• Kaveshan

    wtf this crap

  • Chronic

    Album is gonna be straight bangers start to finish

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  • StarFox64

    beat was cold..

  • Donn

    Ppl give this guy a pass but grill Trinidad, I’ll go head and say it Juicy is trash. If u don’t have lyrics I can’t bang with u no matter who u are.

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  • Ipodman

    Juicy j is a great example of a hip hop entertainer exploiting young naive kids with sex drugs and woman
    I wonder what his preacher father thinks

  • Officer Rozay

    yup I could fuck with this. I’ll pay for Juicy’s shit when it drops

  • This sounds like it was done pretty quickly. I’m a Juicy J fan but I don’t like hearing him on smooth beats like this. I prefer him on trap production. I’m sure the album will be dope though.

  • Jack Hoff

    If you know this beforehand, why bother playing the song?

  • Peabo5000

    juicy j is dat [email protected]@a . fuk wit that still trippy on DatPiff…. so I kno that album will bump. i need an ol’school ‘gangsta walk’ song from him doe. down since ’92

  • The Wise

    Ur trippin..this guys has always came out with smooth joints every now an then if u followed juciy before he blew up with bands will make her dance! I group up since the jump an he should most definetly have production variation ..only problem i have with juice now is that he always carys the same flow for the most part..every flow he spits on a new joint sounds like “bandz” song an its gettin old but he got dope features on there an this is really lookin like a dope album

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  • I don’t want to receive did anymore please .

  • ROK

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idiBH0RUz7s THIS SHIT GO HARD AS FUCK!!!CLICK HERE!!!

  • rillmerch

    I fux wit juicy but not this one to much… Beat kinda dope tho


  • consistent juicy tho

  • cmondawg

    lol what dumbass said he dont like juicy j on smooth soul beats, nigga please dont tell me you use discovered juicy j music and became fan just now during his taylor gang era lol

    he always been on smooth soul beats . just now he hooked up with lex luger and started to fuck with trap beats more than he usually does

  • 85

    shit is wack … money money money .. blaa blaa … only niccas that call talk about money 24/7 is Jay, Diddy and 50 .. fool

  • The black robin thicke

    *lay off the drugs mayne* silly taylor gang softys drugs make u weak get ko’d. Keep that shit trippy for your white fans, the only fans u really got in C.A. anyway!!!