• Jack Hoff

    All Me – Drake

  • Mr.November

    That was fast as hell lol

  • productofme

    ill take the Kardi track

  • Belize

    this was me and my trini ni99az summer jam when this dropped

  • NovaKaine

    Wait breakz is kardinal official????

  • Ramelo

    Funny how this joint is still better than any song Drake has ever made

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  • 456 headCrAcK

    o shiznahyeeee

  • @SelectahSnipa

    This will ALWAYS bang!!!

  • sean

    you notice 10 year before kanye kardi used that sample


    Old Old Time Killliiiinnnn Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Fuckin dope.
    Hip Hop lame as fuck this decade.

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