black community…is because he came up in the 90s hip-hop…as people like Tupac, Dre, and groups like Public Enemy and NWA were toppin the charts, Jay was playing the background, selling records, building a business
    The man NEVER had to be anything but a rapper…and now he’s waaaaay MORE than a rapper, and he KNOWs it…but he definitely don’t want any part of the ‘social responsibility’ aspect of his success…that’s just obvious
    Jigga never had a moment in his life like Nas, seeing Ill Will get shot
    Jigga never had an undertone of social responsibility in his music…People shouldn’t expect him to now…it’s sad

  • tucq

    Jay gives to charities.

    Nobody has the right to tell another man how/what manner they should give.

    I think Belafonte, no disrespect, is trying to put pressure on Jay to give to charities Belafonte is interested in.

    This is a chess game

  • It’s the roc


    But his position was earned, not elected, so he gets to operate by his own terms, the same way everyone from doctors to teachers do. And I think it’s difficult to assume jay didn’t experience any traumatic or fucked up events in his life, he had 20+ years in the streets before he became Jay Z

  • “purest” form not “purist [sic]” – that refers to a person. also, yeah celebrities can do whatever they want, but Jay-Z created “Occupy Wall Street” t-shirts he profited off of and didn’t give any proceeds to the movement – that’s f*cked up. period.

  • DJ Game

    of course it’s a good write up, b dot and elliott have hov’s nuts firmly planted on their chin at all times.

  • kareem

    i’m a defend a half-billionaire to death and no one can stop me – brian

  • truth

    i’m goin to be a crab in a bucket and no one can stop me – kareem

  • That Guy

    @DJ game but you’re on their website…what does it say about YOU?

  • Sure I’ll spend other people’s money too

    Charity will always be extra, there is no a such thing as not enough charity, I read a comment that says Jays foundation ONLY gave on average of a little more than 100k per year. How dare you say ONLY 1.1 million dollars thats crazy. This is america where the tax on the rich is much more % wise than the tax on the poor so charity is like someone giving their waiter a tip after gratuity has already taken it out. And as far as influence I agree its always good to have positive role models but thats all about perception this c-section is almost 50 comments long filled with both negative and positive comments about the same guy. Thats why Jay is who he is if he decided to make his album 85% positive than the average listener will say how good “Oceans” or “Jay-Z blue” or “Minority Report” is but spend more time listening to “Tom Ford” “Beach Is Better” or “Hollywood”. Turn Up is all over your radio cause people would rather Turn Up and the clubs have more people than the churches. Whos fault is it.

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  • Muggsy B

    Ayo, kill that whole second paragraph, because Harry Belafonte the whole reason a Jay-Z can EXIST. Anybody who doesn’t believe me can read the “Political and humanitarian activism” section on Harry’s Wikipedia page and watch the documentary of his life. Yall weak niggas gotta stop defending Jay just because yall come from his generation. Harry Belafonte put his very LIFE on the line for all these black entertainers who came after him. Fuck Jay-Z for not taking a moment to ask himself why this man would include his name in that critique. Don’t Join Jay on that ho nigga train, RR.

  • Muggsy B

    Yall niggas are disgusting for real. Harry Belafonte risked his LIFE for black equality. Bailed Martin Luther fucking King out of jail and provided for his family since King didn’t make enough money as a preacher. Financed the Freedom Rides. And THIS is the man yall talkin’ about like he’s nobody? Yall niggas need a serious history lesson.

  • DJ Game

    @That Guy

    what does it say about me? that i like to know what’s going on in the hip-hop world? but when every other post is about not even jay-z but someone who is talking about jay-z; im annoyed. so i decided to tell the writers of this block to stop riding. whats the issue?

  • Muggsy B

    And furthermore, look at Harry’s track record and listen to him speak, and it’s easy to see he’s EONS beyond Jay in terms of intelligence and maturity.

    Harry explained RIGHT HERE IN THE CLIP that he was asked specific questions at the press conference about what was done in the past as opposed to now… and do give examples.

    He also said he’s wide open to have a sit down with Jay and Beyonce, because a public place is not the way to have these exchanges. That’s a real man. Jay would just do this public back and forth shit for the twitter era on some ratchet bullshit. Foh supporting that clown. Jay simply needs to humble himself and take the criticism like a man.

  • TImeChange

    yea,that 2nd paragraph sounds like you should be hov’s PR man.
    now hov is ‘just a rapper’ , not a mogul anymore? not a business man anymore?
    black entertainers are too thirsty, they will sell out their community out for a buck but when it comes time to standing up for the community they can’t do anything?
    jay z has no obligations to be a voice for the community,that’s true. but there is no reason successful black entertainers who have access to obama and bloomberg shouldnt use their influence to help the community.
    you cant stand up for your community anonymously.
    i guess black people are losing their soul in the race for money and wealth.

