Kanye West Remixes The Canyons Trailer


Returning the favor to Bret Easton Ellis for directing his American Pyscho-inspired promo for Yeezus, Kanye and his design company DONDA put their spin on the trailer for The Canyons.

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  • For Real

    Horrible. Whoever mixed and/or edited this sound and picture, SUCKED.

  • x

    Honestly, that was really kinda amateurish. It looked like the trailer to a Youtube movie, or something to promote a Sundance contestant 10 years ago.

  • Mr.November

    It wasnt bad, its the movie thats horrible. the mixing too yeah. But i see what they were doing. Imagine taking best parts of a horrible movie lol, you only got so many highlights.

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  • dopeaom

    Man.. this was bad. The music was too lout, the scenes looked amateurish and colored names looked like kids playing and impossible to read.

  • prettynana43

    Ye was going for WEIRD,Different, think outside the box and thats ECACTLY WHAT HE GAVE US. IS IT STRANGE,,,YES!,,,DOES KANYE GIVE A FCUK?,,,NO!!!!! *I still like his Crazy Minded Music!* So what if he is ARROGANT N A D*CK SOMETIMES,,,CANT TAKE AWAY THE FACT THAT HE IS LYRICALLY AND ARTISTICLY INCLINED!

  • prettynana43


  • (o_o)

    this sucked. what was the point of it?

  • Cemal

    i actually liked it

  • rillmerch

    i guess i wouldnt mind checking out this movie…. “move on, nothing else to see hear”


  • yeye

    lets take a step back for a minute…

    kanye has 7 studio albums, 6 of which debuted at the #1 spot on the charts. he’s also worth millions. clear audio quality is EASILY attainable by this dude, and if it wasn’t readily available, he could sure as hell afford the equipment to make it so.

    do you honestly think that this “loud” audio quality isn’t intentional? (take another step back and relisten to yeezus if you think that kanye didn’t know his sounds were clipping)

    as far as the video, this just looks like a shitty movie. i thought the trailer was decent but all of the clips seemed to be within 15 minutes of each other in the actual movie…maybe some more content would have been more enticing