• It’s the roc

    Hot! This joint is smooth as fuck

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  • shell

    i loveee this!

  • imperial85

    3d natee continues to impress. im a fan. She should sign to Roc Nation or MMG

  • Sai


  • Drea_Bean

    I am a huge fan of this girl Na’Tee. This shows another dimension. I saw her mentioning a deal with Russell Simmons on twitter. I am anxious to see her come up.

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  • stacy

    uptil I saw the check which said $6748, I be certain that my friend was like truly erning money part-time from their laptop.. there aunt haz done this less than 7 months and resantly repaid the dept on their place and bourt a brand new Land Rover Range Rover. I went here, http://alturl.com/z6jsg

  • matrix

    shit is dope…chuuch…

  • Da Business


  • 456 headCrAcK


  • The black robin thicke


  • Rozay

    Both are slept on to me, each one of them are more talented than a lot of their counterparts in R&B and hip hop but don’t receive the same recognition as a Rhiana or a Nikki, I don’t care what machine they have backing them, these two can go note for note bar for bar with the best of them.

  • Jay

    Hella Dope!!!

  • rizz

    damn this song is hottt it got that 90s feel to it … melanie did her thing so do 3d… she needs to change her name tho lol

  • The Executive

    This track is fire. Melanie is highly underated! i just played this 4 times in a row….real talk!!!