New Video: Cory Gunz “Baraka”


Off his Datz WTF I’m Talkin Bout mixtape, Cory and the crew roll out the cameras and certify their gangsta in the project’s latest visual. Download the tape here.


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  • yourmom


  • rillmerch

    its a lil “CHIEF KEEF” in all of us

  • pptheTRUTH

    I mean dude. Your dad could spit.. Your dad MURDERED you on some funk flex freestyle thing about a year ago. Your skills are writing big words with multiple syllables that have very little to do with making sense of your rhymes. Go back to the drawing boards and go pussy style like drake and shit. Maybe youll sell some records then.. But nowadays selling recorsd doesntmatter anymore.. itsall about getting your face outthere..notyour music.. I swear 80 precent of rappers who debuted past 2005-6 just wantthemoney thatthe game makes available. Too bad that rap lost its meaning.

  • pptheTRUTH here is the video where peter gunz lyrically bodies his son.. Embarrasses him.. After I saw this I thought to myself corey gunz will never ever get a purchase from me when his dad does him like that. Hay zeus This shit spit by his dad is so fucking good.. Matches the beat parfecto

  • pptheTRUTH

    corey gunz says get a facial lobotomy(just an example of how his lines make little sense he just thinks people thinking he has value because he can rhyme 3+ syllable words. ) snorrrrrrrrr

  • pptheTRUTH

    second verse by peter gunz on this video is fucking amazing

  • ttomcatt

    R.I.P. Hip-Hop

  • this dummy

    bracka? this nigga has been mister fl-oppa, all that hype pissed away….he must like getting whatever crumbs young money throws him after wayne’s/drake’s/nicki’s budgets are done writing on their blank checks……..Gunz homie, you like 3rd string of the tax write-offs….aint you lucky!! SMH

  • DMVinyourchick

    This is embarrassing, everybody rapping like cheif keef or ace hood or asap, I almost feel they do this because the flows are easy to mimic

  • Edgar

    DMC criticizes Jay Z! what rap radar won’t report!

  • greasydinnerplate

    Man this dude had so much promise…he keep this BS up he’s going to regret that ym tat…..

  • Gregory

    He looks so high in this video , his eyes look like they wanna roll back .. He looks like Eddie Griffin the comedian lol

  • This lil bum nigga still talking,muthafucka still breathing,fucking roaches!

  • This lil bum still talking,the muthafucker still breathing,fucking roaches!

  • This lil ashy bum still talking,the muthafucker still breathing,fucking roaches!”

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  • Devante

    This nigga doing all this gun talk while he got a pending gun charge smh

  • Confucius

    Confucius Says: Never tattoo another man’s brand on your body unless you yourself own a quarter of that brand.

  • dsunn723

    this ngh nice

  • Jason

    Is that a YM as in Young Money tattooed on his chest?

    • Pj Johnson


  • Im trying not to criticize this nigga cuz he still a young man. I see this and all I think is Peter Gunz go get your son.

    Dude had promise but he seems lost . smh

  • RRCoolJ

    Damn, I remember innocent looking Cory Gunz from the Smack dvd’s when he was just a kid. Dude is looking extra skinny and drugged up now. Wish him the best though

  • The black robin thicke

    *keep grinding* if Wack ass bitchmade niggas like waka, oj, and French Montana can get a budget you’ll be alright haha!!!

  • CHillthrillz

    Can’t front. Track is current,,,,he slowed up the flow,,,good concept,,,,Baraka!!!!!!!


  • damn son

    Bring in the next Young Money REJECT! son is garbage and Peter. This is not hate… Facts only!

  • Realist

    I’m crying @ the “who?” Comment … It’s a mortal kombat character he talking about, none the less this is not good … Be a leader not a follower and you will stand out dont follow suit Cory! It’s not over just go back to the drawing bored and start over