New Music: Pete Rock x Camp Lo Ft. Ab-Soul “Don’t You Just Love It”


We sure do. In support of their joint tape, 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Pt. II, Pete Rock, Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba hook up with Ab-Soul for their collabo. Download the tape after the jump. Pete tells SPIN:

“My experience with Ab-Soul was extraordinary! We got at each other on Twitter and kind of developed a lil something there and that was the beginning of our first meeting. When he came to New York he came by the studio while I was working on 80 Blocks. We were already discussing working with each other and he ended up liking a song he heard [that] I did for Camp Lo and I asked him if [he] would rock on something and he immediately picked ‘Don’t Ya Just Love It.’ It was dope as he already knew the history of Camp Lo and was a fan and did it with no hesitation. He also played me his new album and I was blown away by his talent.”

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  • Chronic

    Dope, ab kills it

  • 456 headCrAcK

    wow Camp lo ??

  • Black Shady


  • Jessie

    I’m wit it

  • ab is unique !! really unique style i guess it either youlive it or hate but in my opinion hes well in front of many rappers !! lyrically talented too with a wicked flow !

    its rare to get true hard lyrics like him in the game i guess this its similar to this

  • Del

    where these guys been? dope

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  • The Brain Trust

    Wooo. They all spazzed.

    Dope contribution from Soulo

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    That true Hip-Hop, unadulterated dope shit. Fuck complaining, make brand new shit, push the fake shit to the side and leave that b.s to the culture vultures, lead and they’ll have no choice but to follow.


  • HK

    dope but considering the condition of Spain’s economy, it may not be the best place for their off-shore accts

  • Yung

    ab soul sound like this nigga

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