  • Donn

    I feel some of the points being made but every comment is saying the same thing in terms of Jay. He is not obligated to be a savior. Like for a man to work his ass off, have influence and money and hear someone tell HIM, another man tell him what he should be doing with HIS money and HIS power. Jay is gonna help how HE wants, he’s gonna give money when HE thinks its right. Harry needs to put himself in Jay shoes and think, what if a politician was on TV telling HIM how he should be doing something. Like this man is a mogul, he makes power moves. Dude just started a sports agency to help athletes from being screwed over my pimps and sharks. When you ever heard a sports agent talk about managing money and setting up investments cus your knee might give out in an interview. Jay is doing so much and it’s never enough. Shit crazy. He has no obligation or responsibility to do shit.

    What about Eminem? How many M’s this nigga got and look at Detroit, Eminem’s album sold 7 million copies, where’s his responsibility. He has influence, you don’t see nobody asking him. He’s the most influential artist of all time and the highest selling. Fuck race, you can go to the same school I go to, u can get the same jobs I can, these old kats still talking color. There is no color. Poverty has no color, no age or face. We all broke.

    Fuck charity. We gave charity to Haiti and look where our money went. We gave charity to Katrina and niggas still hurt out there. If you wanna help ppl or see ppl better off, get off your ass and physically help them. Not give them money.

  • kareem

    @truth sorry brian.

  • skrillz

    Did Jay really say….



  • Chill

    I don’t take Skrillz seriously. Ha.

    No but really, since a lot of people are of the opinion Jay is now Congressman Hov, what exactly is he supposed to do with his money? I’d like someone to enlighten me.

  • Jay Z

    Sit down, shut up, and tally-me-banana, bitch.

  • the watcher


    – “Jigga never had an undertone of social responsibility in his music…People shouldn’t expect him to now…it’s sad”

    – we talk shit about Mitt Romney but yet still Jay-Z only donated $15,000 towards his Foundation as a tax write off since 2006. The black community is supporting people who dont support us. In the past entertainers from Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, and Sammy Davis Jr stood for something.

  • skrillz

    Sup Chill…it’s not what he should do with his money…it’s his voice
    Jay lives in this world with white people and Kanye…SMH if you think he’s a positive influence on anyone, let alone black youth

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    I don’t agree with this Bellefonte shit, but B Dot, stop suckin dick. You only comment on a posts within the post when you’re trying to protect something you like, or shit on something that you can’t rock with.

    Just post the stories nigga, and make comments in the comment section.

  • B. Dot i had a lot of respect for you until this post. Arent you a graduate Delaware State University a HBCU? Let me explain something to you Brian Miller, black entertainers do have a social responsibility to the black community, and if Huey Newton or Fred Hampton was a live they would tell you that, and call Jay-Z out at the same time, and dare him to say something.

    Basically what your saying is Jay-Z and others like him, can rape the peoples dollars and feed our kids half truths with our being morally obligated to the communities they come from.

    People like Paul Roberson, Harry Belafonte, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ect.. made a difference in their peoples lives by socially impacting the progress of change.

    For you to sit here and say Jay-Z has no responsibility to the community he comes from is very irresponsible and almost down right disrespectful to your race.

    See i already know your a Jay-Z fan boy (Want to call you something else but now is not the time) and everybody reading your post can also tell that. In other words your defense of Shawn Carter is see through like plexiglass and you might need to renew your history before you continue to say the things that you do.

    Im a fan of Jay-Z’s music but i also know a blood sucker when i see one. You are right about one thing B.DOT everybody can not be a Patron of the Poor, but they can get behind the person or people who have the know how and will power to be just that.

    Im going to leave just as i have come.


  • Muggsy B

    That’s real talk, Track King Cole.

  • Chill

    I’m sorry I think B. Dot has a point. Jay-Z technically does not have an “obligation” to help anyone. He’s not a politician or political activist and has never held himself out to be either.

    However, the suggestion that Jay hasn’t helped out is just absurd.

    1) Donated proceeds from a Hard Knock Life Concert to Columbine victims.

    2) Fade to Black Concert proceeds went to charity.

    3) Him and Puff donated half-a-million each to Katrina victims

    4) Shawn Carter scholarship foundation.

    5) Worked with MTV and the United Nations to help provide clean drinking water to African Countries

    6) The Blueprint III benefit concert at MSG for 9/11 responders.

