Drake On “Joining” Big Tymers


Before Birdman and Mannie Fresh repaired their relationship, Stunna told Sway that the new Big Tymers would consist of himself, Lil Wayne, and Drake. Unfortunately, Drizzy didn’t get the office memo. 

During OVO Fest, he tells MTV that he was unaware of the news, but is down for the cause.

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  • HA, will not be the same.

  • I can tell you right now…. Drake HAD heard about it but the real truth behind this video is this:

    Birdman and Wayne say it or talk about and Drake doesnt know it, so that pisses Drake off because hes got his own thing going on he knows the last fucking thing he wants to do is FUCK IT UP with a Big Tymers album. Dumbest fucking idea in a while. OVO is bigger than YMCMB. I think Drake is tired of everyone trying to use him up for their own benefit. All he needs to worry about are his solo albums and singles he hops on with other people. Not all these washed up pussies trying to use his voice so their song will Pop. The look he gave was him being like “IM NOT fucking doing that” but of course had to keep the respect towards Birdman at the end.

  • ted

    birdman and lil wayne are basically forcing drake to do the album

  • ralphy

    i still don’t understand why drake doesn’t want to leave ymcmb ,that whole label is falling apart and is a joke

    1. lil wayne fell off
    2. nicki minaj is a gimmick
    3. tyga was exposed as a fake
    4. the rest are jus benchwarmers

    ….drake is the only one with real talent

  • Drake slowly saying fuck YMCMB

  • StarFox64

    he seemed as if he was patronizing them…the looks he was giving tells a lot..

  • Converse

    If Drake leaves YMCMB career over! #Factsonly

  • Converse

    Drake knows it ha

  • Johnny Ryall

    Drake already reworked one of their classics nicely, look out these new joints might still fly.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Dom

    The reality is Lil Wayne introduced Drake to the world and if he hadn’t Drake would not have the exposure or the Hip Hop fans in his pocket.. Teaming up with Wayne, who was at the time a big deal, gave him enough street cred and protection to RAP and SING on the same track. He wouldn’t be where he is today and that’s the truth! Drake knows that too.. It’s like your father raising you and now he’s old and in need of a nursing home.. what you gonna do? push him down the stairs?

    Drake should be respectful and stay with young money (in order to give Wayne whatever money goes his way). When his contracts are up, demand more, give Wayne the option to match any best offers, and stay on the team doing Drake things Drake’s way. Wayne can collect some cash (out of respect) from Drake as per contracts..

    If Drake leaves, he’ll lose a lot of street cred, and then rappers can really begin to talk shit on records and Drake can’t say anything back because he’s got no street muscle behind him.. He’ll just turn into a justin bieber, making pop records for the masses.

    That being said, while Drake no longer needs YMCMB, I think he should stay no matter what. It just gives you greater negotiating power when contracts are up.

  • yeemjay

    Drake isn’t going nowhere, why the hell would he wan’t to leave? And YMCMB is good falling off? where yall getting these numbers from? a few wack album sales? smh #factsonly

  • mark

    drake dont want anything to do with these ymcmb clowns anymore. their last few albums flopped and thier sound is getting repetitive. drake dont got anything in common with these clowns anymore. he sees the writing on the wall with ymcmb.

  • @Dom

    Drake was making huge moves before Young Money and a huge following. He had a legit bidding war going on for his services and had singles out there (Little Bit, Replacement Girl, etc) Wayne got him with one of the best deals at the time, but Drake has more than returnedthe favor and then some. Drake would be more than fine without Young Money.

  • Dom


    You have a point. I agree. Drake would see be big no matter where he ended up. But the question is would he be this big? Would he have the mentoring or inspiration that led to those hits at crucial times? It’s easy to look back when your successful and say you could have done it all on your own, but did you? The answer’s no. He was helped by Lil Wayne in at least some capacity. To turn back on that now when your more successful, that’s not the right thing to do. I get its all business at the end of the end of the day, and his further contracts should reflect that. But I think Drake represents as the type of guy who’s loyal and does the right thing. Will he continue to be successful after Wayne? Yup! and in 4-5 years when Wayne’s not even in the picture that’s when Drake can go off on his own.. With his own label and brand etc. Either way, Wayne should be proud and Drake should be respectful.

