New Music: Ab-Soul “Christopher DRONEr”


Produced by Willie B and mixed by Ali, the TDE trooper goes in for the kill on his new track named after the former LAPD officer, Chris Dorner.

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  • CAlejo

    oh shit the nfl films theme!


    If y’all hate on this its something wrong with you or your brain just isn’t capable of comprehending…this DEEPER THAN RAP my ni**a and I ain’t talkin bout no ROSS sh*t…#TDE

  • Jacky Jasper Said…

    Elliott Wilson is a dick blower. Ask Jay-z

  • Crewz Control

    HiiiPower Biiitch !!!

  • Mic Tyson

    whoooooooooooaaaaaa…….this nigga and the whole TDE is a fucking problem!!
    SOLO HO’….

  • The5King

    Ab-Soul Has Been Jay Electronica All Along

  • edud

    DOPE…..y’all niggas can’t fuck wit soul

  • StarFox64


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  • tried telling niggas soul is catching kdot

  • yup

    surprised noones said anything about the artwork LMAOOOO
    abs one of my favourites for real

  • fuck

    Ab is on another level. Beyond hip hop. Beyond conscious rap. SOULO

  • k3si3kash

    dont press play if you dont have enough time cus i bet you you will end up spending the whole day bumping this joint.. illest track every. ab-soul gwad mc

  • gammaboi

    Honestly, why isn’t there uproar over this cover art like there was with that kid on the Rolling Stone cover. In some minds this is genius so why is it absurd when the shoes on the other foot?

  • Deebo

    @gammaboi you just compared a non single from a rapper right under the glass cieling of mainstream hip hop to a publication that has been around longer than this genre.

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  • Shamba Menelek

    I Dont Fuck wit da artwork but da Song is hot.

  • TruthBeTold

    I fux with soul , but this shit had about 0% soul .

  • This song is fire.

  • Great way to put it man.

  • Kingsley

    Track is alright

  • q

    I’ve been waiting for some new Soulo and he didn’t disappoint.

  • k


  • Truth

    Let’s goooooooooooooooooo. WE WANT MORE

  • Viva La Raza

    killer artwork, fire track..

    Ab Soul is official, I fucks with this hard..good to see artists with a huge platform doing music like this cuz that Christopher Doerner story is pure “David vs. Goliath”

  • Wish i could sighn up for TDE, steez shit never ends… the underground holds the others

  • crazy


  • creo

    Soulo need 2drop a album or new mixtape shit. He been hot since longterm 1 n control system still bangin at the crib

  • Chronic

    Ab-soul is just that fuckin dude. No one in the game is coming close to his wordplay. And his flow is just too nice