    And that’s just the stuff I remember and know about. But the larger issue, and what I think B. Dot is alluding to, is that young black people hold celebrities to a higher responsibility than we do elected officials. And I understand that people have distrust for the system/government but at some point we gotta take it by the reins to effectuate change.

    When Jim Crow was rampant in the South and people were still being discriminated against in the North it was the Civil Rights Movement made up of mostly regular people, not celebrities, who got Congress to pass Civil rights legislation. But we don’t do that. We get more passionate about what Jay-Z, or Jamie Foxx, or who ever is NOT doing for us than we do for what we do ourselves.

    For all you that are complaining I hope you’re registered to vote, I hope you know who’s your congressman, senators, governor, etc. You want change, put pressure on the people who’s job is to make changes for you. Celebrities do have some moral obligation to help, but they’re not politicians.

    I wish I saw this much passion during these elections. :/

  • WOOOW! You deleted my comment huh? I see what you are now.

  • The black robin thicke

    *money is power negros* haha, real money ted field money.

  • @CHILL Things are still the same in this country. Jim Crow still exists, its just hidden very well. And you are wrong about the Civil Rights movement being made up of mostly regular people. You need to renew your history.

    Paul Roberson, Harry Belafonte, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Baldwin, Sammy Davis Jr., Josephine Baker, Jackie Robinson, Sidney Poitier, Dick Gregory, Lena Horne, Mahalia Jackson, Langston Hughes, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Bill Russell,


  • Chill

    @Track King Cole

    So you’re telling me there were more celebrities in the Civil Rights movement than regular people, okay… I think you know better than that.

    I did not say that NO celebrities helped, I said that it was movement made up MOSTLY of non-celebrities. So you can go on if you want, you’re still wrong.


  • Have a great morning, business with out selling my community down the drain calls.

  • mshann718

    When J gives it’s cool. If not it is still cool. You can’t tell people what to do with their money. Black people must listen to Man In The Mirror & change themselves. As a people we are dying. Yes I am 100% Black & live in the projects in N.Y.C.

  • Chill

    Ha. Someone’s mad.

  • I think people expect more out of rappers than politicians because in the past music, musicians, and media have changed things a lot faster than politicians. Some politicians spend their entire career trying to get 1 or 2 landmarks bills passed. The media along with John Lennon’s song Imagine changed the Vietnam War virtually overnight. Muhammad Ali took a stand and gave a voice and a face to draft dodgers that changed Americas pperception. Nobody is obligated to do anything ever. But to pretend that art and artists actions don’t speed up the evolution of ideas is misleading

  • Chill


    I completely agree with you on that.

  • 1)So far I have not seen any comment about Jay and his wife meeting with Al Sharpton and Trayvon’s parents at the 100 city rally for Justice For Trayvon recently. Nor did I read anything about Hova cancelling his concert in Florida. So this is how we gonna do? Skip all over the positive and concentrate on conjuring up negatives?

    2)I often hear people say “don’t count my money”…and I agree, what anyone does with their own hard earned money is their personal business. If you don’t want Hova to tell you how to spend your 70K, then you should probably stop making suggestions about what he does with his money.

    3) Putting Jay on the spot about whether or not he should be an activist devalues your own worth. There is hard work out here for ALL of us and here’s a news flash; FANS of artists have always OUTNUMBERED ARTISTS. Show of hands…how many of the negative commentators here marched for Justice for Trayvon or any other march for that matter. How many belong to organizations that make fighting for justice a priority everyday; how do you support these organizations in your everyday life? *crickets*

    4) I absolutely get Hova’s point about his “presence is charity”, but I’m sure he realizes now that maybe he could have made that statement a little differently so as not to sound quite so arrogant. It’s ok though, I won’t hold it against him. He is after all, human just like the rest of us and capable of mistakes. It should also be noted that he and his wife are under constant worldwide pressure to NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES AT ALL. Everytime they open their mouths, there are legions of people waiting for a mistake to fall out…..that can’t be easy for them.

    5) I have nothing but respect for Harry Bellafonte; he put in the work. However, he in a position to handle the recruitment of high profile artists; his people can contact their people easily. I don’t recall Obama going public as to who should help him get the young vote out; he respected Hova’s influence enough to contact him personally and lay out his case. Hova responded accordingly. There is a lesson to be learned here; give respect and you get respect.

    6) B.Dot….thank you for opening this discussion; I’m very proud of you and your mentors!

