B.Dot Calls QDeezy On Hot 107.9


Black? Disenfranchised? Kids crying? Blame Jay-Z!  In the wake of the on going controversy surrounding Jay-Z and Harry Belafonte, yours truly called Qdeezy’s show on Hot 107.9 in Philly. I also spoke to the good folks at VIBE about the hoopla.

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  • Trillionare

    When will the Jay-Z dickriding calm down? I thought it was bad when Ross dropped his cd…

  • JOHNYblaze

    Glad some one has gone at jay not saying he should prophetize but damn hes so topical its funny. Jay z is new money embodied.

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”


  • Carlito R.

    A Sports Writer also claimsed Jay Z is somehow responsible for the alleged criminal actions of Aaron Hernandez. Haha.

  • SpaceGhost

    I think that blacks who succeed SHOULD give back and attempt to find news ways to help inspire other black people to figure out how to get our people back on track to excellence and rebuke the habits that we have picked up from being integrated with the white race.

    WITH THAT SAID……IT IS NOT UP TO JAY-Z ALONE TO SAVE OR RESCUE BLACK PEOPLE FROM THIS MISEDUCATION AND SAVAGERY THAT WE HAVE BOUGHT INTO due to slavery and socioeconomic scripting that we have been programmed to participate in. The time that blacks are taking to discuss Jay-Z’s role in this issue is that the time that we should be taking to focus as individuals and as a people to find solutions to bring ourselves as a people back from the abyss!
    TOGETHER…along WITH Jay and Diddy and Harry Belafonte, and YOU, and ME, and ALL OF US!

    • B.Dot

      Good shit @SpaceGhost and @Johnny Ryall.

  • Johnny Ryall

    Dark Knight feeling, die and be a hero. Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

    Fuck it Jay buy that ounce from Chief Keef and flood these streets, and go full circle on they ass. Again it takes everyday people and lots of them. Jay is a recording artist with influence sure but he’s no savior besides ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s only entertainment, change happens locally. I work at a nine bed youth shelter, thats my contribution. Take care of you and yours and we’ll all be better off.

  • Nangamboko

    I know issues are discussed et al, but WTF with the panning? Like, WHAT THE FUCK? Which sound engineer mixed this interview? Shit gives me headaches.

  • sealey

    i agree with YN. It would be different if Jay profited as a non profit….if he was lying to us and saying “hey I’m here to be the black savior donate here”. If that was the case than yes we should hold him accountable. Jay has shown that you can still be yourself and succeed in America. That is what I got from his now famous ” my presence is charity” speech. Face it brothers that have succeed for the most part have lost their identity. Besides the color of their skin you couldn’t tell they were any different their white counterparts and that is sad. Black kids can see themselves in him and that is where the “gift”. A black kid CAN relate to “not spending your re-up” (have a savings) or “Scott Boras it’s over baby” (I’m here to out work you).

    The real blame should be placed on blacks elected into office that are not doing their jobs. Call up the House Reps and Congressman who have allowed Jay Z to have this much attention. Blame them for not fighting for better programs in struggling black communities. Blame them for the state of black America. They are the ones hired and getting paid by black supported tax dollars.

    Shout to Jay, Diddy and Russell (wearing a hat at corporate meetings). Not to mention the list of other millionaire blacks like Don Peebles (real estate) Linda Johnson-Rice and the likes.

  • That Guy

    @B. Dot.

    Your stance implies that every occupation is confined to a set of obligations, which you have taken upon yourself to define for an entertainer, that is, that a rap-star only has to make good music. Perhaps you have confounded obligations with what an occupation necessitates, and if the latter is concerned, then yes, being an entertainer only necessitates making music. Obligations however involve morals and so they are subjective and aren’t bounded to any one occupation.
    IF you think that entertainers don’t influence one’s image, attitude, life philosophy, etc, then stay content with your current beliefs. But, if you think otherwise, you should perhaps reevaluate them. It’s ok to dissent from your role model’s belief system. After all, you are B. Dot and he is Jay-z.

