• Tev Milli

    Bout Motherfuckin time….
    Thats all I got 2 say

  • Joe Isuzu

    Jesus…Sean bodied it. Good move Drizzy!!!

  • Tev Milli

    Drake was goin in @ the end tho…..
    Thats all I got 2 say

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic


  • k

  • atown Zip

    yal mad at 2chainz for his usual 2chainz verse. Fuckouttahere
    Big Sean got Drake. Over all, shit was typical status quo joint for the radio. I bang with it.

    and you will too, when you’re done hating.

  • It’s the roc

    Not bad, not as wowed as i was expecting to be by drakes second single, but i can dig it. The beat was pretty cool, the drake verse is okay but isn’t as good as everybody will make it out to be, neither is the big sean verse, the song overall has a cool feel, and this song will be immensely successful because of the popularity of the artists involved. Another day, another dollar.

  • Shamba Menelek

    Might need time but this just aint for me. For some reason I cant dig Drakes bragging.. I dont know itf its his voice, the type of person its coming from or how egotistical it sounds. And the emotional singing shit.. again I dont know why but I cant digg it coming from Drake it comes off Drama Queen ish to me rather than soulful. “Its Fuck u on your side well its Fuck u on this side” Shit rubbs me the wrong way in an unpleasing, disturbing way.

    But I guess if your a drake fan yall like it.

  • Kali

    not feeling this,still looking forward to the Album tho

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  • obakeng

    Mr platinum in a week iz back!

  • this song is dope homie 2chainz doing it #drizzy

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Ehh… it was okay I guess, I expected much better from these three doing a song together. But of course the dick riders will arise for this one though just because Drake is in it. smh

  • The

    This aight honestly I think drake is nervous waiting all this time to drop some heat already dropped for this year don’t think this is hating he got some by records in the stash like this one for example big names his verses was nothing spectacular honestly but I played it on my phone so that has to be to taken in consideration but what I do know is the order of best verse…Sean murkier this shit sounded like chains flow a little then Titty boy he had some funny lines lastly Aubry…

  • troofa

    big sean using wiz khalifa flows. this is was ok

  • TruthBeTold

    Real niggas won’t listen to music until that GTA V comes out

  • itsMe

    Damn this is not good ….smh

  • bcro28

    its okay, but I really expected more.

  • StarFox64

    didn’t think i’d say this about drake’s second single but, wack as fuck..

  • DeezNuts

    cool song but i don’t know

  • StarFox64

    “if having a bad bitch was a crime i’d be arrested”…damn son 2 chainz goes EXTRA hard b

  • King


  • Tbones

    LAMO @ STARFOX64 getting all wet cos of a simple ass, kindergarten line by 2 chainz. This nigga prolly a lil bitch.

  • steezy baby


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  • Tev Milli

    ^^we heard u the 1st time, U posted the same shit on Rap-Up but change your name…..
    That’s all I got 2 say

  • Nangamboko

    This song goes OVER you. Doesn’t go thru you.

  • awww shit

    this shit is okay at best but drake is mad about something u can hear it at the end

  • TJP

    Garbage – ain’t nothing we’ve already heard before.

    I can’t believe MC’s with limited creativity sell more these days.

  • Ymnbc

    The Zimmerman blck out pic sums what these drake stans look like when he drops any record! Smdh!

  • Chronic

    How can you hate on this, cool beat and some straight verses. Big sean goes too hard on his features

  • Respect

    why big sean sooooo off beat, c’mon drake you dont need weak features

  • OOPH

    So all y’all gonna just sit there and act like Drake hasn’t been using J.Cole’s flow? Okay..

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  • Original Ty

    Somebody needs to tell Drake he doesn’t just have to sing hooks. Cause the last couple (No New Friends and this one) have been a little off, and to me a song this routine could really use a harder hook. Just my opinion.

    Probably has much more heat on the album though.

  • Realniggashit

    I fucks with it

  • Regular Guy

    My man Sean killin’ lately.