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Well, seems you have faith in our elected officials to get things….You do realize they are barely any ELECTED officials that cater to the need/thoughts of the American negro and back in belafonte’s time it was non-existent. We all as a people (young/old/rich/poor) have a duty to acts of activism, not waiting on the porch for the powers that be to “iron things out.”
    So if you was a journalist during those times who would just sit back and hope that politicians would makes things right?? You smarter than that B., at least I think…..

  • the One

    Harry is 100 percent right! Jay needs to step up to the plate… Time is now ! The world is looking at how this case will be handled by us, if not handled with the properly it will determine how people will feel all around the world of how they can treat a black youth… This is bigger then just America this is a case that is followed world wide!
    It’s time Jay it really is for you to show your true Colors if you truly care about the black community, Your power has never been greater nor has you popular appeal this is how legends are truly made.
    Mohammed Ali would never garner the respect he gets today worldwide if it was just for his boxing skills, if he never stood for civil rights his legacy would be nothing close to what it is.
    Your community needs you Sean Carter, separate yourself from the pac and do what’s right. You say your presence is charity well be everywhere you possibly can for this cause as your black people need your presence and leadership now more then ever.

  • skrillz

    Jay Said…
    if you’re still jockin Jigga after that – shame on you!!!

  • buking310

    ” Leave the marches and activism to your elected officials.” that quote makes me not wanna fuck with this website no more…. come on, you’re smarter than that.

  • Roger Dat

    I’m a little confuse what exactly does he want Jay and Beyonce to do? Also why did he single out just them two?

  • Buddy

    Sick and tired of people blaming everything that’s wrong with Black society on Rappers!

    I hear more people bash Rap music than Violent Movies or Violent Video Games.

    “There have been more negative comments on the rapper Scarface compare to the movie Scarface”.

  • Charles in Charge

    Since when did Jay and Beyonce become Barack and Michelle? We ALL could be doing more for our communities NOT just Rappers/Singers.

  • tucq


    I agree with u.

    I personally think Belafonte wants Jay to do things like HE does, or invest in some idea HE approves of.

    If anybody told me that I don’t do shit for the community in that manner, putting me on blast on tv, I’d be PISSED…… ESPECIALLY WHEN I KNOW I DO CHARITY WORK ALREADY. I don’t have to do things like you Mr Belafonte.

    I would be respectful to Mr Belafonte as an Elder, but at the same time respect ME. I’m a grown ass man. I don’t have to be into YOUR charities. Why dont YOU invest into what MY charities are?

  • Good Guy

    Some of you are forgetting that Jay came from NOTHING like the most of us. Come on give the dude a break. Once he got into the music biz he worked his ass off, paid his dudes and made a lot of sacrifices. No one should ever bad mouth someone who gives HOPE and INSPIRATION to people who are from the hood.

  • TheMatic

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  • nbjkvwn

    The asshole who wrote the post is undeniably a Jay-Z dickrider.

    Jay said his presence is charity…what a joke. And artists have always gotten politically involved. Jay is the one who showed up at a Trayvon rally, but what is he really doing to change the laws or fight for change? Nothing. He’s the one who brought up all the talk about Zimmerman being a mall cop and so on.

    And let’s not forget, this is the same Jay who punched a girl in the face, then has the nerve to judge Chris Brown. He’s a sellout. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your favorite rapper is a fraud.

  • @ Track King Cole, what have you ever done for the Black Community? When was the last time you paid for a Jay Z concert or album?

    have you required this obligation you place on all black folk or you feel it is your right to dictate what responsibility you can place on a private citizen just based on their complexion?

  • TImeChange

    @the One, you said it right,the big picture,this is worldwide

    more shame goes on the writer of the post than jay-z though.

  • Jiggawho???

    If Jay-Z pulled out his dick right now, most of ya’ll zaggin would fall to ya’ll knees and suck it. Ya’ll worse than Beyonce stans. He think he too big to be called on his bullshit. Ya’ll MF’s really believe in that Hova shit.

    And miss me with that anonymous giving. With all that power, sometimes you gotta stand up and be heard. We heard him loud and clear with that Samsung deal. But that’s his M.O. throughout his career.

    He was quiet during the East Coast/ West war and then wanted to speak tough after it was long over with. He addressed Hurricane Katrina like a year later. Ya’ll give this man too many passes. So times you gotta hold the people you worship to the fire.

    Like dead prez said: It’s bigger than Hip-Hop

  • Good Guy

    I remember when I first read the article last year about what Belafonte said about Jay Z. I was a little upset that he came at Jay like that. A lot of us young people look at Jay Z like a hero. We look at him and say hey one day that could be us if we stay focus and work hard. So when a legend like Belafonte shoots down our Hero it kind of hurts. Its the same thing when Cornell West had tried to play Jay Z too.

