Robin Thicke Returns To Breakfast Club


Robin swung by Power 105 and announced Blurred Lines as the title for his forthcoming album. He also spoke on the title track, JT comparisons, his lovely wife Paula Patton and more.

UPDATE: Back with Power 105, Robin discusses his new album, Blurred Lines, working with T.I. and Pharrell, the success and controversy with the the single and more.

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  • Uh-oh

    He’s fucking cool.

  • Facts

    WackRadar ?

  • COOL..

    Robin thicke is the man

  • STFU

    Johnny Knoxville?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great interview with Robin Thicke.

  • StarFox64

    lmao this guy is def. pissed at how justin timberlake releases some shit with jay z and is all of a sudden a sensation again with a platinum album..

  • The Wise

    justin timberlake deffinetly took his style an hopped the fence with it! lmao
    u can hear it all thru jts album hes deffinetly no robin thicke..can believe he got away with biting this guys music so hard and still goin platinum

  • Gaz

    JT didn’t steal anything from him. JT has had that singing style for a very long time, always sings in falsetto. And ahh.. It’s double Plat… in less than a month…. so there’s you answer

  • very wise to write 🙂

  • troof

    JT still has no #1 song this year

  • Enzo

    @ troof
    But he has the best-selling album this year so far, so what’s your point ?
    By the way, JT sings better than this skunk.

  • Great interview. As a long time fan of Robin, I’m glad this single took over the charts and he’s finally enjoying the success that he deserves.

    Sidenote: I Wish people would stop comparing Robin Thicke & Justin Timberlake and @Troof – Justin Timberlake has the best-selling album this year.

  • allanté, the new one

    paula patton must got the holy grail in her box this nigga was blushing whole time he was talkin about her.

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  • Northwest

    Someone need to have Jay or Drake sign this kid the kid is making the type of music KANYE should be making

  • WhoaDere

    This dude is cool as fuck. He’s genuine and deserves all the success that comes his way. Bless him.