• I definitely though Paul Wall was done! It’s good to hear him making a comeback. He’s still rapping about the same stuff

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  • Dc

    Dude was so much better when he was fat.

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  • kef

    paul wall becoming a fucking junkie. he gonna be cooking up soon then shooting up.

  • rahrahrah

    This is like warmed over death.

  • Eazy

    Im from texas, but this is trash!

  • The Wise

    Famn jus when i thought paul was gettin back to making good music after his feature with yelawolf was too dope! This was not what i was hopeing for

  • John Cusack

    This sounds like Juicy J

  • Obama

    @juicegodbeats Wait so you thought this dude fell off until you heard this fucking garbage?! An now what? You think it’s on an popping for him now?!

  • MadShot

    I heard that kind of beat like 99 times in 2012 or 2013.
    Can we get some original stuff please ?