  • Roberto G

    Some of you are funny. So if you say something positive about Jay Z or agree with his views then you’re on his d*ck OR if you don’t agree with his views or say something sort of negative then you’re a Hater. Damn you just can’t have a simple opinion nowadays.

  • Slowly I’m beginning to understand and detest all the reasons why a lot of black folk loooove being Democrats!!

    When the fuck did it become cool to beg another man to stand up for you? All you self-righteous preachers on this sight have probably contributed zilch yourselves tot he “black cause” except yap about it. How the fuck is it his responsibility? Why should he fight for something just because “you”want him to fight for it?

    What the “black community” needs is more self-reliant people who are willing to who are willing to work towards their own goals not this kumbaya bullshit of asking for handouts… To some degree, society owes it’s residents a fair opportunity to have access to “success” but by no means is it or should it ever be any one persons responsibility let alone a rapper ‘s ….

  • Karma

    More people high on Jay Z’s batty juice.

  • @Jiggawho???

    Please tell me from what universe you observed that Jay Z “addressed Hurricane Katrina like a year later”. SMDH You sir are the poster child for what James Brown sang about: “Talking loud and saying nothing”

  • rahrahrah

    From nahright.
    Casket Face Says:
    July 28th, 2013 at 3:54 pm
    Yeah Hov, tell your wife this how it’s done right chea (Chaka Khan)

    Last year you recorded a musical tribute in memory of Trayvon Martin. What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding George Zimmerman’s trial and race relations in America?

    Well the trial, number one was a travesty. Racism is still very much alive and well in this country. It has gone to more of a cerebral state. But it’s alive and well. The new slavery is keeping black men in jail.

    Are you planning on participating in any additional tributes or projects in honor of Trayvon?

    Well I am boycotting Florida. I had a booking there last week and I cancelled it. But if any tribute comes up I’ll do it. Absolutely.

    In addition to the trial making headlines, your hometown of Chicago is also in the news for its recent string of gun violence. What’s your assessment on the situation?

    It’s insane. These kids are using gangs as a rite of passage. If we were still living in villages it would be very different. But it’s like a pseudo rite of passage, which is very sad. As a matter of fact I’m going to be over at Jesse Jackson’s place on Saturday morning. We’re having a rally addressing the violence in Chicago.

    How would you compare Chicago’s youth today to your experience growing up in the city?

    Well, these kids have nothing else to do. I remember growing up there when we had after school community centers. I think that would be a big help. The sad thing is that this is America. In all of America these kids have nothing to do after school, if they go to school. And if they don’t, I can’t really blame them. The school system sucks. So there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. And I plan on being hands on with it.

    Everyone should be of service in some way. There’s a reason for being here. We’re here fundamentally on this planet right now to be of assistance to one another. And it doesn’t matter whether you help a lot of people or one person. I’m lucky that I can affect many people at one time as opposed to someone who works in the bank.







    I mentor At-Risk kids weekly, and i also use to be a social worker for the Department of Homeless Services here in New York City. Along with having my Bachelor’s degree’s in Business administration & Marketing, i also have my CASAC license. So please until you have walked in my shoes SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!, because at one time i was one of those AT-Risk kids thats i mentor. I been out my little structured box since i was a little kid. I know the game, i know the streets. At the end of the day as black people we are becoming a danger to ourselves and we need to rectify the situation immediately.

    If you disagree i can show you the statistics to bring your outside the box ass back to reality if need be.


  • Earl Early

    I bet Trayvon supported Jay-Z’s music…

  • TrueSchool

    So it’s ok for us to allow our children to dream to be successful like a Jay Z but not to expect that the example be shown that with great power comes great responsibility? All of OUR true black legends; entertainers, athletes, intellectuals, etc. throughout history have felt the need to speak truth to power and to stand for the communities suffering from the same injustices that helped give them the same desperation to succeed and get their families out of the condition. In prior times when a successful person from “the hood” chose to publicly stay silent or not engage we revoked their pass and labeled them sellouts. (Remember LL getting booed at the State Building in Harlem?) How can we accept an artist of this magnitude associating himself with the likes of Che Guevara on one hand but then not expect some form real life activism? It’s as simple as you’re either ten toes down for the cause or you’re not. Hov has every right to live his life the way he see fit and as a public figure we have every right to see him how we see fit.