    I’ll leave you with this:

  • Honestly

    I’m rolling wit B.Dot. I ain’t out here askin Jay-Z for money I’m lookin at what he did to get his and doubling it. At some point giving charity turn into handouts. Help yourself nd stop worrying about who’s helping you… But that would mean being responsibl for our own fate… And ur scared of that

  • prai$e

    what the fuck is a b.dot? lol that nigga is in very deeply obsessed with the jigga man.

  • I think Harry Bellafonte tells a story in his book about trying to get Sidney Poiter more involved in activisim; Sidney said he was better suited at writing checks to help support the work of activists. I respect that; and apparently Harry respected that too. The difference between that exchange and the recent one between these two men is Harry approached Sidney as a man….respectfully… and Sidney responded in kind. We all human though so I forgive Harry for trying to recruit publicly and I forgive Jay for firing back in anger. Having said that….we all need to remember that since we don’t want anyone in “our pockets”, we should extend the same courtesy.

    I have been a participating activist (as opposed to a running my mouth activist) for over 40 years and the one thing I am certain of is this: While we choosing sides and deciding who is Blacker than thou or more socially responsible than thou, the real enemy is enjoying the side show. This is a winnable situation; let’s not try so damn hard to lose. @B.dot: Much respect for your university training and much more respect for your common sense.

  • TImeChange

    Good shit @SpaceGhost and @That Guy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jason Whitlock says Jay-Z is to blame for Aaron Hernandez. While were at it lets blame Jay-Z for the recent NBA & NFL lockout a few years ago.


  • StayingSchool

    A lot of the good or influential ventures & events Jay does do get overlooked or titled as “Publicity Stunts” anyways.. Colombine , 9/11, Water for life. He’s not out here claiming or bragging bout it so people might not know either

  • nocomment

    JayZ’s “response” in that Rap Radar interview and the line about “my presence is charity” shows that he completely does not understand what Harry Belafonte was saying in the first place. It definitely wasn’t about money, just use your voice every once and a while. I see that he’s still stuck in that Fade to Black, scared to speak his mind fully and freely mode.

    Jay did come out and support Trayvon Martin’s parents. But how about saying something about crooked laws in your hometown that allows for the legislated harassment of young black and latino people? But I guess kissing Bloomberg’s shoes so that he could perform on Letterman’s marquee is a higher priority.

  • John John

    The only thing I want Jay Z to do or be held responsible for is to keep putting out HOT SONGS! I don’t want him to start being an Activist.

  • kareem

    -____________________________________________________________- this nigga bryan…

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  • Dashing

    Sorry for the length, but B.Dot sparked some thoughts….

    First things first. This is an “obligation” only given to black celebrities. As B.Dot mentioned Spielberg isn’t obligated to help the Jewish community. Timberlake or Eminem aren’t obligated to help the white community. J.Lo or Pitbull aren’t obligated to help the Hispanic community. This is a distinctly black phenomenon..

    Secondly, there is no doubt that celebrities (including actors,athletes etc.) in many cases(particularly on the lower socioeconomic scale) have a larger impact on society as a whole than activists, leaders, teachers and that’s unfortunate. There are systemic institutional reasons that this takes place. But just because that happens doesn’t mean that artists are obligated to do anything. If Miley Cyrus wants to smoke weed and twerk that’s up to her, she has no obligation to pretend to be a different person because she’s perceived as an influencer. Now, if it hurts her financially and she loses fans for it, maybe she will, but that’s her choice. Likewise, Jay came into enterainment rapping about being an unabashed ex-drug dealer. He didn’t hide that. The fact the he attained astronomical levels of success shouldn’t change anything except the size of his bank account.

    Thirdly, he was right about saying his presence is charity. Because of the influence he yields Jay is viewed as a success story, not too different from Obama. He’s proof that you can rise out of the ghetto by doing what you have to do and you can attain high levels of success. In many ways that’s more influential in the long run than a writing a big check to the schools in Marcy. Not to mention that there are white folks who are growing up loving Jay Z, and Shaq and Snoop and Will Smith and in many ways that’s more helpful in impacting the perception of African Americans by whites than preaching weekly in the black community on pro-black issues.

