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  • rahrahrah

    “I talked to Teddy and Jimmy Henchman..”,

  • kill it B

    Deb is a fucking G….in every single sense of the word! She got her head n right and definitely aint no fly by night person….this chick been behind the scenes for yearsssssssssssss, how real gangstas move, IN SILENCE!

  • kill it B

    ^^head ON right

  • 456 headCrAcK

    neglecting Oj is exactly wtf is goin on

  • Black Shady

    She too real! and lmao at French Montana not being loyal. Not surprised!
    I wonder whats that “agreement” they have with French lmao…probably with him using the name. Nigga’s cuttin checks to them LMAO

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This was good interview with Waka Flocka Mama. I didnt know was from Queens from NY.

  • Trillionare

    This was one of the Best Breakfast Club Interviews Ive seen… She dropped so many Gems!!! And as a female she gets double my respects for doing her thing!!!!!!

  • The Truth

    I’ve met Debra on numerous occasions and i can attest to her realness. She’s a rare breed.

  • http://www.thetalkingdrum.com Zayd Malik Shakur

    Rare is the music business in 2013. And that is why people try to soil her name because she is open and honest.

    Much respect to Debra Antney.

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  • Mag

    Didn’t french own family do his pops dirty. Where you think french learned to snake.

  • the ripper

    Deb reminds me of my late Aunt (Sandra)… she is just a real ass person. She is just straight business!!!