• JustMyOpinion

    *face palm*


    Nice beat but….

    Why so many cuts tho? Kills my vibe evertime i think of nodding my head.

    Different ain’t always good.

    2 Black Thumbs Down

  • J Smoove

    Da fuck is this shit? SMH

  • hands

    horribly edited

  • Soonami

    DAMN… Atlantic is gonna fuck this shit up. SMDH


    They Let a Fiend Edit that Joint off a Mac Book …Hot Damn …I Aint Watching No More of their Videos Ever Past Present and Future

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  • TheTruth

    I made it to 1:31. I can’t. Who ever edited that shit should be fired!

  • Lostprodigy

    CeeLo man leave them beans alone I know this shit was your idea album better be at least decent because of this video I will be bootlegging the album.

  • Just Saying

    Not liking Cee-Lo’s 2013 vision of Goodie Mob. Video could’ve been way better without the ADD video editing. I’d hate for this to be someone’s first introduction to Goodie Mob and miss the greatness of the group.

  • Chicago Joe

    This video is horrible. I can’t get into the song at all because of the ridiculous cuts away from the actual lyrics. Who approved this trash? If Goodie Mob approved the final version of this video it must mean that they don’t care about their careers.

    This video has effectively destroyed any interest I had in listening to their new music. It is quite obvious Goodie Mob does not care if fans or future fans hear their words. This is Hip Hop where lyrics are much more important than a “groundbreaking” video.

    Who approved this trash? It’s disrespectful to Hip Hop and it’s disrespectful to rap.

  • 456 headCrAcK

  • thirdeyijimmy

    song prolly dope but know one will ever know with all these damn cuts in it…wtf?

  • DJ Game

    what is this stupidity?

  • NovaKaine

    I run a indie label who puts out better quality videos maybe i shouldnt of expected so much

  • SuperSim

    Revolutionaries..the theme was clear as day. and the unique format wont be pleasing to all, but its an acquired taste and something new to take from and grow. Goodie Mob nuff nuff Props. Gone!

  • SuperSim
  • Song sounds dope but I couldn’t get into it because of all the cuts.

  • Realniggashit

    WTF did i just watch man you do something like dat for the trailer leading up to the video also who signed off on this shit?

  • Coney

    Props to anybody that watched this all the way thru cuz i couldn’t. Song sounds dope but you would never know it from this horrible video. Makes no sense whatesoever

  • LikeJordan45

    Wow I thought this was dope as FUCK lmao guess I’m in the minority…salute to the Mob

  • I like the video, reminds me of cell therapy. I like the cuts too because its DIFFERENT. I dont recall a rap video done the same. I think they are making a big statement that they are going against the norm like they did years I got when Soul Food came out. Hopefully the album will remain different. And maybe the full song on the able for this video will be without the cuts. I think it will be and in that case again i love the creativity.

    reverbnation.com/spitfie (plug) 🙂