  • mark

    Drake doesnt owe Lil Wayne, Birdman or any other clown at YMCMB anything. Wayne and Birdman already made thier $$$ off of him. He’s trying to build his OVO brand and he can’t do that being associated with YMCMB anymore. Why should he resign with YMCMB? Would you resign with a losing team? Does Birdman need a blue bugatti in addition to his red one?

    Drake is a lyricist, can rap his ass off, sing and has dope productions he definately would have gotten to where is he is today maybe even further without YMCMB. What’s YMCMB done for him? Wayne is trash now and so are those boring ass trap beats they put out. Drake sounds nothing like anything on YMCMB.

    You’re a fool to say he should resign out of ‘respect’. Would you resign for 10 mill when you could get potentially 25 somewhere else? Ok then.

  • .


    Street cred? You do know we’re in 2013 right? Plus Drake never came out as a “street” dude so yeah.

  • The black robin thicke


  • The black robin thicke

    *! want a Pepsi* transformers more than meets the eye haha!!!


    I’ll slap Drake off of that high horse quick! tryin to act like he too good to work with ppl now smh.

  • Dom

    When contracts are up, he could at least give Wayne the option to match any best offer.. So if any other team offers him 25 million, Wayne would have to do better in order for Drake to sign.

    What I meant by Lil Wayne giving him street cred is that Drake was a kids tv star, jewish, Canadian, upper middle class.. If he started rapping on his own, you hardcore (need to be gangsta) rap fans wouldn’t embrace him like you did. Wayne was huge back then, this is like Tha Carter 2 & 3 days. So a lot of fans and rappers gave Drake a chance, and didn’t hate him out the game, because he was riding with YMCMB.

    Yes, now I agree, YMCMB is shit.. They just produce the same tired artists trying to do the same tired trap songs that have been done a million times.

    But I think Drake gains more even now with YMCMB than against them. Right now, he’s still doing whatever he wants with OVO and he’s doing well. Wayne knows that Drake is best doing Drake. and further contracts with YMCMB will only give Drake more room and money to grow. Plus, loyalty is respectable in this rap game that always has the best of business associates at each others throats. Drake’s a student of the game and he doesn’t want this story to end on a sour note.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Somehow they are going to have to make it work. I’m sure Manny has something we would want to hear……but it damn sure ain’t lyrics. I would rather him stick to production, but if it’s a Big Tymers album…he’s gonna be rapping. SMH….I wouldn’t want to do that If I was Drake OR Wayne.

  • @Dom

    Personally, the way I’ve seen it is that over the past few years, Drake has been saving Wayne & Co’s asses. How many times have we seen Drake’s songs lifted and turned into other people’s hits, or even a Drake feature, whether it be a hook or a verse where he shitted on Wayne’s projects and/or made them remotely redeemable?

    I think money definitely talked and Drake got caught in some form of tough contract to get out of. Drake has been making money for Wayne, I dont see how it could be the other way around.

    “Best I Ever Had” the track that launched Drake would have happened without Wayne, so who’s to say he wouldn’t have gone in that direction?

  • Jbreezy201

    and we gon be ok if we put drake on every hook…. wayne said that 5 yrs ago, and its the truth, he has saved many projects for them. but wouldnt you feel used and sour after keeping and feeding that many people for this long? he has began distancing himself, ovo somewhere else, and i think hes being managed by roc nation or touring through them, so i dont think he will be at ymca in 2 yrs time. and they money isnt roc nation long by any means, Forbes has pointed that out for yrs, stunna is a liar, just like the maybach excelero he never got, the dolpins, the BS oil company BRONALD lmao. now him and manny fresh are cool, but last week on vlad many wasnt feeling him. its crazy

  • edud

    drake should saving them mediocre careers at ymcmb anyway