Nicki Minaj Responds To Ransom


TMZ caught up with Nicki the other night to get her response to Ransom’s allegations of ghostwriting. In his song “Man Alone” he raps: “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her, just hoping she made it big.” Needless to say, Nicki was far from pleased.

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  • X

    ransom was always a poor mans version of jadakiss

  • sean

    shout out ransom he got his name on TMZ lol great marketing haha
    i took that line as he did song with her hope she made not as he wrote for her
    but there goes the media blow it up

  • John John

    Damn first some bum b*tch named Liv called Nicki out and now Ransom is talking sh*t. They both need to stop talking and just put out some hot music! No need to be jealous of Nicki success just worry about trying to make your own success happen.

  • wickwickwack

    lmao , i dont know if ran wrote something but i thought everybody knew that nicki had a few people that helped her out (during the mixtape era)

  • brian

    nicki should of jus not said nothing cuz I aint heard nothing good from ransom since the triangle offense wit dj clue… she jus brought him back to life.. now I wanna see dat youtube were he said it at now cuz I skipped it wen I seen the name ransom

  • Jaymalls

    This dumbass butch just gave that lame nigga life now… Get ready for the vlogs and diss tracks in 5, 4, 3….

  • Nicki saying something about it almost Validates it. Shes way above Ransom on any level why bother to respond. But she responds because there is a glimmer of truth to it.

  • dll32

    Ransom is a fuck nigga. Dude got paid and still acts like that, Shame on you, nigga.

  • lordhavemercy

    bitch is a coon.. u saying “nigga” a million times..learn some fucken class.. and ya ass dont match ya chicken legs.. buzzard

  • Q

    Now Nicki just gave his ass a little publicity. What he was hoping for.

  • Blue

    I could believe he did. because before nicki used to have pretty decent bars now its like lil wayne generic bars.

  • Stoner

    That’s how Royce screwed himself outta blowing up with Em In 2000..except in this case it may just work for Ransom…

  • incog007

    @lordhavemercy shut yo dumb ass up, N*gga if she wanna say it, she said it whatchu gon do about it ? U in her ass and her chicken legs whats it doin for ya ? NA-THING u on this link bc of her name inspiring u to click it. Simple minded n*ggas, smfh..Prolly ransom himself hating.

  • brandonpitts

    Wait… Ransom never said he wrote anything for Nicki… Fucktards at TMZ starting shit

  • Don’t think he meant he was ghostwriting for her… I presume he meant he was doing feature verses. like appearing on her song with her. There goes TMZ on that bullshit yo! smh

  • keith sweat

    Nobody peeped brian pumper in the back with that weak ass wife beater on tho LMAO

  • Well i’m glad Ransom was mentioned on TMZ. Can’t say i thought i’d ever see that happen.

    But i’ve listened to that ‘Man Alone’ track dozens of times and never even considered him meaning that he wrote verse for her, only that he gave her some feature versus back when it looked like he was going to have more of a career and she was still riding Fendi’s back.

    The dude who asked her that most likely is just some Nicki groupie who googles her name everyday as soon as he wakes up, saw the Ransom track come up because blogs were posting the fact he spoke on her,French and Wayne in their headlines,, and then took the line and ran with it.

    By the way, that ‘Man Alone’ track is one of the best tracks that’s come out in the past 2-3 years..

  • Bowtie_fly

    She should know better than falling for that TMZ trap. The dude was not even talking about ghostwriting. I don’t think? It sounded to me like verses on songs. But what do I know!?


  • @YankeeLuvnGiant

    i think he wrote 4 her back in the day they had a couple joints together


    lets be real, these popstars all have ghostwriters

    not just 1, they got teams of writers.

  • LOL

    i want to fuck you Nicki but guess what, YOU AIN’T HOOD NO MORE BITCH. u took Lil Wayne’s dick in your ass to get fame, u done sold your soul to get where u are right now.

  • wow


  • really 23

    Ransom on TMZ.#EpicWin2013

  • Ryuk

    Well. She just made Ransom famous.

  • This is the same Bitch that Disrespected Eric B

  • Ransom will body her , she’s corney for even responding

  • Black Shady

    Why did she even answer this? it was a trap and she fell for it

  • Word

    The plan worked folks. I never even heard of Ransom before now. Now I’ve looked him up.

  • Jerzzz

    First off, Ran never said he ghost wrote bars for Nicki he said he “was doing verses”. Rans a mixtape nigga from them day 1 A-Team joints, so doing verses means he was spitting verses on other mixtape rappers mixtapes. Just like Nicki Used to be when she was dope. Now shes wack. Deal with it.
    Y’all niggas must be bored reachin so hard to see beef between a man and a fuckin female.

  • Dion

    This dude DID say “verses for her”. Fuck he mean? He did a song with her? No. he meant wrote for her. Where in God’s name is Ransom x Nicki track? Link up niggas. I can find the ones with Wayne & Ross, but the Nicki one? Guess they got deleted. Fuck nigga…

    Joe Budden MUST be crackin’ up at this.LOL!!

  • .

    Media 1 – Nicki 0 way to fall into that trap.

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  • red
  • HK

    “..and ya ass dont match ya chicken legs.. buzzard”

  • The black robin thicke

    *the only bitch I wanna hear talk*

  • thirdeyijimmy

    this shit was prolly took outtta context…Ran prolly made reference tracks for her cuz’ he ain’t a pop nigga…don’t meanhe can’t write a pop song and alos don’t mean he ever submitted them or she accepted them…this goofy brod need to calm down.

  • StarFox64

    the amount of bullshit involved in hip hop is whats ruining it, you can’t have tmz knowingly utter Ransom’s name without sounding like its complete bullshit….lol all you industry mfuckas suck dick dont know how to work nothing smoothe..

  • stacy

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  • LikeJordan45

    “..and ya ass dont match ya chicken legs.. buzzard”

    Lmao…who cares? Ransom is only known by hardcore hip hop heads and Nicki just gave him the shine neither of them deserve. Shrug.

  • blucci mane

    dat nigga ransom wrote “super bass”