  • Earl Early

    @80Griots & B.Dot …Jay-Z can do what he wants. Remember …the public pays artist’s salary …artists are elected officials…we have given artists a voice to speak on our behalf… when we feel they no longer represent us …we will stop supporting them…

  • 80griots

    @ Tracking King Cole, age is irrelevant to the discussion, however I applaud your contributions that you stated if in fact that is what you do with your time. That is your prerogative and no one has a right to tell you, you don’t do enough, right?

    @ Early Early, uuuhm the public does not pay artists salaries, record labels do from the sale of a product that more often than not the publics has the false sense that they are entitled to steal anyway but piracy is another discussion. My whole point is, the man says he contributes how he sees fit and as a man, black or green, he has a right to do that. My issue was with how it was a public criticism when Belafonte had never spoken to the man he criticized on a personal level. Just cause you are older and dedicated your life to a cause you believed in does not give you the right to insist that everybody take the same path… He had the clout to call Jay before calling him out publicly, they’re both grown men who deserve their respect IMO

    I’m not a person who believes in blind blanket charity and creating a welfare state. I think assistance, any kind of assistance should come with accountability and when we expect celebrities to just shed their hard earned dollars for a cause based on the publics feelings is borderline silly. We all pay each others salaries, it is called Economics, unless you are claiming that celebrities have not earned their income…

  • wow

    Wow….really? You’ll are dissing Harry Belafonte? Read this . 2 men in an disagreement re: my people, and you side with the one that admittedly was a dealer of death over this man. Who has a longer better resume for helping out OUR people than Mr. Belafonte? I’ll wait. You dudes done sold your souls for a LifeandTimes Cosign. At least you’re selling out to the top. Looks cooler than when you were doing it for Rick Ross’ fake image’s co-sign.
    If Belafonte, Clay, Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Nina Simone and other BLACK celebs left activism to the elected officials you do realize you’d be running for coffee for the white guy who would be writing an article about The 20 Year Reign of Vanilla Ice and the spread of white culture through hip hop, a unique music genre that was started by Israel Shalom in 1992 in Bel Air. But hey you’d prob get a check then too so who cares right?

  • ilexx

    Look if we expect major corporations to be socially conscious then I think its only right for artists that have become influential and extremely wealthy, artists that we have supported time and time again with our wallets, to use their voice and influence to contribute to society and the very communities that have supported them in a positive manner.

    Nobody is saying they are obligated to change the world but your fans and your own ppl are not wrong for expecting or asking you to do more.

    The fact is that these artists have the resources to do more than the average person and they should.

  • creo

    If it aint n a man heart 2 give then u cnt change dat hov dnt owe nobody nothing. We all wish ppl would do more n stand 4sumthing everybody cnt be a malcolm or mlk,jim brown etc. We need do for ourselves n inspire others 2do the same. I dnt judge nobody u never know what ppl do wit their money or time. Alot ppl talk out of turn instead going2 the source n finding out 4themselves.

  • yeaHOE

    If you don’t study black nationalism, revolutionaries, civil rights struggles, etc. then leave ur opinions on social responsibility in ur simple little brain. Harry Belafonte IS an entertainer, u fucking dumb ass!!!! The only reason black people have made any progress is because, in addition to activists, entertainers, athletes, etc.put in WORK..they felt a real sense of responsibility..and rightfully so. Don’t fuck up that tradition and in turn fuck up our progress just because u don’t want ur favorite rapper to feel attacked.

  • real




  • real




  • Mike B

    that is preeeetty crazy he said. “Leave the marches and activism to your elected officials.” I don’t think that can be stated enough in these comments, oxymoronic ignorance. dunno what else to say. The sentence doesn’t even need to be broken down. Surprised as fuck it wasn’t retracted, or wait nothing is ever retracted here. Do the RR thing and cross out the word retracted and put deleted next to it.

  • Wasn’t Rap Radar celebrating Jay & his wife’s token appearance at the Trayvon rally in NYC?

    “The purest form of giving is anonymous”
    Quoting Jay Z lyrics taken from a philosophy that he has rapped against for years.

    OK , B. Dot

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    My comments presence is charity

  • @Mike B
    You expected better?
    Don’t you remember when Ali was our Mayor & MLK Jr was our president?
    Or when Malcom X got voted in ?

    Rap Radar does.

    They also want you to buy Ace Hood’s album

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Jesus for Governor!

  • Nickey Black

    There are some rappers dead or alive that could or can do what we all are beefing about:

    Tupac would have definitely got something popping right now if he were alive, and being that he is dead we should assume that this is what Tupac would do and we do it.

    Krs one I’m sure is very strong on this matter.
    Chuck D Lupe Mos Def Talib Dead Prez and maybe many others. But I guess because they’re not on Jay level to make an actual difference that we don’t search and see how they feel, and to see what strategies are they using or think we should use.

