Lil Wayne Brings Out Drake In Buffalo


Buffalo welcomed Lil Wayne at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center last night for his America’s Most Wanted tour. During Tune’s set, he brought out Drake for his “Versace” verse. YMCMB 4 life!


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  • HOL UP

    I refuse to believe this is the best or only available footage of this…every blog is posting it and it’s garbage…do better rap blogs…do better

  • Midsize Jerm

    They have so many tracks together, why just bring him out for an irrelevant freestyle?

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  • 456 headCrAcK

    lucky ass lol rumor was drake was leavin


    blogs thirsty for drake

  • Degrassi runs the blogs, because everyone knows his fans are little kids who got nothing better to do than google drake all day. Go do some searches on history and the world around you. You’ll be a better and smarter person at the end of the day and feel more fulfilled.

  • hot trash

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  • Capricorn Religion

    God damn….

    That was a QUICK PR movie Young Money. Lol.

    Calm down those “Drake is leaving” rumors after that Nicki interview

  • What’s the point of even posting this video?

  • Black Shady

    Just when you thought Drake was leaving those weirdos….damn it!

  • young nino

    great quality keep up the good work

  • MikeB


  • Mr Real Talk

    Why do people want drake to leave young money so damn bad lol aint like the music gonna change… Stop hating on the best label to do it Cash Money baby!!! —>

  • sean

    lil Wayne cash cow lil wayne is not let him retire

  • DK

    Drake would have so much more credibility if he left YMCMB, too. The whole “him having talent” thing makes him stick out like a sore thumb in that pack of shortbus rappers.

  • mike

    Great, buffalo in the news for something! 716

  • Rah hill

    Drake should leave YMCMD.

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  • Dom

    I was there in the 9th row! Lil Wayne had Birdman already on stage performing with him. Then he said him and Birdman started from the bottom and asked the crowd “how that song go again?” Then the song started and Drake came out on the mic. Then they did bitches love me and then drake did versace. Obviously this is a statement to the doubters of unity in YMCMB and to build hype for OVO fest next weekend (where Day 1 of OVO fest is cancelled due to Frank Ocean’s vocal injury).

    1 love T.O. Can’t wait for OVO fest and nothing was the same.. I bet Kendrick and Cole and the Weeknd will be there! At minimum Drake’s showing up at Kendrick’s show in Toronto this Friday! So excited!

  • Mr Real Talk
  • Huh

    Same people on here saying drake should leave would be the same ones saying he has no loyalty for leaving

  • Northwest

    Someone need to have Jay or Drake sign this kid the kid is making the type of music KANYE should be making

  • yeemjay

    man people theses days I swear smh, why would he want to leave? He’s a rapper that’s about his business the dude ain’t got no worries.

  • Facts

    @ Dom

    You’re officially the biggest faggot on planet earth

  • Friz

    Worst video posted in history.

    Love Drake but why do all of his performances include background vocals? What, you can’t find the instrumental? This is why rap performances are so wack.

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