    Fourthly, the notion that charity is obligated is inherently oxymoronic. Charity is charity. If it’s required it’s no longer giving. If it’s done to be seen, it’s not selfless. It’s good PR. Not to mention that Jay has been involved in a number of charities (as B.Dot mentioned) and many more undoubtedly that haven’t been made public and a lot of the folks complaining don’t give a cent of their money to charity at all.

    Fifthly, the notion that black people need to be saved by celebrities takes the onus off of the folks who should actually be working on behalf of the people. The people who WE PAY(via our taxes) to actually work to improve our communities: elected officials, leaders, teachers, administrators etc. Taking shots at Jay makes people feel good and gives them a sense that they don’t have to do the hard work of actually contacting your local elected officials and changing your community yourselves while simultaneously leaving those actually accountable blameless.

    Lastly, with all due respect to Harry Belafonte, it’s clear from his most recent comments on MSNBC that he didn’t mean to single out Jay and that his quotes were somewhat taken out of context. He came up in a different era where a heightened level of black social activism was simply part of life. But because of the great work he and others did, that level of work simply isn’t required today in the same way it was back then so it’s unfair to Jay to make that comparison. That’s the legacy that Harry Belafonte helped create for us today. That’s what we hoped would happen. The goal wasn’t to protest forever. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t issues that need to brought up and that things can’t still be improved greatly, but there aren’t sit-ins and protests that are based around the black community in the same manner as they once were. Likewise, Jay is today breaking barriers for black people, in a wholly distinct manner from the civil rights era but in a way that’s consistent with the time that we live in today while still managing to thrive as a successful businessman.

    In an ideal world black artists shouldn’t have to do anything specifically for the black community because the institutional inequities that exist have been eroded. Harry Belafonte has helped those inequities erode and Jay has too.

  • NovaKaine

    Your right its not Jay Z job to be a role model for anyone maybe its time for people to stop pointing fingers how about YOU as an individual regardless of race religion or background just get your shit together becuase its the right thing to do

  • B.Dot

    Damn, well said @Dashing. It baffles me how people are trying build a case against Jay-Z. Look at Detroit. The city has gon’ to hell. Is it Eminem’s “social responsibility” to bail out his hometown? I think not. He worked hard for his millions and however he sees fit to use them is his prerogative

  • 456 headCrAcK

    o shiznahyeeee

  • mac DIESEL

    Damn, well said @Dashing. It baffles me how people are trying build a case against Jay-Z. Look at Detroit. The city has gon’ to hell. Is it Eminem’s “social responsibility” to bail out his hometown? I think not. He worked hard for his millions and however he sees fit to use them is his prerogative


    Statement courtesy of RocNation Public Relations Rep. & Jay Z’s personal butler Brian “B.Dot” Miller


  • realness 718

    its funny when b dot says that jay doesnt have to publicize his charitable business. yet every chance he gets he boasts about owning a bullshit percentage of the nets, his stupid sports agent deals, live nation deals .. everything corporate and business. He is not obligated to do that shit since hes just a rapper yet he does this shit.. 43 and still confused about the stance he needs to take.. when you say your presence is charity use it then , if he can stop the culture from drinking chris and wearing throwbacks than his “presence” should be enough to help the society

  • I could tear @B Dot ‘s ignorant , incorrect “point” to pieces , but in the end let’s agree to disagree.

    The truth is B Dot has been flagrant with playing favorites & his stance which is bound in cement. Nothing will make him change or open his eyes. SO let B Dot believe what he wants. If B Dot thinks the moon is made of cheese , let him be and let US , the fans of hip hop, just enjoy the music

    Really, who the fuck cares about the opinion of a guy who chose Rick Ross back to back years as the “rapper of the year”.


    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lipstick on a pig don’t change a thing.

