DMC On The Combat Jack Show


Combat Jack returns with a new podcast. DMC joined him and the team as the latest guest. If you didn’t tune in, here is what you missed.

The King Of Rock, Darryl McDaniels, raps harder than he ever did on this episode, spitting about coming up under the influence of the Cold Crush and the Furious Five, the rise of Run-DMC, the GOAT rap group, alcoholism, being an orphan, the death of Jam Master Jay and the eventual break up of the group. He also talks about his lifelong love for comic books and how he’s about to publish his own under his Darryl Makes Comics company. This interview is guaranteed tougher than leather.

Learn more about Darryl Makes Comics and support his Kickstarter campaign here.

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  • pptheactualtruth

    Nothing about him clowning on Jay-z and Lil wayne for being commercialized pieces of shit pandering to high school students whose parents still buy them albums from stores/itunes so that they can sell records? I think Lil wayne fits what he said a few days ago but Jay-z redeemed himself with that album just not the way he marketed it.

  • NovaKaine

    Finna download and listen to this on my way to and from and whenni get out the shower today

  • 456 headCrAcK

    Dmc is buggin

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  • rahrahrah

    This should have come out a long time ago. That kickstarter campaign only has 4 days left. And it’s no where near funded.

  • Rah hill

    Down wit the King