New Music: Drake “Hold On We’re Going Home”


Fresh off his star-studded show last night, the light skinned Keith Sweat keeps the momentum going with a new record off Nothing Was The Same. Premiered on Power 105.1 this morning.

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UPATE: CDQ below. Purchase the single on iTunes here.

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  • Tev Milli

    In come the haters…..
    It’s ok sounds like 80s pop music….
    I fucks wit tho keep your expectations low and u might 2…..
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • joe

    nahhhh 2 for 3, started and all me were bangers but I aint feeling this

  • Harold


  • Gayke

    Stay singing about those fucking arm candy hoes and Rihanna, Drake. You are all bitches. Stop reaching at me. You are a trashy ass rapper. Bye.

  • koa29

    lol, you can say what you want about this record. But it’s gunna be #1 on the hot 100 eventually. It’s got that sound. Drake’s smart, he knows what he doing with this shit.

  • Capricorn Religion


    You’ve quiet my doubt once again. Now, lets see if you can Top, or come close to “Take Care”.

    This is just first quarter. Lets see how the rest of the game goes

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ I would think y’all are in luv with guy. Creepy.

  • BlackenChineseMan

    this is bad… I’m a huge Drake stan but he hasn’t released one single good album and this one won’t be exception.

  • u wot m8

  • ratzer

    just retir Drake, you ain’t talented.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl of drake ain’t talented then who is? Even PAC had records that weren’t all that, drake is dope but he definetly takes an L for this whining

  • Emass


  • matrix

    This shit LIGHT!!! Lol… damn started is fire…all me is fire…the fugg he dropped this though? shit is not wavy boi…like all them freestyles was better than this…is this supposed to be a radio record? but the beat weak as fugg!! aint nobody gonna wanna hear this all day boi…Chuuch…

  • Drake Sweat?

    Maybe that Keith Sweat reference makes sense after all. Ha!

  • Trippy


  • Black Shady

    damn…I told yall niggas when he posted that pic with that nigga ABEL that it was bad news.
    Now Drake back doing sweet records smh

    Started From The Bottom – HIT
    All Me – HIT
    Hold On We’re Home – Not feeling it

  • StarFox64

    this makes all me sound like the ultimate banger..

  • thebullfrog24

    I love gettin on here when drake puts out a song out hahaha

    Sucks for you people that can only appreciate hard trap beat hip hop records lol

    now if you’ll excuse me ima go press repeat on this shit…

  • sawyy3r


  • Kieran

    You gonna take some heat for that comment bruh

  • The Man

    HA! why are we all acting like we aint expect this? Drake never drops 3rap bangers simultaneously. Once there are 1/2 rap songs he drops a r&b joint for the ladies. check his discography. for every Forever there is a take care

  • B


    ya’ll niggas are fuckin stupid!

    reply with who you like/ think is talented fuck boys!

    “my biggest competition is Drake…”
    -Jay Z

    haha losers! stay trolling

  • NovaKaine

    Drake be having you miss that one b¡tch who RTed you 2 years ago

  • it’s the roc

    i like this. it works in every venue from the lounges to the clubs to restaurants to the elevator to your house if you’re cooking for your girl or cleaning. great record, i was expecting a super smash, but i’m glad he didnt try to force it. i would never change the station if this came on

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  • keith

    I remember when started from the bottom first came out y’all hated but once it became a hit y’all liked it,….once this song becomes a hit y’all will start liking it watch what I tell ya

  • Junior

    LOL I love coming and looking at the comments when a new Drake song drops. 95% of the people commenting are haters!! Drake is a musical genius and each and every one of you WILL listen to that new album of his when it drops… so go on keep on hating on good music

  • chubby one


  • Cody

    People fear whats different, this is the difference between a rapper and an artist…artist evolve and search for different sounds. Once you win so long with a particular formula you only feel accomplished for so long before you try a new technique. Even though this is a sound from the 80’s it’s creative how is attempting to reestablish it

  • The Wise

    Personally i think this shit is doper then all me..that all me hook is fuckin trash idk what he was thinkin with that..but this joint smooth ..what yall know about that grown an sexy….nadaaaaa

  • LA

    Drizzy is Captain Save A Hoe for real. Damn near every song about taking a stripper off the track.

