New Video: Big Sean “Fire”


As it continues to heat up for the release of Hall of Fame on August 27, things go up in smoke in Big Sean’s new music video. Miley’s looking pretty hot, but there’s no twerking this time around.


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  • 456 headCrAcK

    shit is FIRE ..Miley was a good look but he could’ve at least showed holis face b ???

  • Da Business

    Not sure about the video but I fux w/ the song.

  • V

    This shit LIGHTTTT!!!

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  • (o_o)

    big sean is wack

  • Dashing


    I’d rather see Naya.

  • jimmythirdeyi

    the song already garbage and now this?…the fuck is G.O.O.D doin over there?

  • Black Shady

    Miley is screaming for some black dick

  • drew

    4th average single…Miley for the gimmick I smell a flop comin Sorry Sean Uncle Ye can’t save ya from this sophomore jinx

  • shoot’em up bang bang

    DAMN! i see people pay attention. song is ok, but whoever had this idea for the video should not be trusted again!!!!

  • daff

    Like the song but not sure how the video relates.

  • Isis

    Call me a hater….but I don’t get the Miley hype. Smart marketing tactic though…I guess??

  • MR.MZO

    Shits Weak nigga!

  • LikeJordan45

    HATED IT….Damon Wayans shit

  • Musikal

    I like Sean but I am not feeling any songs that came out for this album. Detroit was dope tho.

  • Mr.November

    Just had her moving around a little lol. At least make a hot video, I mean all niggas wanna see these days is ass jigglin, the fuck you got Miley NOT twerkin for?

    He gonna get a lot of love on MTV…

  • It’s the roc

    This was the worst possible video they could have made for this song. Why?


    As a Huge BIg Sean Fan I can’t put my thumbs up for this. At all.

    The song is just aight. Sounds like a kanye record from 2004. Extremely repetitive, shoulda kept the ‘fya’ sample for just the hook at least. not while rapping.

    Video is just not good…. pointless shots.

    But i’m sure the boy got shit that’s more john blaze than that on his upcoming…. He destroyed “ALL ME” and his new single “BEWARE” is a perfect single for radio, etc..

  • Real Talk

    The problem with Big Sean is that he doesn’t know how to pick great beats for his rap, guys like Wiz or even French who are not even better make hotter song bacause they know to pick hot beats, but “Fire” is a good one but no one still care about that album

  • prettynana43

    ^^^^^^ @REAL TALK ^^^^ I AGREE WITH YOU

  • young boy

    Detroit was one of the best projects last year and Big Sean said Hall Of Fame is better. The thing is, you can’t judge an album from his singles, it’s how the songs will be put together. Big Sean got skits and shit on his album. His intro “Nothing Is Stopping You” sounds amazing on the Hall Of Fame announcement. With commercial releases we don’t get the whole project in one time like we do for mixtapes so just chill and wait until August 27th.

  • The black robin thicke

    *anorexic ass bitch* ass hella flat, no tities a white girl wit a flat chest!! What was the point of putting her in the video, what her get caught on tape calling all u monkeys a nigger haha!!

  • rillmerch

    why not a young successful BLACK woman… they outchea

  • P Bateman

    she has the body of a 12 year old…..fuck that.

    dope track though, looking forward to the album