  • Understand me

    I dont even blog, but I had to say something after reading some of these comments. I cant understand how anyone could really say Drake is wack. He gets it. He followed Hov’s blueprint. He put on all the new generation of rap with giving them tour spots and co-signing them early before they blew up. J. Cole, Kendrick, 2 chainz, Asap, etc. Every song he is talking about his real life and at the same time sneak dissing like Hov. Excluding Hov and Ye, he is the biggest artist clearly. Hov even told you in the YN interview. This song is going to be big too. What was the last Drake song that was wack? Every song he has dropped has been hot, even a verse for versace is worldwide. I guess its supposed to be ying and yang, but come on son

  • Black Shady

    Before I pressed play – OH SHIT THIS GON BE THE SUMMER ANTHEM

    After playing it – Cool song. Not what I expected from Drake for his 2nd single. still good. beat goes!

  • what?

    These bastards need to practice flow. Off key like a mother! Sorry but i just cant enjoy it when you mess up the rhythm.

  • Love It! I agree with Black Shady though, it’s not what I expected from Drake for his 2nd Single. I thought Big Sean may have had the hardest verse. Looking forward to the album.

  • Cemal

    @Understand me… fucking co-sign… truer words havent beens spoken here, but this song is a big disappointment for a drake feature… this isnt even worth being a bonus cut on the album… he should just give it to chainz

  • iDSGB

    Drake have the loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngest verses in hip hop history! Solid song none the less.

  • iDSGB

    I meant longest hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooks, my bad.

  • dmc

    same song, different beat…

  • Dashing

    I’m glad to see that a lot of the comments reflect what I thought when I first heard this. It’s cool and the hook is catchy (as always) but it’s nothing crazy. I think the reason “No New Friends” and this joint don’t quite bang like or a lot of his other joints is cause he’s starting to sound formulaic. Maybe he should blame DJ Khaled (I’m on One, No New Friends) and Wayne (She Will, Love Me) for requesting him to keep them hot by replicating his formula for them but all of the shit is starting to blend together. The “Jodeci freestyle” and the Versace joint work cause they don’t follow the same formula that he’s always doing (same basic flow, sung hook over spare ambient beat…)

    I’m still eager to see what his album is gonna sound like, but less hopeful than I was before. Say what you will about Yeezus(I don’t fuxx wit it), but it’s got an original sound. MCHG feels like a throwback to old Jay. Cole has his own sound too,throwback as well, that don’t sound like everything else out. Even Wale brought in some old school soul/R&B on his project that doesn’t sound like everything else that’s out now.

    Maybe Drake’s a victim of his own success. There are a lot of Drake imitators (e.g that Fab and Chris Brown record) out there and when that happens you gotta come up with some new shit. This shit just aint it. The fact that 2 Chainz (wack verse) and Big Sean (solid verse, but offbeat at times) are on it only makes it seem even more cliched since it continues the trends of the same 3 labels dominating the radio waves (YMCMB, G.O.O.D and MMG).

    That said the hook’s catchy, it’s a Drake record, and the beat bangs so it’ll get spins and probably go platinum.

  • WelcomeOVO


  • LOL

    this shit weak b, we got joints like 5. AM and we get this crap?

  • FTW

    wonder if drake ever paid sean for stealing… uh i mean… using his style all these years?

    shit, i’d think sean at least deserves some of the publishing.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    This shot goes hard after chains and drake’s verse. Big Sean killed-ed it. Then drake at the end was nice too. Hook was eh, though.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl sean sounded waaay to much like soulja boy in the beginning

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    i really dont like how people dick ride drake and make out anything he drops is amazing. i mean keep it real what is this shit.

  • Rozay

    It’s funny to think the nigga from Degrassi in the wheelchair is one of the biggest stars in hip hop, let that sink in for a second, because it’s the truth.

  • Rozay


    Even the people who can’t stand Drake can’t front on him anymore, this nigga is the truth, hit after hit after hit, definitely Jay Z’s biggest competition right now, Cole is nice but Drizzy got next, and I didn’t forget about Kendrick either, but Drake got him at the moment.

  • The Real Truth

    Big Sean is terrible

  • smfh

    throw it in the trash this shit garbage

  • mikeyc

    Hate em or love em, YMCMB is always in the headlines and always coming out with a potential great hit…

  • SpaceGhost

    Let’s be honest. After Magna Carta: Holy Grail, the standard has been raised. Along with Kendrick’s album and Kanye……hell even J. Cole. Not to mention, Jay Electronica saying he’s up next. Then Birdman claiming that Drake’s new stuff was gonna change the game……the pressure was too great for this song to ever win. It’s just a normal southern rap song though, nothing special and yes, Big Sean blew this thing to smithereens.

