Big Sean Hall Of Fame NYC Listening


Last night, Big Sean held a listening party for his upcoming album. While playing a few tracks, he spoke on the motivation behind it and his status in the game. Better beware, the album drops September 27.


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  • Forgiveme

    *August 27

  • StarFox64

    what kinda promo is going on, shouldnt this dude b at the breakfast club, hot 97 etc??

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  • Big Sean John

    Isnt It August 27 Dumbass Smh

  • TruthBeTold

    Listening party already ??

    Work on the project until the last minute to get perfection homie .

    2months+ is a long time

    way too early for this shyt , people will stop being interested next month

  • TruthBeTold

    Whoops , realised the release date is this month .

    The truth has not been told today ladies and gentlemen. i apologise .

  • big mike

    all the singles flopped sean nigga is a pop rapper now…defjam dropped the ball this time feel bad for the kid he’s only hot in LA….Detroit dont fuck with this dude yeah he reps the d but the d dont rep him..that guap was some bs…flop city “Hall Of Flop”…

  • ss

    why the f is he wearing exactly what jay-z is wearing in that picaso baby video?

  • ss

    why the fuck is he wearing what jay-z was wearing in picasso baby?

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  • 7 mile style

    Get this fake nigga outta here. Shout to @bigmike for keepin it 100 on these nerds.

  • Word

    Unless this shit got pushed back again, the album is coming August 27th.

  • Northwest
  • The black robin thicke

    *big u little bitch*

  • Drew

    People r definitely sleeping on Sean…smh, he’s gonna wake y’all up August 27th, I feel if Eminem one of the greatest gave him mad props on this album it’s gotta be good and u can hear it in this dude’s voice he’s wants to be one of the best I can respect that…listening since Finally Famous the Mixtape this dude got it.

  • Respect

    this album is gonna be whack, boiiii

  • hmm

    Everyone who’s speaking negative on here, im curious..
    Who do you guys listen to and like as an overall artist??

  • DeeBoi

    I fucks wit Big Sean….Finally Famous was a Classic (Album and Mixtape)….If u dont like a nigga den stay off his dick and keep it movin….no need for trash talk kuz at the end of the day he still making money and way more den u….Guap Nigga!!!….where yo cheese at????? Bet u wont play big bank take lil bank nigga…..Hall of Fame 8/27/13 gettin it!!!!!! Haters gon Hate