DMX Arrest Footage In SC


Every dog has its day. But in this case of the X, it’s another run-in with the law. Last Friday, it was reported that DMX was arrested for a D.U.I. in SC. His publicist denied the claim stating he passed the breathalyzer test and was only charged for driving with a suspended license— again

Anywho, TMZ has the dash cam footage of the intoxicated rapper’s bust and the trip to the station.

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  • Black Shady

    this nigga i swear…

  • Easton West

    Those were some of the worst tactics i have ever seen by a cop. He should be fired:

    -walked right up to window instead of being post
    -flashlight in right hand when thats his gun side, light should be in left hand always
    -let DMX smoke a stoge and worse, let him reach into his pocket
    -left his body facing traffic and not tactical when speaking to X, X could have pushed him into traffic

  • LR

    is that a station wagon?

  • Evil

    Easton West
    Ever thought about being a cop? Lol

    DMX needs to his shit together or he will die early.

  • Ghost

    Talk about fall from grace! Dudes life is a wreck, 42 years old still walking around with oversize clothes and driving a station wagon in SC…..SMH

  • Rozay

    2 questions?

    Why is DMX driving a Plymouth Volare?
    Why is DMX looking like Wood Harris?

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Damnnnn come on X

  • Donn

    They trynna set him up to be killed, the media is in on it. Same way they did Whitney and Michael. Destroy your image so when u do die they say I expected this

  • Chronic

    @easton west

    So you’re mad that a cop wasnt a complete douchebag and wasnt blowing a situation out of proportion?

  • Obama

    The fuck is he driving!?!?!

  • df

    dmx get it together bro stop blaming people for your problems

  • slick

    why do x quote the bible all the time when he has no intentions of living righteous?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just sad.


    this nigga x driving homer simpsons whip

  • Drake Stole Lil Wayne’s Jeggins

    ARF ARF ARF grrrrr

  • Yoddle

    Niggas talking about him wearing baggy clothes. Thank God he is, instead all of that skinny jean shit with a lime green shirt smh. niggas now days

  • @Donn please don’t try to compare DMX to Whitney Houston and/or Michael Jackson. As you see in the footage, he was not driving straight as he was drifting. I totally can see why he was stopped.

    @EastonWest I would totally agree with you sir. The officer put himself at risk.

    @Chronic There is a difference between “following correct protocol” and “blowing things out of proportion.” This officer put his life at risk. Had DMX decided that he wanted to be “free” of the officer at that moment, ugly things could have transpired for the officer.

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    I must be seeing things but did the officer really put X in the passenger side?!??

  • 456 headCrAcK

    WHAT they really want from a nigga

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  • StarFox64

    the station wagon is a ’79 though, this dude musta took his granny’s whip..

  • C R A C K H E A D (4) L I F E

  • T

    SMH…here we go again.

    “He PASSED a test…”

    You’re welcome.

  • ser

    this man gets too many chances.

  • slick

    all the records that man sold and he’s driving a station wagon?

  • thirdeyijimmy

    one of the best artist in history but someone please lock this nigga up for his own good! sometimes you need them bars to remind you how real life is.



    They purposely on him, on some illuminati shit. cuz he exposed them. So they bate him, like they did to other celebs they destroyed, now they try to get him embarassed and lock him up every chance they get. Clearly.

    Poor X man. he’s slippin.

    How’s it goin down tho ?!!!!

    What these bitches want from a nigga…..

    Lord give him a sign.


    like….The heat, is on..

    It’s On….

    I still believe he will be back in one piece with a grande finale.

  • Realniggashit

    DMX please get better bro