  • Hip-Hop

    Mac diesel ia such a tool. Here we go again. Sorry @P0is0nedKoolA but your opinion doesn’t count. Obviously Brian’s does, hence the reason why the radio station the reason why you’re commenting on his website on HIS post.

  • Hip-Hop

    Get off his dick.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Exactly, Get of his nuts. Clowns who wouldn’t do a damn thing for their OWN damn Children or Family wants to tell the next man what to do with his dollars and his time. It’s NOT his obligation. Who they NEED to direct their attention to the Government that takes DOLLARS out of YOUR check before YOU even get to touch it. It’s THEIR responsibility. Get the ELECTED OFFICIALS to do what THEY are ELECTED by the community to do. THAT IS THEIR JOBS……when you get THAT straight THEN you can start to look for ADDITIONAL help from a singer or entertainer.

  • yeaHOE

    Jay did not make his money in oil or real estate. He commodified the culture of the very people who he turns his back on. Hyper capitalism has NEVER been a friend to black people. Neither have politicians, Hollywood, or professional sports. Jay ingratiated himself into all that shit. His presence is an embarassment.

  • Hold UP

    @B.Dot Qdeezy said the great things Martin King has done for us you shouldve said and thats why he’s special… Is there any middle ground do what Martin Luther King has done for us and you will be remembered as a hero forever as you should be, Do evil and you will be villian as should be, but doing “nothing” (which in Jay’s case isnt true at all) Why should he be a villian. All this Capitalism mess is sickening people make products others need or want and they get paid for it what i so wrong with this?

  • get off ur ass

    Black folk need 2get off their ass n get there own. Niggaz dnt even take care they mom n kids but want a stranger 2 let em hold sumthing. Wanna hold sumthing hold my dick. If u aint work 4 it then dnt ask its 2013. Ppl like mlk n malcolm,bobby steel huey newton lost they lives for change n niggaz cnt take advantage of the times foh! Its 2013 be a example n make a way. stop waiting 4the next man who found his way 2 open up a lane. Greats already done dat. get off ur ass n stop complain

  • realness718

    THIS THE DUMB SHIT ABOUT SOME PEOPLE IGNORAMOUS COMMENTS. they yell black people need to do shit for them selves… true… but this shit is not even a black issue… this is a real issue as far as a persons stance on the country.. period.. all this do ur own shit talk sounds wild ignorant

  • b dot wanna be blue ivy so bad

  • B.Dot


  • yeaHOE says:
    Thursday, August 01 2013 at 10:42 PM EST
    Jay did not make his money in oil or real estate. He commodified the culture of the very people who he turns his back on. Hyper capitalism has NEVER been a friend to black people. Neither have politicians, Hollywood, or professional sports. Jay ingratiated himself into all that shit. His presence is an embarassment.

    @yeaHOE Jay may have made money off black people but it was black people who bought into him, Jay had something to offer and it was sold so he did as his occupation required, anything outside of that is either on his own accord or to further his wallet. the problem with us (black people) is that we always want the handout, we don’t want to get out our asses get it ourselves, we are the worst kind of sheep cos we always want the shepherd. its 2013, it’s about time we stop looking at celebrities for help and be leaders and demand the people who are actually suppose to help their communities to get their shit together

  • StarFox64

    the back of timbalands head looks like a ysl belt buckle…

  • rillmerch

    To each his own


  • Shit reminds me of that Dave Chappelle stand up where he was saying how crazy it was that people were talking to Ja Rule about 9/11, like we should care what that nigga had to say LOL

    “Where’s Ja!”

    Seriously though, and Hov said it best himself, his presence is charity. Just the fact a nigga like him, from the slums, can rub shoulders with the President is enough to influence and motivate any nigga with some sense. All that other shit, is just that….other shit


    jay z is old

    jay z is old af

    jay z aint made a classic album since 2004

    jay z is the most ass kissed rapper of all time

    jay z lost to nas

    jay z needed kanye since blueprint to make him hits

    jay z aint got half the fame in the world that beyonce does