    It would be nice if Jay was more of a leader like Tupac was destine to become. Hopefully Jay may get more vocal and put the art rap up
    for now. I don’t know. But all black ppl including athletes and celebrities need to stepup. This struggle is ours. Our ancestors would be honored. A celebrity is a created idea. Idolatry.

  • That Guy

    Lemme guess this fuck boy @P0is0nedKoolA is complaining about again about how RR does thigs yet visits EVERYDAY. If you don’t like how things are on RR go to another website or start your own. But then again, no one probably cares what you have to say

  • So….

    …112 comments and not a top five post? Suprise, Suprise…..

  • YN sucks on another Rappers Dick again.First Rick Now Jay.

  • real


  • L Kirkland

    You folks that protect these public figures so hard do a disservice to everyone. These artists can and SHOULD be able to defend themselves. So it would make them better. The “press” was never designed to defend or attack people or issues. Your opinion doesn’t matter. The fact that you all just had a long interview with the man, (which was apparently very good from what I hear) makes this look like you all HAVE to do this to continue access.

    The fact is that Carter and his wife should be much more responsible about the images they project to our youth. I can pull numerous quotes from both individuals about how negative images affected them doing negative things and feeling negative about themselves.

    On Belafonte’s end and that generations end in general, they should take more care in addressing younger folk. If you haven’t shown them the way, and told them, then you can’t really hold them to that standard.

    Damian Marley-
    “Pay no mind to the youths
    Cause it’s not like the future depends on it”

    With that said, if Belafonte has been reaching out for years, which may or may not be the case, then he has a leg to stand on.

    Overall, when the question of should we ask more of our public figures comes up. I always ask the question..

    Did it hurt society for the athletes and musicians of the 60’s and 70’s to be so vocal and active or did it hurt?

  • Lyric Connoisseur

    You guys need to know about Harry B. check his documentary on Netflix “Sing Your Song” . Anyone siding with Jay Z after watching that is stupid. Much respect to Jay Z, but he does not have enough stripes to say anything to that man. He got called out … then turned up at the Trayvon rally quick! It is not about how much you donate it is about how you show you care JAY (USE YOUR PLATFORM TO STAND FOR SOMETHING…ANYTHING..ALL OF THE GREATS DID ALI, MARLEY, JAMES BROWN, ..Shame on rapradar for the biased reporting of the events.

  • @ That Guy

    Let ME guess, you don’t understand the concept of an “open forum” , eh?

    I enjoy Rap Radar for many reasons.
    The comments section is one of them. Have ended meeting cool people who hit me up via Twitter to discuss hip-hop & other things we like/dislike , agree/disagree on.

    If you want comments regarding how great Jay(-)Z is then read the other comments.

    I CAN’T wait to read your comment about how Jay(-)Z is a “genius” for lip syncing in a museum to a an average song on an average album for a video he lifted from someone else.

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    You know me, I don’t know you.

  • How Wonderful…

    Its amazing that anything said against Jay Z causes backlash against the individual who said it. In my opinion I always felt that Jay Z helps push poison and its sad because he knows that he is powerful. When you have power you can make significant change. Where is the PSA about education from Jay? Never saw or heard one. Yet he tells kids back in 2004 2005 to clean up thier image and basically stop wearing long throw back basketball jerseys and what happened? Mitchell and Ness damn near went out of business. His words and actions killed that entire fad almost instantly!! If Jay Z took to the platform about the importance of education and values there can be significant change for this generation. Prior to the new album I knew young cats who knew nothing about Tom Ford, now young cats wants some Tom Ford cologne. I dont care for Jay Z. on the real I downloaded Magna Carter illegally. I wont give him any of my money because he has a platform in which he has chosen to ignore. he doesnt owe anyone anything other than Dame dash and Biggs because they started the ROC together. But in all actuality, NO ONE has gotten to where they are by themselves. Harry Belafonte dropped a jewel of knowledge and many people lack knowledge nowadays. sadly truth, knowledge and substance isnt understood due to the fact that people are proud to be dummys in American society.

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  • Isis

    I would expect a comment like that from…always sticking up for his mans.

    That’s cool but Jay showed his true colors when he sold his own Brooklynites out when he signed on help get Barclays constructed….they promised Brooklyn A LOT and a lot of those promises NEVER came thru.

    The Shawn Carter foundation is nothing more than a clever tax shelter. And he pumped water for Angola?…Yeah that’s great but what is he really doing for kids like him coming up in Marcy??