  • vomit


  • vomit

    If he were a rapper, this wouldn’t be a problem

  • TH

    I thought it was SADE at first

  • realtalkbru

    man fuck all yall

    this was definitely a cool song something different … tired of hiphop since its so wack nowadays

    Uh, it’s just different *HOV VOICE*

  • Kingsley

    Never been a Drake fan, never listened to a Drake album, only singles i’ve heard. Always thought dude was mad corny and for teenagers. but i like this.

    He should do more records like this and leave rapping for the grown men.

  • The Goatherder

    This is CLEARLY a Weeknd record that Drake co-opted … but I’ll let time reveal that (or the album credits)

  • This sounds like a Keith Sweat”Don’t Stop The Love”knock off.Foh!

  • Pifflighty

    Fuck y’all opinions it’s gonna be #1 on ya top 40 for at least 8 weeks I promise! #doperecord by the way

  • mario

    what the hell is this? Please tell that All Me was the real album song and this some type of joke.

  • JHP

    Fuck what y’all talking about, rap songs are probably all y’all ever listen to. This is a good song, it has a vintage authentic sound you don’t really hear in pop and R&B anymore. And besides, as dope as the “All Me” and “Started From The Bottom” type tracks are, a song like this has more potential to be a smash hit on the charts. I still hope he’s going to be rapping more than singing on “Nothing Was The Same”, but I can’t be too sure of that.

  • 456 headCrAcK

    light skinned kieth sweat ????

  • ayeee

    I like this better than “All of me” and this shit bangs. Dont know why everyone saying this thrash, and this is actually a decent slow jam.


    Haha this nigga is just re-doing what’s been done before. He must be listening to old records before he recorded this album. Dressing like its ’98 and music like its ’89. I ain’t hating I can rock with this. Music goes in cycles and I’m cool with that. I just don’t like when people claim that they created some new sound. Proper way.. See jay talking about on the run pt. 2 and using mase flow. Paying homage.

  • CAlejo

    It’s a hit. All i can say.

  • A$AP

    @BlackenChineseMan lol your a huge Drake stan? Sounds like you dont even like any of his music

  • LikeJordan45

    This shit sounds like gushing vaginas and summer rain falling on tulip pedals.

    Fuck outta here son

  • pptheTRUTH

    I don’t understand why people hate on Drake for doing this type of music.. We all know he is soft with super mediocre rap skills.. This is shit for the radio and tteenage women.. Let drake do his thing and get his money because he doesnt care about quality music just making shit that will earn him $$$.. Been like that since after the old shit dropped..(not talking about his first cd.. the shit before that)

  • Loaded

    damn this shit is some Prince shit. this song is fly!!!!

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  • Bowtie_fly

    Man, my shoulders were uncontrollably gyrating! Gosh, the dances I can do to this dance!

    Pause, like we used to say back on 2011.

  • Da Business

    The fuck is y’all talking ’bout? This will run the radio in a minute. Drake knows what he’s doing.

  • eastpointvet

    Just when u think he might get the crown he drops something like this

  • Pedro

    this is not rap

  • Weedhead

    Why yall hatin this is for the ladies

  • King

    Is it gay that guys listen to this song? Friend of mine is bumping this

  • Community Against Racism

    This shit tight. Big up to Drake.

  • MistaLND

    can we say another hit please….lol…dope……#drizzygotanotherone…#nothingwasthesame #sep17 #ovo

    follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram

  • rillmerch

    Dont know how to judge this… I came here for rap

  • Pedro


  • ultrakid

    this is definitely more Drakes lane than say, Versace or All me,. he might have his first top 40 hit with this one…maybe

  • Mr. Fitzzgerald

    This shit go hard, just pure good music and u have to appreciate it
    All that bullshit about “started” and “all me” go hard is true but just bcuz this aint stuntin and clowin on u niggas doesnt mean its not a good song
    Learn to apprecciate real music u fuck heads, if u aint giggin to NO RnB then u aint gettin no pussy #RealTalk

  • Anti-Lollipop KId

    Good song. Ladies will love it especially. Beat nice..good shit.

