• JustMyOpinion

    In the words of T.I, you sold them the fight, now sell the reunion. Smh.

    Goodie Mob sound has changed drastically, I doubt the former fans will follow. Speaking as a fan.

  • Coney

    Take a shot for every time Cee Lo says “Like, ya know”.

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  • Shout out toGoodieMob

    Breakfast Club: How is Goodie Mob doing right now?

    Cee-Lo Green: “Were doing good you know, you know like you know were doing good now you know, and if you know like you know then you know like you know you know. Also, like you know, you know like you know I know therefore you know what you know just like you know you know, you know”. Lol

    Shout out to Goodie Mob though, Can’t Wait for Their Album so we can listen to good southern music once again. There talking real truth that the Youth should pay attention too. I still got love for Cee-Lo Green, I just thought his “Like You Know” anthem was pretty funny.