    He’s a fraud. So many of these new black artist aren’t about black progression.They’re just about themselves. Jay wants it both ways. He wants to be able to chill with Warren Buffet and then stand along side Trayvon’s parents. I’m not here for it.

  • skrillz

    CRAZY that Jigga is taking so many hits

    Yo YN – where’s “THE TRUTH – Is JAY-Z A fraud?”


  • skrillz

    BTW – I bet you $1,000,000 it was my comments originally on the PICASSO BABY post that even got RR to post the Belafonte video, and then to have BDOT go on his lil stupid rant defending Jay-Z…NOW the shit’s exploding in Jay-Z’s face!!

  • That Guy

    @skrillz dont flatter yourself famo

  • The 18th

    That’s a Good Boy B.Dot, express how wrong it is to expect for some of our top entertainers that command the listerners ears with little effort to use that power to bring awareness to the issues in the communities across the country. Why would they want to do that; such a senseless act.

  • skrillz

    lol @ That Guy….you prolly right! But hey, it seemed like an hour after my post, the Chris Hayes/Belafonte interview went up

  • HK

    @Mugsy B great point(s)

  • Hart Gunther

    Homeboy… leaving this stuff “to your elected officials” is how we got where we are. Why don’t you leave global politics to people who know more than you… such as Harry Belafonte.

  • Dwight S

    He’s just trying to come up! If he really was concerned he should’ve never publicly called them out without knowing their personal details. I bet if he wanted to sit down with them prior to making a little money off of slandering them, Jayz and Beyonce would have been honored to do it. Now they shouldn’t pay it any mind.

  • j

    Down with Harry Belafonte.

  • Jay-Z isnt obligated to do anything but make music, if he wants to be the saviour of black people, that’s on his on accord. Black people always use social responsibility as an excuse to be needy sometimes. If we really wanna change the world, we should change ourselves first and let the dominos fall after, we are always looking for leaders instead of being leaders ourselves and that makes us look bad and weak. It’s about time we stop looking for a handout and hating on successful people who don’t give it and start making opportunities for ourselves.

  • RonFloata

    First-of all, the latter paragraph is overly biased & makes it obvious tht Jay’s a stockholder on this site…..And I cnt really respect artist who speak elaborately about how their music drives culture & thn has one of their media outlets try to run damage control whn one of the elders of the community makes a real point about where the cultures bein driven…..bottom line is black artist dnt want to speak about the issues in our communities bc corporate sponsors are watching wht tht say…bt why?….bc wht artist say is the only thing tht matters more thn their monetary influence(I.e there is no continuous hype to buy Pepsi without an artist to endorse-it) so i-ask…why do artist giv a fuq about bein politically correct like a lobbyist politician anyway?….bc thy-are….bc thy all shake hands and except corporate sponsors like politicians feelin more exclusive thn us, all-the while steerin the minds of people into deeper negativity…..smh…..we need our artist bc, these businessmen are full of smoke&mirrors…..#jsmythoughts…..

  • Normal

    WAKE UP. Support the REAL. Listen to what they’re saying. What they do for us. Some people sell out for money. SImple as that. Rap Radar is pathetic. I can’t believe an entire paragraph was written against a civil rights activists such as Belafonte. Do you realize that those events happened a mere 40-50 years ago? Yet people act like the battle is over. People are so unintelligent now it’s staggering. People are so easily influence as well. It’s almost like we’re being hypnotized. Our true leaders need support yet you rather go pay 100$ for a Jay-Z concert? “They don’t give a FUCK about us.”

  • Normal

    Honestly. FUCK RAP. Besides J cole and Kendrick. There is no hope. People like Jay are nothing but cowards. He’s so self absored he doesn’t care about anyone elses struggles. i mean he’s the DRUG DEALER who HUSTLED his way to the top. He’s nothing more than a monster. And he knows it

  • Cosign

    “Ayo, kill that whole second paragraph, because Harry Belafonte the whole reason a Jay-Z can EXIST.”

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  • Its funny that B.Dot says all this, but he is a person that has received government grants and loans in order to attend Delaware State University, so that he could get a degree. The peoples tax dollars is what put you through college Brian, not your mother or your father. Of course they could not afford it being that you grew up on the South Side of Jamaica, Queens. Paying taxes is clarified as Social Responsibility sir, something you have benefited from during your college years every time you swiped your meal plan ID Card.

    Now that your associated with Jay-Z and he businesses you want to flip the switch and go a different way, im not mad at you but it also says a lot about who you truly are brother.

  • Fucking With Muggsy B

    Damn @muggsy B just laid the game flat!

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