  • Rego

    Haters will hate … But it’s another song that’ll top the charts as usual. Drake does what he does.. Numbers don’t lie #OVO

  • truth

    Just stop the hating, this song is hot!! too smooth can’t wait for the album

  • Jakesask

    It puts me in a ~1985 state of mind: I could imagine this coming on between “Karma Chameleon” and George Michael’s “Faith.” This sounds like something inoffensive and generic that will do well on Top 40…everyone always says songs like this are for the ladies, but this song sure isn’t for me!

  • Shamba Menelek

    This is pretty good. doesnt fit with the other songs off the album. This is a good r&b song but my question how does this fit with his egocentric rap songs?

  • ElJarvis

    It’s got elements of Find Your Love with the harmonies and that 80’s synth pop just made it for me, the guy is too diverse to ever die out. If Kanye and Jay are admitting this guy is a problem, this guy is sure a problem.

  • changeclothz

    This some boo boo shitt lol

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  • Somewhat of a cover I did a while ago..Thought id share.

  • ari


  • red
  • Frontrunner


  • prettynana43

    Im telling you Drake has the midas touch! I like this track and in about a month when this song is in rotation on the airwaves every 30 min. DO NOT JUMP ON HIS BIG DICK THEN HATERZ!

  • MeMo

    WACK!!!!!! aint nobody trynna hear dat.. cmon now, and I aint hating cause its soft, it just doesnt have any substance. Ask urself how many times u gonna replay it, would u tell anybody “u heard that new drake..” On to da next –>

  • Chillthrillz

    Some punk smooth shit,,as usual ,,,,,,no.testosterone at all,,,,this shit is straight estrogen,,,,

  • Chillthrillz

    To be more specific,,,,the singer dosent take the song to the next level,,,song feels too safe,,,like I’m a throw this out,,,for the bitches are some shit. ,what ever happened to songs like what these bitches want from a nigga,,by dmx,,,,or Renee from the lost boys,,,pssss,,,,thought this nigga was hip hop

    Da fuck!

  • Brandeezy

    1) Some one said it better, but this is some safe-ass, middle-of-the-road 80’s pop shit. This could easily be Lionel Richie or Billy Ocean. No soul or passion- just singing. There’s not even the catchy hook- it’s just banal retro pop.This is made for VH-1.

    2) I’d respect Kanye or Jay-Z word more if they weren’t just coasting off previous success.

  • @ LikeJordan45

    Damn son lol, it can’t get no softer than what you described rotfl

    For real tho, even tho I don’t like this personally, I think Drake should stick to this type of shit. I can feel something like this a lot more than “Started from the bottom” coming out of his mouth…

  • Anthony Graham

    Drake surprises us eveytime . . . This record is hella dope & it will most likely be the most timeless song he will ever make.

  • AyYyyy

    its crazy how much people are judging the music based on other things. like if the shit makes me bob my head and feel cool then i fuck with it. hes a music artist he doesnt have to stick to one genre

  • sylvs_money


  • Normal

    Some people want to be hard soooo bad. I love women. Point blank period. Ima bag a few women with this and have some gooooood times. Thanks Drizzy. I appreciate the music and bringing something different in the culture. Not saying it’s never been done before but he’s bringing things back. In the 80’s and 90’s rap and rnb were closely tied together in the culture. I mean CLOSELY. Now everyone wants to fake being hard 24/7 when this generation isn’t even as hard as that generation who appreciated that music. Kind of ironic right?

  • Dom

    I’m reading all these comments and they’re SO TIRED!

    Drake is at the top of the hip hop game right now so he’s obviously not shit.

    And Drake is an artist so he can make any type of song he likes. Is this hip hop? No, and that’s okay. It’s R & B, or 80’s Pop, or whatever else box you “need” to put it in to make sense of the world around you.

    The fact is.. Drake is mass appeal because he can rap and sing well. He’ll catch fans from his singing and he’ll catch fans rapping. And just because he does both, doesn’t mean he does either poorly. If anything, it just means he’s just that much greater of an artist.


  • Alchemist

    Drake might do a mill man.. This shit is amazing. Dude is actually worldwide