    With that said, “Started From The Bottom” did more to make me believe that Drake was gonna shift the game in a better direction, but the other songs he has dropped in between that and this have caused me to think otherwise. Maybe it’s too much to expect, but hey in the meantime, I still have Ol’ Faithful to rock to JAY Z.

  • Davirus212

    Can we stop with 2 chainz??? It was ok at first but now it’s just annoying. No one is looking for your features and you’re ruining these songs. i.e. all gold everything remix

  • A

    SEAN KILLED THIS. Holy shit!

  • Pridd

    After readin about half of these comments, its safe to say…. Smh……… Hip Hop Fans done turned n2 A&R’s……..

  • trizzy

    Same dudes being all critical & saying its not what they expected… will be the same dudes singing this record in about 3 weeks.

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  • realtalk

    lol @ drake big sean or kendrick. those the young bucks. the big dogs of the game right now is kanye jayz eminem lil wayne and ross. thats it

  • DK


    MCHG was only a listenable album because of its production. Jay had very little to do with any good aspects of it. His flow was tired, and the subject matter oftentimes didn’t stray much from “I’m richer than you AND your favorite rapper.

    Also, not that I don’t agree with Birdman on this particular statement, because I do genuinely think we’re gonna get a fresh type of sound from ‘Nothing Was The Same’, but Birdman saying it shouldn’t sway anyone’s opinion one way or the other. Birdman just says shit, mainly for press.

    As much as I hate to admit it, Big Sean’s been seriously impressing me lately, and this is coming from someone who found him insufferable a year ago.

    Oh, and this song’s alright; kind of a step down from a lot of what Drake’s been releasing lately, especially compared to “5am” and “Jodeci Freestyle.”

  • HOV




    (75% of ppl who who commented will add to their playlist)

  • jake

    Drake have been releasing some average ass music lately. This song doesn’t come close to Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, BAD or Power Trip. All the verses are average. I used to being blown away by Drake singles or music in general but lately I haven’t been feeling it. His songs are starting to be repetitive, shit sound the same.

  • Genesis

    Drake is nice….. Nothing more to say….

  • Officer Rozay


    Take a hike 2 Chainz

  • koa29

    Imo, that “Fire” joint by Big Sean is the Song of the year so far. I think Hall of Fame is going to be >>>>>> NWTS

  • pedro

    always the same shit over and over #wack

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    dope single…it’ll definitely get huge radio play….

    Check out Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram

  • StarFox64

    any1 saying this shit is hot is real suspect,nothing about this song flows..

  • NovaKaine

    Always the same damn collabs

  • @Kickassmdupont

    Drake loves Big Sean, sound just like him. big Sean write this verse? sounds like Sean wrote Drakes verse on Versace too… its weird.

  • watchthethrone


  • steezy baby


  • the future

    this is very underwhelming

  • Pedro


  • Tev Milli

    @steezy baby how exactly do I sound salty???….
    And I recognize that wack ass grammer…
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • vomit


  • Dom

    Look at all these haters.. no matter what you think its going platinum! This is exactly why drake sounds so pissed in these recent verses (my junior and senior will only get meaner). You can’t deny drake’s hot right now and its his game to lose. The beat is tight and has a cruisin in Toronto feel. He knows that T.O sound is the way to make the hits. And if the album sucks its only because nothing can keep up with the crazy level of hype he’s built up to now! If he blows OVO Fest out of the park, that album IS doing a million first week.

  • dsunn723

    2chains verse bubu

  • D!A!E!

    How can you have a song called ‘ALL ME’, and then turn around and feature 2 other niggas?

  • Mugen

    Big Sean’s verse would be worth something if he was on beat.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis



  • Gayke

    Why is everyone always wasting their time commenting and listening to fucking Drake’s songs? He is a sick mental case. His music isn’t good.

  • @understand me you’re right homie

    Meeks version will be better..

  • tlox

    nigga don’t watch that…All Me for real…touch at ’86 bars are crazy

  • Lyrically probably one of 2 Chainz best cuts beat is hot Sean went in Drake did his usual thing pretty good one right here. IFWT.