The Breakfast Club Interviews Fat Joe


Before turning himself in August 26th, Fat Joe cracked the mic with The Breakfast Club. He explained in detail his tax issues, legacy, and status of Terror Squad.

After the jump, he talked about his relationship with 50 Cent, Big Pun’s son rapping, foiled album with Biggie, new mixtape The Darkside Vol. 3, weight loss, and spending habits.

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  • Kingsley

    B.Dot forgot to say Joe also talks about those famous Sean Carter rumors

    Good interview

  • Chriskelly

    Mr ringtone sales live in the flesh

  • Rdot

    So did he or did he NOT throw a bottle at Jay Z?? Fat Boy danced around that question real smoove.

  • Prince Akil 77

    This was one of the realest interviews ever…Salute to Fat Joe::

  • StarFox64

    dope interview..

  • GREAT interview.

  • Viva La Raza

    GREAT interview with a true OG.

    from street hustle, to grafitti, to MC’ing, Fat Joe put it down.

    Respect to TS / TATS crew!

  • King


  • ualreadyknoo

    shout out to joe for this one…

  • JOHNYblaze

    CRACK the don nigga great interview.

  • Fat Joe is the realest ever!

    Look, people like Fat Joe never gets the cred they deserve because they are too real! He is the truest definition of a solid dude!

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  • ctg

    Someone from Terror Squad hit Dame Dash over the head with a champagne bottle… allegedly!

    Combat Jack quote:

    “Dame loved to scrap, so he wasn’t a punk. He had this one fight with Terror Squad at a night club. The TS cats were another set that Dame hated. So during this fight, one of the TS cats grabbed hold of a champagne bottle and was steady clocking Dame in the dome as he fought back. Dude must’ve clocked Dame three, four times straight. Dame is laughing about it a couple of days later, head swollen, bandaged up about how much he respected the other side for how they kicked ass. He was laughing about how dude kept clocking him in the head, how he was just thinking how hard champagne bottles hit because it hadn’t broken against his head, and how them blows hurt to the point that he was wishing the fucking bottle would just break. He most definitely got his hands dirty.”

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  • Hot

    Too real

  • Belize

    dope interview

  • LOL

    Joey Crack a OG in this hip hop shit, only stupid mothafuckas who don’t know their history wouldn’t agree. he’s made music with greats like Pun & Big L.

  • Dion

    This is by far the reales, funniest interview the Breakfast Club EVER did!

  • The black robin thicke

    He should of talked about the clothing line and the shoe line he put out haha!!!

  • TimeDrift

    yea,that shit was real, salue to joe

  • TEFF


  • Peekay

    Fat Joe always gives a great interview. Check out his episode on Juan Epstein if you haven’t already. legendary.

  • jayzuz

    wow so real